Empowered Medicine: A Yin Yang Model of Healing

Empowered Medicine is the name I was guided to give to a comprehensive model of healing that has been conceptualised in the book ‘When Spirit Meets Science.’

This book was authored by me and my soul partner Suraj. It describes a yin-yang model of healing that is based on the best of scientific medicine and intuitive healing. We conceptualised this model after a decade long journey that pushed us outside of our comfort zones and got us to explore territory that was very different from what each of us was accustomed to.

As an energy healer, I was exposed to the concrete world of medical science, research methodology and evidence based healing.
As a surgeon, my partner was exposed to the subtler world of Reiki, energy based healing and intuitive practices.

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In the initial stages of our journey, we were at loggerheads with each other, for both of us rigidly held on to our own view of reality. However, over time, life presented us with circumstances that forced us to see the opposite side and to appreciate the richness that lay there.

This journey culminated in the birth of the book – “When Spirit Meets Science.”

The book is divided into three sections and one section of the book is titled “Empowered Medicine.”

Empowered Medicine: A Yin Yang Model of Healing

This article will touch upon four prominent features of this model.

Features of ‘Empowered Medicine’

Principle of multidimensional healing – The human being/patient is seen as someone who exists on different planes – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Therefore, the process of healing is tailored to address each of these aspects.

Comprehensive Healing Center – Such a healing centre caters to the broad spectrum of healing requirements that exists on Planet Earth – emergency, medical and surgical services, as well as wellness and energy healing therapies are offered under one roof. There is a seamless interconnection between different services and each therapy is honoured for what it offers. There is no sense of competition or judgement among specialties and practitioners. Each of them recognises that they play a unique role, all of which are significant in the larger context of healing.

Integrative Treatment Plans – The best of wellness and energy therapies are offered alongside the best of evidence based medicine. Many ‘alternative therapies’ of today emerge with a strong evidence base and demonstrate how best they can help with any given condition. These therapies are not viewed as ‘alternative’ anymore, but as an ‘essential and invaluable’ aspect of healing. For instance, yoga may be incorporated with obstetric care, Reiki may help patients who need help with managing stress and uncertainty, Emotional Freedom Technique may help with management of emotions during illness and meditation may be adopted as a general practice for all patients. Customised healing plans are formulated for…

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