How to Intensify Your Distance Healing with One Symbol

“Would you like to create a portal to bring you closer to your client?” I sat in anticipation and excitement as I heard the Japanese monk say these words to me. Of course I did! I wanted to learn whatever he could teach me. This was a turning point for my distance Reiki healings. I would never do them the way that I had been taught from that moment on.

I had taking a year out from work to teach blind and disabled students in Vietnam. I had met a Vietnamese monk, Thay Phuc, at his pagoda 6 months earlier. I had been touring Ho Chi Minh City, when I was introduced to him by another monk who I had been travelling with. After spending time with Thay Phuc we made an agreement that I would become his apprentice if I could get time off from my job in UK. He gave me my Dharma name, Thien Tinh. From that point onwards, all of the monks and students only called me by that name. He then told me that it was my destiny to spend time with him at the pagoda.

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I returned to the UK and managed to get a year away from my job. I then spent a lot of time organizing activities to raise enough funds to support myself in Vietnam. I had initially agreed to teach massage there. However, when I arrived In Ho Chi Minh City, Thay Phuc informed me that I would spend most of my time teaching English and a small amount of time teaching massage! I was surprised and a little scared as I had never taught English language before but I agreed to do it.

One day after I had finished teaching I went to sit with the monks. I could speak a small amount of Vietnamese and they could also speak a small amount of English. Then a new arrival monk introduced himself to me. He was from Japan and spoke very good English.

As the weeks went by we became friendly and we had many discussions about Buddhism and spiritual matters. I didn’t realize at that time that we were both trying to learn from each other.

One day we were talking about healing. I told him that I was a healer and that I had studied Reiki. He was very interested and told me that he was also a healer, but not a Reiki healer. We discussed how each of us used our hands and intentions to heal. He was very disciplined and a powerful healer.

The subject turned to distance healing. I told him that I had a strong belief that intention (mind power) and Reiki were formidable together and that I had had some successes with this, especially when I did it to friends. This was the moment when he asked me “Would you like to create a portal to bring you closer to your friend?” I didn’t fully understand what he meant at the time but I was eager to learn!

How to Intensify Your Distance Healing with One Symbol

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He taught me a technique, that with practice is really powerful and easy to do. I still use his technique to this day, but I have modified it to suit my needs. I want to share this with you. I would also be interested to hear from anyone who has success…

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