Unleash the Power of the Heart Chakra

The Heart chakra is the primary seat of emotions in our energy body. It is located in the centre of the spine and it is through this chakra that we feel joy as well as grief. So to maximize the feeling of bliss and happiness, we need to open, nourish and strengthen our Heart chakra.

Heart chakra is one of the most quintessential chakras because it connects our lower and upper chakras. While the lower chakras bind us more to the material world, the upper chakras connect us to our Divine Self. Since we are spiritual beings undergoing a human experience, we need to develop our upper chakras along with lower ones (not to say lower means bad or any less significant). The roots of the tree are just as important as the leaves or the trunk. We all yearn that our tree of life should expand and bloom in all its glory. So while the lower chakras help us more to manifest material abundance, the upper ones lead us towards spiritual upliftment. The Heart chakra being at the centre of the lower and upper ones, helps to bridge and integrate the earthly and spiritual aspirations. We need the right combination of both in order to experience fulfillment in life and this is why the Heart chakra is of utmost importance.

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Just like all other chakras, this chakra gets blocked or becomes overactive, due to negative thoughts and emotions. When the Heart chakra is underactive, you experience the feeling of lack in many aspects- joy, compassion, fulfillment, ability to forgive or to let go. When it is overactive, you get carried away by your feelings and become oversensitive. Both of these are undesirable situations and therefore we need to strike the right balance. The ability to feel or emote is a blessing, not a curse, however, it becomes a curse when we don’t know how to channelize our feelings. At the physical level, an imbalance of Heart chakra manifests in the form of various ailments like asthma, allergies, apnea, breast cancer, lung problems, back or shoulder problems, etc.

Unleash the Power of the Heart Chakra

So here is my two cents on how to supercharge our Heart chakra and unleash its full power to experience the best of both the worlds:

1. Deep breathing — Breath is the connecting link between body and mind. So the more haphazard our breathing, the more likely we will experience uncontrollable and overwhelming emotions. Try to incorporate ‘deep breathing’ in your everyday routine. First, start with a few minutes every day and practise until it becomes your second nature. I detailed this in one of my previous articles ‘Reiki and Breath Therapy In the Wake of a Pandemic’.

2. Express yourself — The Heart chakra is the central powerhouse of the subtle body. When you don’t feel understood or loved, it gets stifled. It is extremely important to cultivate self-love as I described in one of my articles ‘Reiki – The Journey to Self-Love’. It is important to have a few friends whom you can confide in safely, without feeling judged. So make sure to express your feelings with…

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