Reiki Sessions Without the Person’s Consent?!

In difficult and fearful times, both for us and for our loved ones, we tend to do anything and everything to take suffering away and make absolutely subjective decisions, without thinking about the repercussions that our demands and actions might have on the person, and especially on the karma of that person.

Karma accumulates through action or inaction. All the decisions we make accumulate karma. Karma is not something negative or positive, it is rather neutral. Our energetic life is a balance of good and evil, of positive and negative. Karma balances energy. It does not punish or reward, it just is!

Reiki is an effective, simple, accessible “light therapy” system regardless of faith, race, social affiliation. Reiki is not a religion. Reiki is not a cult. Reiki is not a sect. Reiki is not a universal panacea. Reiki is not alternative medicine.
Human suffering, physical and mental, can be both accumulations of the present and past karma or lessons that should be learned in this life.

Intervening without the person’s consent, sending Reiki without the person’s permission, is an intrusion that can do great harm. We do good by force, and good done by force can turn into evil. For everyone. When we send Reiki to a person without their permission, we assume that we know what is best and, whether we realize it or not, we can interfere with a person’s karma. Moreover, we also accumulate karma, in our turn.

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We never enter a person’s house or borrow another person’s things without first asking permission. It’s a matter of common sense and respect. In classical, allopathic medicine, the medical staff does not drag their patients to force them to follow a treatment (even the law totally forbids them to treat a person who refuses treatment.) Reiki is also about respect and this includes respecting the decisions and limits of other people, without judging, even if we do not agree with them.

Reiki Sessions Without the Person’s Consent?!

Also, always when we send Reiki to a person, it is essential to mention that it is for what is most beneficial for that person, for his/her superior good and that of those around him/her! Intervening as a third party and sending with a precise purpose that we think is necessary, involves taking over the patient’s karma. Energy should always transmitted using the conditioning “For their supreme good, according to the Will of God and as much as is allowed to them.”

The person must want and ask (to be healed). By request, he/she opens the Throat chakra. When that person verbalizes the desire and we hear her/him say that she/he wants (to be healed), she/he sends the clear message to the Universe that she/he wants to change the current state, wants to change the current state of existence! Through this request, the person states a conscious decision to get involved in the healing process. As a Reiki healer, we are the channel through which energy flows and it is essential to listen and offer the services of a request from the heart.

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The treatment…

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