Magnetic Eye Contact: Connection Between Two Souls

Magnetic eye contact is a rare occurrence. People who reside on the same spiritual level often feel an insane pull between them.

They are irresistibly drawn towards each other, without any apparent reason. The concept, “Love at first sight” springs from the same phenomenon.

This engaging exercise of eye gazing can shatter and uplift spirits, destroy love and restore it, and perform many other miraculous tasks.

It can enable you to draw the right business partner, husband, wife and sincere friends towards you if used with the right intention.

Some people have such powerful magnetic eye contact that they can heal their lovers and friends, only by staring into their eyes.

The secret to developing Strong Eye magnetism

Your spiritual magnetism must be devoid of sinister energies, in order for it to be used for healing and helping purposes.

How can you do that? You can accomplish this by practising kindness, generosity etc. They weaken your self-ego and empower you to attract the right people and things in your life.

When your fears overpower your humility, you end up attracting evil into your life, in the form of manipulative friends and abusive lovers.

How to ensure the smooth flow of spiritual magnetism?

Everyone possesses magnetism, but not everyone knows how to unleash its real powers.

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Spiritual magnetism flows in all of us, but its flow is easily obstructed by negative energies, such as superficial tendencies, vengeance, self-hatred etc.

To open the pathways that have been blocked by lumps of negativity, one has to practice self-control.

When we capitulate to our self-ego, our ability to use magnetic eye-contact completely diminishes.

We must restrain our self from worldly temptations if we wish to heal others through spiritual magnetism.

Concentrating on the task at hand, and channelling intuition is also essential while amplifying the powers of magnetic eye contact.

When you’re trying to heal someone, solely through eye contact, make sure you give them undivided attention. Don’t get distracted by superficial attractions.

Peeking into someone’s spiritual world requires laser-sharp eye contact.

Free flowing magnetic energy inside our body is the best way to achieve magnetic eye contact.

People who have prolific amounts empathy in their spiritual fields are excellent friends, business partners and lovers because they can use the powers of magnetic eye contact for all the right reasons.

With great magnetic eye contact, comes great responsibility. We are continually changing stares with our friends, lovers, associates and other people.

Any malign intention in our gazes can diffuse the negativity in them. When you gaze into the abyss, the abyss stares back at you, so make sure you’re not that abyss.

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Pure spiritual magnetism is reassuring, liberating and imbued with positivity. It enables people to vibrate kindness and spread spiritual harmony among the masses.

If your magnetic eye contact doesn’t have that effect on others, it is either weak, because of your domineering self-ego, or it’s sinister.

So, make sure you develop a magnetic eye contact you are proud of. I hope Kindness and spiritually pave the way for you. Happy eye contacting!

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