Signs Of Attraction From A Man

It is a common sentiment that, where the world populated entirely by women, then life would be orders of magnitude more comfortable for everyone involved.

And there is some truth to that – men can, as we all know, be a bit difficult to read.

The reasons are obvious. Masculine energies are far more suited to the physical rather than the emotional, and this has seeped into our cultures in the form of gender roles and expectations.

These days the lines are starting to blur, moving towards a more sensible balance where a person need not define themselves as within the binary.

But we are not there yet, and so many men have had upbringings that taught them to hide their feelings and emotions.

This has the unfortunate side effect of making it very difficult to tell when a man is attracted to us.

Of course, there are still a few signs we can look out for. So if you are trying to work out if he really is that into you, you can look out for the following signs:

Eye Contact

Intense eye contact is a sure fire sign of attraction.

The eyes are often seen as the windows to the soul. In fact, we can tell a lot about what a person is thinking by looking them in the eye – it is why, when we believe someone is lying, we tell them to look us in the eye and say that.

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So eye contact can make us feel very vulnerable – we are opening ourselves to another person and allowing them to see into our soul. Perhaps not literally, but that is the feeling it evokes.

But when someone does that, they are signalling they do not mind being vulnerable with you.

They may even want to be vulnerable with you. This kind of vulnerability from a man is only really available when they are attracted to us.

Body Language

There are other body language signs aside from eye contact that we can look out for.

An open body posture, feet pointed towards you, light physical contact and comfortable, close proximity are all well-known body language signals that someone is attracted to you.

One particular quirk that men have is to adopt a protective or aggressive stance when another man enters the conversation.

This is not intentional on the man’s part, but just a natural reaction is borne from our animalistic ancestry.

But what it signals is that he does not want competition for our attention, meaning that he is certainly attracted to us.

Moves First

Finally, a man who is attracted to us almost always makes the first move. The likelihood of this increases with more masculine men, as the masculine energies prefer action over contemplation.

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As he becomes more attracted to us, he will pursue more brazenly.

He will text us out of the blue, send us links and pictures and jokes and all that other stuff. What he is signalling is that we are central to his interest, that he is attracted to us.

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