ASK RMT – Tips from 28 Reiki Masters on Being New to Reiki

When Reiki chooses you, it can often be overwhelming at first. Valuable pieces of advice from those who already experienced the challenges you as a new practitioner or your new Reiki students are now facing can be real support on this path, especially if these are coming from renowned Reiki Masters with consistent healing practices.

Read below the responses provided by 28 Reiki Masters who are part of our Ask RMT project to the following question asked by Maura Reed:

“If you could give advice to a novice healer, what would it be?”

Answer from Elise Brenner,

Hi Maura, and warm welcome to you as a new Reiki practitioner. Advice comes from many sources, including, perhaps most importantly, from your own direct experience and ongoing practice. Therefore, one primary gentle suggestion is to solidify your commitment to yourself to set aside time each day to sit in stillness with a formal, dedicated practice of Reiki meditation, contemplation of the Reiki Precepts, and practicing hands-on healing of self and others. This will help build mindfulness and self-awareness, and a solid platform on which to stand.

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Answer from Pamela Miles,

Daily self practice is the foundation. You’ll feel benefit quickly, but don’t be fooled. It takes time for deep healing to happen, and time for spiritual maturity to unfold. Start now, and don’t ever stop.

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Answer from Raven Keyes,

It’s prime to make sure you take care of yourself first, and so daily self care – Reiki is key. If you can, set up shares with a colleague, or book yourself either an in-person or distance Reiki session. it is such a gift to give to yourself, a gift that supports you being able to stand strong for others.

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My other heart’s dream for any new practitioner is that you trust yourself as your gifts awaken. Live in wonder and let yourself receive all that begins to unfold. Revere the power of the universe passing through you and know that what you begin to experience is real. There is no doubt you are being called to join in this ever-unfolding pattern of goodness, and your gifts are needed in the beauty of the kaleidoscope making patterns of healing and evolution for humankind.

ASK RMT - Tips from 28 Reiki Masters on Being New to Reiki

Answer from Kathleen Johnson,

Hello Maura, and thanks for your great question! This is one I almost always get from my Reiki students, and it’s a thorny subject for the novice healer. My response is simple – put your trust in Reiki. When you received your Reiki training and attunement, you became a channel for this amazing and limitless energy. As such, our “job” as a Reiki practitioner is to simply allow that healing energy to flow through us…

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