Twin Flame Relationship Signs – 18 Signs To Check

Check out these Twin Flame relationship signs to see if you have met your true Mirror Soul!

When you finally meet the one, you will know it in your heart.

We all have our doubts, though, so if you are unsure whether or not you have met them, you should check if they fit the bill.

Are you ready to see if you are on the path to enlightenment and ascension with your destined partner?

Take a look at the following 12 signs to see if you have finally met the mirror of your soul:

1. You Intuitively Know What Each Other Think, Want & Feel

There exists between you a chemistry of intuition. No matter the situation, you can both predict the other’s response with scary accuracy.

2. You Share A Lot Of Common Interests

Hobbies, music, TV shows, films – you find yourselves on the same page when it comes to taste. Interest in the same things also extends to career choices, friends, and politics.

3. You Are On The Same Page Emotionally

On an emotional level, you are solid and on the same page. You are sensitive to the same sorts of things and know intuitively where each other’s boundaries are.

4. You Feel Magnetically Pulled Towards Them

You feel this constant pull. It’s subtle, but it’s physical. Even the smallest distance between you just begs to be closed, and that’s not something you like to deny yourself.

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5. You Share The Same Dreams At Night

One of the surest Twin Flame relationship signs is when you share the same dreams at night.

Dream sharing works by the harmony of your energy allowing you to be close on the astral plane during REM sleep.

6. You Are Able To Communicate Without Speaking

Communication comes easily to you, but most of it doesn’t happen through speaking.

You can tell each other things without a word – and often without whoever else is there realizing it.

It can be as simple as an uncomfortable look or a flare of the nostrils, but to you, it speaks volumes.

7. You Know Each Other’s True Self

Everybody has a public self, the face they show the world. You see right through theirs, and they see right through yours.

But that doesn’t bother either of you – in fact; it feels natural and comfortable to display your true self around them.

8. You Have Similar Flaws

Nobody is perfect; we all have flaws. The areas that you are weak in just so happen to be the areas they are weak.

Simularaties in this area often occur and provide a valuable opportunity to learn how to deal with this weakness together.

9. You Can Be Yourself Around Them

When you are with them, you feel able to be entirely yourself.

You don’t fear that they will judge or belittle you, or that they will “go off” you in any way.

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It is a feeling of safety that you don’t often find in any of your relationships.1188791 e1570775668584

10. You Feel Like You Have Known Them Forever

Even in the earliest stages of the relationship, you felt like you had known them forever.

It is often described as being like catching a smell from your youth. It brings you back to an earlier, simpler time of which you have only vague memories.

It feels comfortable and safe, like finally returning home after a long journey.

11. You Want To Be Better Because Of Them

They make you want to improve yourself and grow as a person. This isn’t because they make you feel inadequate – quite the opposite!

They make you realize that you deserve to be your best self, and you want to be your best self for them.

12. You Feed Off Each Other’s Energy

When one of you is feeling down, you both feel down.

The same goes for joy, confusion, anxiety – the energy given off by one of you consumes the other.

This makes it very easy for either one of you to sour the mood, but it also makes it easy to bring the mood back up.

13. You Feel A Higher Purpose

Something about this relationship feels important. A feeling creeps in that there is a higher purpose to all of this, and the idea excites you.

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You know that you have embarked on a journey together, and you cannot wait to see where it takes you.

14. You See The Twin Flame Numbers

Twin Flame relationship signs commonly come in the form of a special set of numbers.

They are numbers like 11, 11:11, 211, 311, etc. Synchronicity presents you with these numbers when you are in need of guidance along your Twin Flame journey.

15. You Have Strong Physical Chemistry

When it comes to the physicality of a relationship, you are always on each other’s level.

Whether you are holding hands in public, kissing in the morning, or just chilling on the sofa, you never feel stifled or neglected.bed6fa07 8a70 4344 b6e1 bbcb9a8b0882 e1570775482556

16. You Have Shared Experiences

Childhood has a strong effect in molding us into the people we are today.

Twin Flames tend to have similar childhood experiences, especially when it comes to family relationships and social status at school.

These help to form an emotional foundation for the relationship.

17. There Is A Spiritual Element

Although you are physically and emotionally compatible, it is in matters of the soul that you feel the most…

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