How the Universe Guides Us? – Inspired Action

Universe Guiding Us Inspired Action

Even if we feel that we are the owner of our own lives the Universe guides us through several ways. Some call it God’s will, while some prefer to name it destiny and stay aloof from it. In this article, we will discuss a concept based on similar lines – Inspired Action. Since manifestation initiates with a strong intention, the Universe guides you along with the pathway. You are given directions and signs to walk in a certain way on a specific route. When you take the steps as the Universe says, you seek inspired action.

To define, Inspired Action is the act of divine inner knowledge and moving into the guided path to manifest your desires soon. We will cover several concepts in this post, hence read it carefully.

The Three Pillars of Law of Attraction

We all know that root of the Law of Attraction is nothing but energy. When you send energies to the Universe, the latter accepts them and returns the same to you. It could be positive or negative energy. But we describe the primary energies as thought, emotion, and action. When you utilize any of these energies, you emit a desired level of frequency to the Universe. However, it doesn’t mean you can rely on thought and emotion only. You also have to take action. Without action, you are just a bundle of energies and nothing. The Universe realizes that you don’t care for your goals; you just want the fruits and do not put the effort.

When the Universe guides us, this doesn’t mean you have to sit back and watch everything happen. You have to take the initiative, take concrete action steps to let the Universe know that you care for your dreams. You won’t have to do unnecessary strenuous work, but you will have to work on your goals.

What is Inspired Action

To chase your dreams or fulfil your aspirations, you need to take action. But it doesn’t mean you have to act mindlessly or make futile efforts. You need to take specific action steps on your goals, and this is known as inspired action.

When you take the necessary step aligned towards the achievement of your dreams, you are guided by the divine powers of the Universe. It helps you, guides you, and acts as an invisible mentor, letting all things fall in place.

The three popular ways to take inspired action in your life are as follows:

1. Trust your gut feeling

Sometimes, decisions or ideas just pop up in your mind without even we are consciously thinking about it. And yeah, that’s the solution, or that’s the way it should be. The ‘Aha’ moment is vital, yet you don’t have to create it; it just happens. These are nothing but signals from the Universe to your inner guiding power. It is the confirmation from the Universe that they have understood your intention very well. Your next course of action has been laid down by the Universe.

2. Determine your flow

The flow state seems to be rare in this distracting world where for every minute, you seek a notification on your mobile that isn’t even urgent. But when you enter the flow state, other things seem to be trivial, and the task at hand is of utter importance. Hence, put that effort to enter the flow state and get benefit from the necessary vibrations. It is simple; you need to focus on a task that is important to you. It could be a writing piece, or music, or even your office project.

3. Feeling good? Act on it

When you do something that makes you feel good, you are happy and portray positive feelings to the Universe. As you emit more vibrations to the Universe, the latter responds to them favourably. It could be anything – listening to a song or resting for a while. Don’t feel guilty when you know it is making you feel good. Feel happy that you did something nice for yourself.

Neutral Action

Sometimes, we do things that do not have a strong emotion. It is not compulsory to be emotive all the time. Such action steps are known as neutral action, and they can be boring and dull for most of us.

But don’t worry. Even if they don’t let you emit vibrations at a higher level, it doesn’t mean they are futile. They are much needed and highly significant in taking inspired action in the future. An example of neutral action could be the repetitive, daily tasks that we do and call it a routine. It might feel boring to brush your teeth every day or catch the bus, but they are needed to get a promotion and have a good life.

Uninspired action

Certain physical steps might take you off the alignment track, and these are known as uninspired action steps. It is true some things do not make you happy at all; they make you exhausted and stressed out, and even nervous. However, you are supposed to do the task for achieving your dream.

Starting out at a new office might seem like an adventure in the initial days. The paycheck seems to be the reward. But later, it becomes mundane. However, you cannot quit because you want to make a career in that field, and that job is essential. As life moves, you might feel boring to go to the office. But it is a part of the uninspired action.

When the actions you take become stressful and mundane, then move to the stage of uninspired action. Someone might ask you to do a task that you don’t like, but it is essential. Or you might have to give a speech at a conference, and you are scared of speaking in public.

Your soul might not be present at the moment, but you have to complete the task anyways. This is uninspired action as you are driven out of alignment.

The saying, ‘Thoughts create things’ is popular amongst the experts and followers of the Law of Attraction. This quote has been interpreted in light of negative things happening in the world. When you read it in another way, it means the world exists because of a thought. People having lucid dreams might understand it better. They can feel the ‘things’ that are non-physical, and they happen as the events are happening in real.

When you view your dreams at the vibrational level, you will understand that everything has been manifested in advance. It is because it is a thought in your mind. Abraham Hicks, the Law of Attraction expert, calls it a ‘vortex’ and explains it as the non-physical state thought that covers up your physical world. When you place your goal into your vortex, it becomes real.

In short, the world is 3-D consisting of three major components, thought, emotion, and action. When you place your thoughts in the non-physical vortex, they manifest into physical reality. Even if we emphasize that thoughts create things, you should be sitting on your couch, munching in potato chips and thinking about your dreams, without taking the desired action.

We should convert the action part into fun and not think of it as a tedious thing to do. Manifestation with action makes sense.

As far as manifestation techniques are considered, taking inspired action is vital. This is because when you clearly set a desire or an intention, the Universe defines the path to let you walk on it. You come in direct contact with the Universe and communicate with the same. When you have thoughts and emotions, inspired action becomes easy and natural.

Often, people are confused or feel nervous about whether inspired action leads to uninspired action in the future. What to do then? Do they have to give up on dreams or stop following the Law of Attraction and stop accepting signals from the Universe? You might start your new side hustle in full energy to realize later that you are no more interested in it. This happens only when you think about the goal all the time and do not take the actions seriously.

Hence, our suggestion is to stop thinking about the final outcome and focus merely on the results. You should feel happy when you do the side hustle and not when you earn revenue out of it. Remember that when there is a slight change in your thoughts and emotions, your alignment is likely to change its track.

Key to receive constantly inspired guidance from the Universe

Now, you must be interested in how to create your alignment to receive constant signals, signs, and guidance from the Universe to take inspired action. It is simple. Follow your intuition, trust your inner feeling when you are about to make a decision. When you learn to communicate with the Universe, the more guidance you are likely to receive from it.

Mediation is one way to strengthen your interaction with the Universe. It lets you free from negativity and focus on your inner being. It lets you take action on the desires as your mind is relaxed and silent and ready to accept blessings and signals from the Universe.

You can follow your heart and do all the things that make you feel good about yourself. It is an ultimate confidence booster. You should focus on the moment and observe nature more often. Moreover, you need to take action and not think about the goals all the time. When you acknowledge the presence of the Universe in these ways, you will notice more guidance coming into your life in several ways. Your intuition level will become stronger, and you can pick up signals better than before.

Signs of manifestation from inspired action sources

How do you think that it is inspired action? How do you know that it is the guidance from the Universe for your inner mind? Well, there are signals, and some of them are as follows:

  1. Noticing butterflies, 11:11 at places you have never seen them before. You must have a personal symbol, and you can see it everywhere you go.
  2. You get into the flow state while doing your favourite task more often. You can focus better than earlier despite the constant notifications on your phone.
  3. You feel less frustrated and anxious about your actions.
  4. You feel more happy and joyful than earlier. You are not worried about what will happen in the future; instead, you are excited about what to do now.
  5. You can manifest easily than before. It could be a simple manifestation technique for a small goal; it doesn’t have to be massive.
  6. You receive guidance, ideas, and signals from the Universe naturally. You don’t have to force and spend considerable time searching for an idea.
  7. You are energetic during the day. It doesn’t mean you are constantly jumping and laughing, but it means you look forward to doing things.
  8. You experience luck that was never in place before. You feel that things are happening for you.
  9. You put in a little effort, and yet, you accomplish maximum things on your schedule.

Law of Attraction is more about action and not just thoughts and feelings. So, seek advice from your internal system and take inspired action wherever possible.

Conclusively, we hope you know the concept of inspired action better through this post. Get ready to apply it now!

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