Meaning of Chemistry Between a Man And a Woman

Do you know someone, that person you have a special bond with? Maybe its just pure chemistry between you two. But who knows, we are never sure about what we feel unless we understand the meaning of it.

Understanding a connection is the key to a better relationship with the person you are fond of, let’s break it down, shall we? So what is chemistry?

According to Wikipedia, ”Chemistry merely is emotion two people feel when they have a special bond.”

The title of the article suggests it is between a man and woman. Honestly, it can be with anyone; there doesn’t have to be a gender rule here, as the chemistry between people has many manifestations, keep reading.

Chemistry is also non-sexual in the beginning, it is that feeling you have within you, that you need to see them again. Its the sense you both ”just click.”

You will know if you have a chemistry with that person early on in your relationship, and whether the chemistry is negative or positive one.

The definition and components of chemistry can be somewhat vague at times, often its described metaphorically, like vanilla ice cream or cookie dough. In physical terms, its described as having a mutual feeling, a bond. Sometimes known as the chemical process which stimulates sexual attraction.

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Romantically it is known as, that spark between two people, however, we should never confuse chemistry with romance, romance is a performance thing and while chemistry is that unconscious decision fused by a blend of sophisticated criteria.

Signs of chemistry components:

The core element of chemistry is non-judgemental, mystery, similarity, mutual trust, attraction and able to communicate effortlessly.

Chemistry is also the combination of love and infatuation and the strong desire for intimacy with someone.

Not everyone can experience these strong components, the chemistry between two people is likely to happen when both are down to earth and very sincere. When you are comfortable with yourself, you can better express yourself to the world.

Being able to share similar experiences is an essential element in chemistry, as humans being we need to feel understood, which is the vital element in any relationship.

In nature there are three main types of chemistry, you either have rapport, or you don’t.

Good chemistry: You have a good rapport.

No chemistry: You find it challenging to create rapport.

Bad chemistry: You have a negative rapport or none at all.

The chemistry between two people can stretch into other manifestations. Here are types of manifestations you can experience when you have chemistry with someone:

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Chemistry of this kind is difficult to describe, you will know it when you have it, can also be imaginative and romantic, so enjoy it.


Are you able to communicate with them without both of you being bored? Then this intellectual chemistry is yours.


You both enjoy similar spiritual topics, and you are both aligned with spiritual, political and moral values.


You both have similar personalities and lifestyles, enjoy going to the same place, or love travelling. Having different lifestyles also work.


How you are connected to your boo’s personality not just their body, as well as how you both get along with each other.


As you can see the chemistry between two people can manifest in many ways, essential notes to include:

For chemistry to take place, you have to be in a position you are comfortable with yourself; it’s not about forcing the situation, let things flow, have a positive outlook on everything and have no judgment.

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