How to Stop Absorbing Other People’s Negative Energies?

What are ‘Negative Energies?’

Well, you must have observed that every other person you come across claims himself as an emotionally sensitive person and can understand and feel others’ pain. They are so-called empaths and have a tendency to draw other peoples’ energies into them, including the unfavorable ones. It means there has been a tremendous rise in the consciousness of people, and they are becoming more and more spiritually sensitive. They are empathetic, and they are also absorbing others’ negative energies, which could be a hindrance for their manifestation process.

Imagine yourself in a situation when you were genuinely empathetic. Maybe a close friend was describing how she broke up with her ex, and it reminded you of your severe heartbreak. Or you can see how your family went through a financial breakdown when you were a child, and you can experience the same feelings when you feel low. You kept your awareness on at that time, and it has been picking up the negative energies every now and then and keeping them alive.

It is challenging to be positive and have a healthy mindset when the people around you carry all the negative energies. It is a frustrating feeling, and you might have to take up intensive efforts to get out of it. You know very well that the negative feelings that your loved ones are carrying are tampering with their vibrations and yours too. Hence, there is a need to end this loop, and you have to stop holding the mirror in front of the people who sob and cry out their stories to you.

With time, you will realize that not everyone is ready to accept help from you. The only option you will have in your hand is to cut off from these toxic people who do not want your help but want to spread the negativity all the time. But if they are your loved ones and cutting off from them is certainly not possible, you can stop negativity from affecting your manifestations. Well, this sounds tricky, but you can do it with rigorous practice. But before we discuss those techniques, let us understand the concept of people’s negativity and negative energies.

Are people negative, or is their thinking negative?

We all are undergoing a certain phase in our life. It could be a job loss for you, a partner search for your friend, and a moment of financial collapse for your neighbours. They all want to crib about their places and feel a sense of sharing and comfort, and that’s okay. Sometimes, it is the toxicity that is brought down from one generation to another. You do not even know that you are the victim of toxicity, and it has been passed on through birth. Similarly, toxicity might also come through environmental factors. Such people always feel that they are in a negative situation even if maximum positive things are around them. They will not take the good in any situation; they will always consider what is bad and focus on it.

It takes a lot of commitment and will to choose positive thoughts and happiness, and most of the time, people don’t do it.

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Sometimes, it is not the person who is negative, but the energy they are carrying is negative. They might be undergoing a temporary phase of sadness or frustration, and it might be having a huge impact on them. But this does not mean that if you have negative energy, you are a negative person. But if you depend on it, then certainly you will become negative as you crib and complain about life constantly. Hence, when you experience negative energy, you can accept it and understand the same and let it go. In this process, you will become a truly positive person.

Do Negative Energies Affect Manifestation?

As you start applying the principles of the Law of Attraction, you notice that you are becoming more sensitive to energy. You expand your horizon, and your subconscious mind starts to function much better than earlier, and you notice that you are attracted to people’s negative energy without even knowing. You will realize that you cannot listen to your friend’s talk since they are mindless chatter of how bad their life is. Earlier, it must have been a simple conversation, but now, it looks like a bunch of useless remarks and criticism for you. Eventually, you will feel that the people around you are negative and you have a problem dealing with them.

Negative people can do a lot to your manifestation. They might mock your desires, create feelings of self-doubt, scare you of future uncertain consequences and even condemn what you are feeling about success right now. No matter how positive you try to be, you will be attracting a few of these negativities in your mind. Hence, we have the following techniques for you to stay away from people’s negative energies without impacting your manifestation.

1. Identify the triggers beforehand

Does someone’s breakup story or no-money rant trigger your mind and flood it with negativity? It is better to determine your triggers much in advance. When you know it, you can be well-prepared and execute your defense mechanism instantly. So, next time when you notice someone’s bad energy is affecting you, take the time to reflect and know its source. We are sure most of your answers reside there.

2. Stop caring what others think of you

This needs to be the basic rule of every person out in the world. When it comes to the Law of Attraction, it becomes more evident. Whatever you do, some people will appreciate it while others will reject it. They will mock you, criticize you or dislike you, even if the thing you do has nothing to do with them. If you care what others say, you will be helping them and absorbing their negative energy into your mind. If you achieve a dream, will it matter the other people?

If you manifest a job, will the other people say the same thing 20 years from now? You will find that as you think about others’ opinions in the future, say 5 to 10 years from now, their current opinions do not matter right now to you. After 10 years, you will have manifested your ideal life and not be even bothered about Mr. Z, who has mocked you. Hence, make the effort of ignoring others’ opinions and focusing only on yours.

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3. Pause the relationship

Sometimes, it is not possible to break a friendship or a relationship. In such cases, you can pause it. Take a mindful break and relieve yourself from the moment. You can recharge your positivity when you are aloof from the negative person and their energies. This is a short but effective way to distance yourself from negative energies.

4. Learn to ignore the person

You must have noticed that an angry person gets in a more rambling mood in a given situation and tries to push your buttons as well. That angry man will go on and on for hours, and they will be present in your day, or even the whole week, leading to several weeks of anxiety and trouble.

To fight such situations, there is no better tool than ignorance. It does not mean not responding to them, but to shut yourself down as soon as you know the drama will start soon. You create a barrier with ignorance, and you do not let the negative person dominate the scene. Without doing much effort, but mere silence, you hijack the scenario and come out as a positive person without telling the opposite person about it.

You can even counter-act by reciting affirmations as the person starts ranting out their negativity. You need to focus only on your words, and you will notice that the other person’s energy doesn’t matter at all.

5. Discuss with the negative person openly

Hey, now, this depends a lot on factors. If the person is not trying to hurt you in any way, you can surely discuss your sensitivity with them. Moreover, if the opposite negative person is looking for ways to improve and get rid of the past shackles, then the discussion is fruitful. But if the negative person is not ready to budge and brings you down every now and then, you can skip this step altogether.

When you discuss with them that their negativity is affecting you and they can improve, they should not take it the other way. You can be a little subtle when you express your concern, as it might make the conversation tense. Instead, create a mutual scenario and try to fit in a realistic approach. For example, you can say something, “I really think we have been a lot negative these days, and it is leading to nothing but more disappointment. Why not have a positive tone in our conversations? IN this way, we will feel motivated to work for the rest of the week.”

6. Visualize a protective shield

You can create a self-protective layer through the incredible technique of visualization. When you find that someone’s negative energy is hampering you, you can enter into this imaginary ray of light and relax. You can even add on with positive affirmations. But your focus should be intact.

You need to realize that this light and visualization method should be to protect from others. It is created by you, hence do not expect the opposite person to slow down his rant.

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7. Keep boundaries

We know, saying ‘no’ to loved ones could be a hassle, but you have to restrict yourself and set healthy boundaries for your own well-being. If you say yes to the opposite person who brings you down, you are doing bad for yourself. When you say no, you are not rude or selfish. You are just trying to protect yourself and your mind and soul from toxicity.

You should be mindful of the energy you have and the time you spend with others. Hence, we genuinely feel that you should learn to say no and balance your emotional strength.

8. Be far from the person

Maintaining a safe physical distance becomes mandatory when you cannot tolerate the person, and it is hard to say things to them. You do not have to cut ties, instead, you can distance yourself. We know it will not happen quickly, and take more strength to reach this situation.

It is just growing apart and nothing else. We all must have gone through a similar situation in our lives. Here, it needs to be done mindfully.

9. Include positive people in your life

Instead of focusing on how to take the negative person out of your life, you can focus on having more positive people in your life. Simple! Go out and meet like-minded people and keep the bonding with those who you really find cool. When you notice that you have good friends and acquaintances, there will be less time left to spend with the negative person.

However, ensure that you are also positive while talking to these people. If you don’t have such great people right now, don’t worry. Just practice the Law of Attraction, and you will notice happy and nicest people entering your lives.

10. Alter your surroundings

Just like the mindset, our environment has a major role in influencing our energies. If you observe that your neighbourhood or setting lacks interesting and happy people, and they are more into ranting than appreciating or admiring, then it is time for a change. You can find a new city or a town where happy people live.

If moving is not possible, you can still try to create a setting in your mind, and you will find yourself moving there.

11. Be responsible

It is easy to blame the negative person, but you are responsible for absorbing their energies. Hence, focus inward and notice how you can stop yourself from doing the same. Be grateful for where you are and stop the blame game. As you take responsibility, you will find yourself less distracted with others’ energies.

To wrap it up, the above techniques are worth trying to be sane even if other people’s negative energies are affecting you. Hope you have found this article on how to deal with and avoid other peoples negative energy useful. Please share your feedback in the comments section below. Also please do not forget to share this article with your friends on social media.

Thank you!

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