Reiki, Root Chakra and Sanskrit Alphabet

Article by Jaswinder Bhalla

The mind requires activity in order to maintain the flow of consciousness. The purity of mind leads to perfection in Reiki and develops the power of oration; and further, make aspirant dive deep into the ocean of bliss and see the universal beauty within. Man is a microcosm and whatever exists on the outside of him is a reflection of the outer universe but existing in him. Everything that has happened since the creation came into being is recorded in the cosmos and all of cosmic impressions can be retrieved by the aspirant when the mind is attuned with the cosmic impression. Retrieval and disclosure of sacred Reiki symbols by Reiki Master Dr. Mikao Usui were the act of divine virtue. All of these are to be treated as sacred; and when the energy centre of the body is purified by Reiki, the aspirant becomes sacred themselves and provides the meaning of the life because it will solve the karmic matters of the aspirant and bestow the divine grace on practitioners.

The six centres are life energy forces that need to be purified before any advanced spiritual practices so that the ultimate goal of the soul is achieved. Six centre of the spinal column signifies distinct life forces and would be categorised into 50 different patterns which have affinities with 50 alphabets of the ancient Sanskrit language. Each chakra has a particular number of petals, and each petal has a particular Sanskrit alphabet letter which resonates with the letter of which exists in the dormant form. The number of petals of the lotuses varies in each chakra, starting from the root chakra to the top crown chakra have 4, 6, 10 12, 16, 2 and thousand-petals respectively. Each chakra has separate Yoga Nadi of which encamps around the chakras vibrating with the particular letter.

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In the ancient times, the sage composed mantras in such a way which resonated and got vibration to all energy centres and Nadis of the body. You can also compose distinct sublime hymns that resonate the chakras and Nadis but provided that you have an elementary knowledge of the Bija mantra and which sound resonates the energy centre. Mantra is repeated in the specific energy centre and can be felt quite a lot of symptoms of descent divine energy that appear on the level of the body, mind emotions and others superconscious planes. Repeating mantra on one of the particular energy centre is just stimulating it by striking through the sound of the mantras and keeps the vibration continued around the specific area until it is filled with more prana energy around it. Let’s take the first energy centre that is the root chakra. The lower three chakras are root chakra, sacral plexus and solar plexus and all three form the great junction of the right and left chains of Ida and Pingala with the cerebra-spinal axis and being connected all with lumbar plexus.

Reiki, Root Chakra and Sanskrit Alphabet

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The root chakra is situated between the reproductive organ and the anus, at the base of the spinal column…

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