Advantages of Distant Reiki for Animals

One of Reiki’s most exceptional qualities is its ability to meet and transcend the limitations of Earth-based reality, especially those of space and time. The ease with which Reiki transcends these linear concepts became stunningly evident when the global pandemic began its onslaught more than a year ago. Personal interactions were severely curtailed as many individuals and businesses scrambled to adapt to a rapidly changing and destabilizing landscape. However, for Reiki practitioners trained at Level 2 or above, the transition was seamless as they shifted to distance (remote) healing work. My professional Reiki practice was among those that transitioned entirely to remote work in early 2020, which included animal and human Reiki sessions 1.

Unlike many of my colleagues who practiced Animal Reiki primarily in-person, I have always conducted sessions with animals remotely. More than ten years ago, after a frightening emotional experience at a local animal shelter, Reiki’s guidance told me that I could better serve the animals by remaining physically distant. Reiki reminded me of my extreme sensitivity to animals’ feelings, sometimes to the detriment of my wellbeing. Reiki’s gentle voice assured me that the physical separation would allow its healing energy to flow unimpeded by any emotions I may be experiencing and that the impact would be far more manageable. Reiki’s advice was sound, and I have followed this guidance ever since then.

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As we know, Reiki is a spiritually guided life energy and can benefit everything within the Universe without exception. Its loving energy is a wonderful gift, not only for the animals we care for but also those we care about.

Distant Animal Reiki is similar to distant Reiki for humans. The practitioner channels the healing energy through their hands to the animal client, regardless of physical location, through focused intent. The animal’s needs draw the Reiki energy, which flows to where it is most needed. As with human clients, it always works for the animal’s highest good, making it an excellent complement to medical or behavioral treatment.

Advantages of Distant Reiki for Animals

With that in mind, over the years I have noted appreciable advantages to conducting distant Reiki for animals, as listed below. There is a great deal of overlap among these points, but each is worthy of mentioning.

  • Animal remains in familiar surroundings – If the animal client is ill, traumatized, or frightened, traveling to a Reiki session may be inadvisable. Being in a strange place, with its accompanying sights, sounds, and scents, can easily exacerbate the problem, creating even more fearfulness and distress. In contrast, a remote Reiki session provides all the healing benefits without additional stress to the animal.
  • Animal is with familiar human(s) –  A traumatized or sick animal may not respond appropriately to an approaching stranger (the Reiki practitioner), even if the meeting takes place in the animal’s home. This…
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