Self-Reiki Using the Three Part Breath Exercise

During this pandemic, when many of us are staying closer to home, socially distancing, and trying to create new routines for our days, I thought it might be helpful to find some ways to change up our daily self-Reiki practice. To learn new techniques, or make our practice a bit more refreshed. I have several ideas that I hope will come to fruition in articles over the next few weeks.

This first self-care routine involves some breathwork called the Three Part Breath. This involves using your entire lungs and breathing while visualizing your lung capacity. If you are new to the three part breath, then you will want to practice it in steps to understand the three different parts and how they feel. Breathing is through the nose with the mouth closed.

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The three part breath begins in the lowest portion of your lungs near your diaphragm. You can refer to it as a belly breath or abdominal breathing. If sitting cross-legged is possible for you then move to that position. Otherwise find a comfortable position that allows for you to sit with a straight back. These exercises can be done sitting in a cross legend position, sitting in a chair or lying down. Note, that the breaths may be experienced slightly differently in a sitting position versus laying down, so you might want to become familiar with how your breath flows when sitting and then laying down. Otherwise, find a comfortable position that allows for you to have a straight back.

Place your hands onto your belly and close your eyes to concentrate. Draw your stomach towards your spine-this is your exhale. Always start with an exhale to empty the lungs of stagnant air. On your inhale allow your stomach to fill up and go out. Exhale and again draw your stomach in. Inhale and the stomach goes out. Your hands on your belly allow you to feel the movement and keep a connection to your breath and body. Only your belly should move during this step. Try to practice the inhale and exhale about ten times. Take a stretch break before moving on the next step.

Sitting in an upright position, you now will place your hands on your ribcage. Gently squeeze your ribs together on your exhale. The squeezing of the ribs is not done by your hands, but is the movement of your ribcage when you are focusing on this area. Your hands are simply placed here to help you feel the breath. Expand your ribcage on your inhale. Repeat this about five times. You should focus on your ribs moving in alignment with your breath.

Self-Reiki Using the Three Part Breath Exercise

The third part of the breath is the upper or chest breathing. To practice, you will place your hands on your collar bones. Exhaling, you will feel your chest or collar bones begin to sink down. Inhaling, will allow you to raise your chest and expand through your shoulders. Practice this five times.

Eventually, when you feel that you have each part of this breath exercise down, then you can incorporate…

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