Creating Sacred Space Around and Within Us

Sacred space is an area where we feel most comfortable. This could be your room, or simply an area where you feel most at peace. After all, we are our own healers – and if we do not focus on our inner healing, it is difficult to help others.

I feel that sacred space is important to keep us calm and focused. A sacred space does not necessarily have to relate to religion – it can also contain items such as crystals and an area that you most cherish.

In these difficult times, it is important to focus on your well-being and spend time with yourself.

Here are some tips and methods you can use to create sacred space:

1. Blessing Your Sacred Space

Your sacred space is an area that you will work with most of the time. You can add pictures or crystals into your space that remind you of positivity. Being a healer, you have been blessed with Reiki and do remember that your intention is key.

  • Bless your room with good intentions and use the Reiki symbols that you feel most drawn to. The Reiki symbols can be added as an additional boost to your space.
  • If you have been attuned as a Reiki Master, you can use the Master symbol to bring balance to your space. Focus on the four corners of the room as you draw the symbol in the air and imagine the symbol expanding from yourself to the corners of the room.
  • Seal the room with the Power symbol and use the other symbols you feel drawn to again during the cleansing of your sacred space.
  • You can also include smudging as part of cleansing your sacred space.
  • I suggest smudging your area by using Sage or Palo Santo by using a fireproof vessel when you light the sage stick or palo santo.
  • Another method of smudging can be used with a smudge spray that can be made using a glass spray bottle with essential oils and water.
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Creating Sacred Space Around and Within Us

2. Self-Reiki

Including a Reiki session for yourself is the best blessing you can provide with yourself. Sometimes, you need to focus on yourself before helping others. Self-Reiki is important in keeping your inner-space clear and will enable you to better channel the energies of Reiki.

  • Scan your chakras with your hands from your crown to root chakra. This method of scanning is called byosen scanning which helps you focus on the chakras that need to be focused on during your self-Reiki session.
  • Start your self-Reiki session for your front and back chakras. If you have been attuned to Reiki Level Two and Higher, you can use the Power Symbol and the Mental/Emotional symbol to clear your mind.
  • Some practitioners like to start with their root chakra to help them stay grounded during their session. I find that imagining the Power Symbol around my feet and root chakra helps me feel clearer after the session.
  • Focus on your front and back chakras. The chakras on both sides of your body are equally important as not only does it cleanse your chakras, it also cleanses your physical and spiritual body and in the long run.

3. Meditation

Meditation can be done in an area where you feel there is peace and…

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