Reiki Crystal Manifestation Grid

Reiki Crystal Manifestation Grid is to manifest abundance of money, abundance of love, abundance of protection, health and abundance of each possible thing in universe. The grid can be used either for single or multiple healings. It can also be used to manifest our or others wishes.

The grid is octagon in shape and we need eight crystal pencils, one crystal pyramid and one crystal wand to connect and activate the grid. I prefer clear quartz pencils and pyramid; you can choose the crystal, which attracts you.

• For manifesting love and relation use rose quartz
• For money manifestation, any money stone will do
• For protection use shungite

This patterned crystal grid comes in a box but you can also arrange the crystals in the same way in your box and instead of pencils can use tumbles or raw stones and in place of pyramid use sphere or cluster or a bigger crystal. You can also add crystals to it as per your wish manifestation. You can also use a hexagonal grid. I choose octagon because according to numerology eight is the number, which is materialistic as well as spiritualistic. It balances material and nonmaterial world. Eight pencils and one pyramid makes nine, which is the number of completion.

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Method to activate and charge the grid

Clean your crystals. Clean the space, burn sage, can play Om chant in the background. Set the altar. Invoke the cosmic energy. Draw all the Reiki symbols over all the crystal with the intention that they manifest for you for your highest good. You can hold them in your Reiki hands for some time.

Set the grid as shown. Put intention slips beneath the center pyramid in the grid. The grid will be sending energies to all our intentions. Avoid keeping chits with entirely two opposite issues. Draw Reiki symbols on the intention slip. Write your intention in present tense. While placing them under pyramid visualize your intentions happened.

Charge the grid with an affirmation by saying it loud: “I charge my grid to manifest all my wishes for my highest good.” Repeat the affirmation three times (Use your own affirmations as per your intention as for money say money affirmation). Draw power symbol, distant symbol, relation symbol, distant symbol and power symbol.

Make triangular movements with your wand starting from pyramid to connect all the wands with the pyramid. End up at the same place where you started. Make this whole rotation process thrice as you are drawing a eight petal flower. You can draw any sacred geometry formation while connecting crystals to focus stone.

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Now starting from the pyramid
– Rotate the wand clockwise like a spiral movement over the grid and say: “purify, purify, purify”
– Rotate again in the same manner and say: activate, activate, activate
– Repeat the process by saying: connect, connect, connect and heal, heal, heal

Seal the grid with Cho Ku Rei and Aum.

Close the flap; shield the box.

Place the box in the altar or some safe place to manifest your wishes.

Intent Reiki to it regularly. Keep sending your intentions to the grid. Charge and activate it on a regular basis until your manifestation is completed. Take out intention slip after accomplishing your wish and give it to mother earth.

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