How Kriya & Harth Can Influence Your Law of Attraction Practices?

Law of attraction is something that is very familiar these days. We listen about it on our podcasts, social media, blogs, vlogs and pretty much everywhere. But then how can we further accelerate our manifesting process and what is the role of Karuna Reiki® in intensifying our law of attraction. Today we are going to learn how to do just that.

Karuna Reiki® has two amazingly powerful symbols that can help us expand our consciousness and align us with the law of attraction. Harth is the symbol that represents being in harmony with our aspirations, in-sync with our body and mind. Harth also helps us get rid of blockages, removing fears and deriving the divine love to our higher consciousness.

The other symbol that can influence the law of attraction in our daily lives is the conscious use of Kriya at all levels. Kriya symbol inspires us to do action by “moving” the stagnant energy within us therefore powering up manifestation. Remember without action there will be no reaction.

How Kriya & Harth Can Influence Your Law of Attraction Practices?

There are two simple and easy ways to do this.


Meditating daily on these two symbols can eventually release the fears that we have within our subconscious mind therefore powering up the capacity of our desires to become our reality.

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The best time to do this meditation would be just before you sleep and right after you wake up in the morning. These are the times when our subconscious minds are highly receptive.

When calling in Harth, be aware of your fears that you need to let go of. Ask your higher self for guidance. Ask yourself what is it that is stopping you from achieving what you desire? Once you know the answer to this you can meditate on Harth and ask it to remove your fears in a gentle yet powerful way.

When calling in Kriya, visualize what you dream of becoming or your dream reality then meditate on Kriya and ask it to intensify your potential to be in alignment with your desires. Ask Kriya to send you opportunities and the ability for you to see them and take action on them.


Another way would be to make a list of your fears that you believe are blocking you from achieving this dream. Be clear and bold when making this list. Do not hold back at all. Once you are done place this on both your palms as if holding water in front of you. Now imagine a giant yet mild Harth coming down from your Crown chakra. Imagine it dissolves your fears one by one and as this Harth moves down to your Third Eye, Throat, Heart, Solar Plexus , Sacral and Root chakra it brings all your chakras in alignment. Harth brings harmony to you now. Burn this paper. Repeat often.

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Now call in the divine Kriya symbol to intensify your manifestation. Close your eyes and focus on a single manifestation at a time. For example a Job. Ask Kriya to circulate through each and every body cell of yours and energize it enough that you can fulfill your desire. Visualize yourself sitting in that interview and excelling it. Imagine how wonderful all your co-workers and bosses are. See yourself…

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