How to Do Auto Healing with Karma Angels

Article by Cristina Barcenilla

The process of healing a trauma and to liberate karma is through a meditation, in which you will able to heal all your accumulated karma. Karma Angels will help you every time you request their help, they will show you the easiest and comfortable way to do it. You need to trust on their guidance unconditionally.

  • First of all, you need to be in a state of calm, a meditative state, it is better to do this process before going to sleep so that Karma Angels will make their healing process while you are sleeping.
  • Sit down in silence, calm your mind and take some deep breaths. When you feel ready, ask to speak to Karma Angels, you will feel their presence on your body, or some light or even if you don´t feel anything is ok too because when you call them, they come.
  • Ask Karma Angels about the problem you want to heal, about any karmic experience you feel you need to heal, you can ask in this way:
    • “Can I have a complete karmic healing in all levels, organs, and aura in this life and past lives? Please heal all the damage and bring the healing to the present now.”
    • After making the request and being in a meditative state ask them to heal all the negative emotions and beliefs related to the problems or problems (name them) and ask them to transform into positive ones. You can ask to heal any kind of behavior that you want to change, any dependency or negative habit, any negative situation from your life or any conflictive relationship that you may have.
How to Do Auto Healing with Karma Angels

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You can get a vision or an idea when working with Karma Angels that can bring you a deep inner knowledge or a change in the way to heal the problem. You can request to heal only one problem or some, trust in your intuition and flow with your inner wisdom. Karma is kept on your mental level and it affects to your emotions. When you feel you have finished, thank them for their assistance, be grateful for their advice, healings…

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Sometimes there will be a complete karmic liberation in one session and others you will need to ask for the healing more times if you have been carrying the problem with you for long. Very often the changes and improvements occur immediately.

You can heal with this method your pets and children, but not adults because each of you has free will to decide if they want to heal or not and when they want to do it. What you can heal is the part of the other´s behavior that affects you, that influences you negatively and in this way, karma Angels will remove the energy of that person that affects you.

To heal relationships is very important for illness, traumas or life situations. Very often Karma Angels will direct you to heal the relationship with your parents because most problems start in your relationship with them.

You need to heal negative feelings such as shame, guilt … that can be very destructive and must be transformed into a loving action. Your lack of love is as destructive as the lack of love for others….

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