Law of Attraction Signs and Meaning

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Have you ever used Law of Attraction signs and symbols?

It’s something I’ve done for years.

My introduction to the Law of Attraction meaning behind signs and symbols first began when I stumbled upon a book in a relative’s library. It covered the symbolic meaning of animals, whether we see them in nature, on TV – anywhere really. The book was Medicine Cards: The Discovery of Power Through the Ways of Animals by Jamie Sams.

I started using it to interpret different things I saw in nature according to the Law of Attraction. The more I did so, the more I began to observe different things. Whenever I needed a little nudge or reminder to let go, to stop worrying, even to be more positive, an animal would appear that symbolized what I needed to know.

For example, there was a time when I would see deer everywhere. I lived in a very urban area where deer sightings were virtually unheard of, but I would suddenly see deer eating along the side of the road, in a neighbor’s yard, or running across the street in front of me. I interpreted these deer sightings as a universal message – a sign of the Law of Attraction at work.

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From my studies, I knew deer were a sign to be more gentle and to stop pushing so hard. I began to look at it further to see what other Law of Attraction meaning it might have. Why deer? What am I resisting? Where am I trying to make things happen? How can I be more heart centered?

At the time of my life, I was in a challenging period where I wanted things to change but I was very impatient. I ignored the possibility that maybe things were moving slowly to protect me from something bad happening or to more perfectly align the various goals I had (I had given the Universe a very long list that covered multiple areas of my life, and many of them were interrelated).

I began using the various signs I would receive as messages from the Universe – guidance to help me remain centered and in more alignment with my desires. Was I spending my energy wastefully, creating the very things I feared? Was I trying to control the outcome instead of practicing surrendered trust? Was I focusing on reality instead of acting as if?

In time, I learned to allow the Universe to teach me to be a better manifester. I learned to let go and to approach life from heart energy.

Instead of trying to monitor my thoughts and emotions, I followed the signs and symbols the Universe gave me. It always knew what I needed most. In return, it allowed me to trust it to not only to always bring me the things I ask for, but to also be there to help me along the way.

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Has something similar happened to you? It may not be an animal sign. Numbers, words, and other objects can also be great symbols that add meaning to the Law of Attraction. If you’re seeing something repeatedly, you’re attracting it. What is it trying to tell you?

When I experience repeated encounters or even out-of-the-ordinary encounters, I don’t consider it a coincidence. I view it as a message for me. I ask myself, “Why have I brought this to me? What is it telling me?”

I encourage you to try it too.

When something catches your attention, ask yourself what it means. Does something have a personal meaning for you? What might you find by researching it? Study its history, mythology, old wive’s tales, the meaning in various cultures (Native American, Japanese, German…).

You might be surprised by what you find.

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