What to Do when You’re Empath Senses Break Open, and How to Protect Yourself

It’s not always the case, but from my personal experience, Reiki attunements can induce very powerful psychic extra-sensory abilities. This is for all those newly attuned to this energy and experiences and doesn’t know what to do with them.

It’s a really tricky discussion.

On one hand, in spiritual disciplines, extrasensory senses – are a gift since you will have a visceral sensation of a universal truth. Everything is connected, everything is one. Your awareness expands to include other people, things, and nature. You will realize things that are beyond your narrow self.

But also, don’t think your special. If anything, some psychic abilities are inherited from past lives, like momentum from past karma, and thinking you’re experience means you’re essentially better than anybody else’s is just a sad, damn ego trip.

Some personal context:
I didn’t grow up thinking this was normal. My best friend grew up exorcisms and tongues of fire and poltergeists while I was in this rational secular science high school. When I had a visceral experience of all this, this blew my mind, my previous paradigms and I had to scramble with how to healthily deal with this. So all my tips here come from my experience of having to panic research and figure this out – now!

What to Do when You’re Empath Senses Break Open, and How to Protect Yourself

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So, here’s some solid action steps that will get you to integrate this properly.

Step 1: Don’t scare yourself. Calm down. 

If you’re suddenly absorbing people’s emotions, getting pricks and sensations of auras, feeling things move out of the corner of your eye and you’re overwhelmed – Shield Up!!!!. Imagine yourself in a white safe egg, an aura as wide 3 feet from your physical body, put mirrors around it let no other things enter.

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Imagine it being cloaked in divine flames that will transform and effed up energies to things that would empower you. Whatever you hold as divine, sacred, powerful archangel Michael or divine universe sincerely implore and see in your heart and inner eye that they will wrap you in the most powerful protective cloak and bask in their strength.

I tell you this is a blessing, but you have the free will to do this at your own pace.

If constricted spaces with stressed out people freak you out, crowded places drain you – establish your sanctuary. Find a quiet safe place, close the doors and be patient with yourself. Calm yourself visualize the panic draining away from you. And when you are emptied, proceed with the next step.

Step 2: Choose this as a place of empowerment

Honestly, when I first heard/met people with psychic powers I thought – wow you sound like a superhero what the hell are you complaining about? Oh, famous last words. As much as you break open to new dimensions you will both be naked to the pain and suffering in people’s hearts as much as their good. Choose the latter.

Connect to trees, read about sacred spaces, enlightened beings, walk with bare feet. You are open to a wealth of infinite truth…

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