Amplifying the Third Eye with Reiki

Article by Chimi

This is a Reiki practice used to help you to amplify the Third Eye. This visualization assumes you are familiar with the chakras and their relationship to your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being.

  • Visualize molecules of Reiki in the air and the outline of an eye at the Brow Chakra. It is empty inside. Visualize Reiki energy all around you in the form of golden molecules in the air.
  • If you can, do alternate nostril breathing to inhale and exhale Reiki. Place the index, middle, and ring fingers “in the eye” on the Brow Chakra on your forehead.
  • Close one nostril and inhale molecules of Reiki through that nostril up into the third eye. Visualize the Reiki starting to fill that eye. Maybe it starts by filling it in around the edges or it starts to fill the eye at the bottom or at the top. Maybe the Reiki is in the form of molecules bouncing back and forth in the eye, maybe vibrating within that space.
  • As you exhale, send some out to the Universe, as the amount of Reiki in the eye continues to multiply on its own.
    Amplifying the Third Eye with Reiki

    Image by Myriams-Fotos

  • Continue to solely inhale and exhale Reiki using alternate nostril breathing.
  • Do this until the eye on your Brow Chakra is filled with Reiki. Once it is filled with Reiki energy, allow rays of Reiki to come out from the eye in all directions.
  • You may feel warmth, tingling, and/or Reiki coming from your Third Eye, hands, and feet.
  • Once the eye at your brow is filled, you can resume normal breathing.
  • These rays of Reiki from your Brow Chakra go further, entering yourself and all sentient beings in the Universe.
  • Say to yourself as many times as you would like, with the rays of light increasing each time:
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“May intelligence increase,
May intuition strengthen,
May imagination expand,
And may wisdom flourish for me and all sentient beings.”

  • Once the eye on your Brow Chakra is full, sit with this for as long as you can or want to. You can continue to repeat the saying.
  • When the session ends, sit for a moment and get your bearings. Ground yourself by becoming aware of your backside. Feel the contact you are making with your bed, yoga mat, chair, or ground. Get up slowly and move slowly for a while.

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Chimi is a Reiki Master Teacher and Certified Crystal Therapy Practitioner. She mixes Tibetan Buddhism and Roman Catholicism to create a unique spirituality that includes crystals, Reiki, meditation, prayers, Buddhist deities, and Catholic Saints. She is also interested in EFT and looking for ways to incorporate it into meditation and Reiki. She often uses the Chakras as a guide when meditating and creating meditations.

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