Is it Free Will or Destiny?

Free Will or Destiny

Ever wonder the way your life is going is because of free will or destiny?

The Law of Attraction propagates that our thoughts create our reality. And we can control our thoughts which means that we are the controllers of our reality. But when someone tells you, “Oh, that is all in the hands of destiny. We cannot do anything in our lives. Everything is pre-decided.” We get stumbled and don’t know what to reply to. If everything is decided by destiny and it is in their hands, how can we create our reality?

When we cannot achieve something or seek something that we wanted so badly, we come to the conclusion that it was in the hands of the Universe, and they have made the decision against us. The highest power is the controller of all the results and happenings that we go through.

Is it Free Will or Destiny?

In short, the debate and conflicting opinions about free will and destiny will continue to exist, no matter how hard you advocate free will or destiny. In this article, we will discuss the same, but we will leave to you it to decide the winner amongst them.

If you have been wondering whether you should give destiny a chance or not, then we have something for you. We have some of the explanations covered under the below heading.

Soul contracts

The clinical therapists Robert Schwartz and Michael Newton have done some research on past life regression and have something to say. They have used people’s past and current life accounts, near-death experiences, and channeled messages to emphasize their thoughts.

Let us get back to the time when you were born. You have finished your last life, taken some time to rest and rejuvenate, and reviewed your past life to take birth again. As you had a plan to learn and experience a few things in life, you chose Planet Earth to be reincarnated. There was a meeting convened, and the members were you, your soulmates, universe guides, friends, and loved ones with whom you had shared some part of your lives and others. You took the opportunities to play certain roles for each other and broaden each other’s experience levels.

Then, you commenced with the plan for your next life. You jotted down the experiences you wanted to seek, the lessons you wanted to learn, and the virtues you wanted to inculcate in yourself. You chose qualities such as unconditional love and faith, and you thought of creating a flowchart and not just a plan. However, you failed to have all these events synchronized in a linear fashion. As a result, your life plan was in the form of twists and turns and not a straight line. Hence, you go through everything in life since it is not planned like a flowchart – you go through struggles, failures, ups and downs, highs and lows, love and loss.

Your soul family members have contracts with you; they play different roles for you, and so do you.

Have you ever felt or thought or experienced that your friends are more like a sibling to you and your sibling is your rival in life? It is because the roles have been changed.

People and life

You cannot control or choose your family members in this life. You cannot choose to be born in any specific place in your life. You cannot choose the situation you are in your life. Maybe you don’t have an inheritance or your own parents are no more. You cannot control anyone’s death or mishap; it simply happens.

It means all these things such as family, birthplace, and situation are already decided by the Universe. Absolutely! But it has been decided by you!

You pre-determine all these things, and your higher self assists in the same. You have already spent some part of your previous lives with your family members, and as a result, they continue to be with you. For instance, your mother could be your sister or a cousin in your previous lives and so, you felt comfortable around her and asked the Universe to be with her in this life too. Only the roles have changed, the people remain the same, and yes, their souls too.

It could even be your rivals and enemies. A colleague with whom you fight all the time must be your neighbor in the past life with whom you had extreme connections. Each connection has something to tell you about the role they played.

Have you noticed that you instantly feel emotionally connected to a random person you met a few minutes back, and you stay in touch with them forever? Or even get married to a stranger you met during your solo trip in Europe?

Some of the people you meet will give you positive or negative vibes. You will have a strong feeling about whether you should see them in the future or not. Some might look familiar, and you have a feeling, “Hey, I have seen him or her somewhere.” You can get a feeling that your parents are not the way they should be, or you feel that you don’t get along with your parents or your siblings. You could have even estranged yourself from your family members because you do not relate to them, and they are toxic for you. It is okay to feel miserable with the family and friends you have, don’t worry.

If you feel low because of the people in your life, then you have to remind yourself that these experiences are just to impart your wisdom and nothing else. You are on the path to a higher self, and no one can stop a life of happiness. So, don’t feel bad about the people; you can thrive and succeed in life. Just follow your gut feeling, and you will find the Law of Attraction working and manifesting for you. When you apply the Law of Attraction, you are completely free to choose the path you want.

Some paths will be bothersome but don’t worry; you will seek divine virtues in all ways. It is not late to realize in which direction you have to walk and change the same.

It is painful, but it helps you grow

It will not be correct to say that you have to forget the pain and trauma you have gone through. You cannot say that a little manifested the death of his parents; it would be cruel to say that. But we will certainly advise you that self-victimization needs to be stopped, and you cannot afford to stay living the life of a victim.

Here is a true story of a young girl named Christina. She worked as an assistant and had a duty to collect mail daily from her Boss’ mailbox. But one day, as she was doing her duty, she slipped into the mailbox, and there was a loud explosion. Yeah, there was a bomb planted in it, but she was injured.

The trauma affected her badly. But when she healed, she heard a tiny voice, “You chose this…”

In the last birth, Christina had chosen to reincarnate as a healer and save several people. The explosion was severe, but Christina healed and overcame the biggest trauma of her life. Later, she became a healer in speech-language pathology and helped thousands of people.

You might think we are being too easy, but we would like to think from another perspective if you have gone through a major trauma in your life. Believe that the trauma is for you and not a trauma that has happened to you. You will not feel victimized anymore; you will be free from guilt and regret and not feel that life is painful anymore. On the contrary, you will feel more empowered to carry on your life and be of immense help to the people around you.

The past does not govern your present and future. There is no major difference between free will and destiny. We determine our destiny before we are born on this planet. But we all create experiences and reality in our current life with free will. The choice is yours, whether you want to change things or accept the past traumas and alter your mindset and move on in life.

No matter where you are born or in which place you are born or what your current situation is, you can always push them back and live a life fully based on your terms. You can choose to live in the past regrets or the current moments of bliss. So, choose to be a survivor and not a victim. You can write your life story today itself.

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