How To Create An Energy Ball For Self-Healing

The energy ball is also known as a Chi ball. And this particular practice is very simple and easy o do but yet it is very powerful.

The energy ball itself can be used in different ways. It can be used as a self-healing tool, for healing another person, healing the plant or animal. And it can be used purely as an exercise, as a training tool for your body how to channel that Universal energy through your body, through your hands, through your palms; to train your hands how to feel the energy body and subtle energy in general, and it also helps to train your clairvoyant abilities, how you perceive the energy and the colors, the sound of energy with your inner eye or even with your eyes wide open.

Before the exercise there are few points I want to mention. Of course we all probably know about our energy centers, chakras, which are laying across our spine line, the meridian lines, which are going through our whole body and basically chakras are like a connection points between meridian lines. And we also have energy centers (chakras) on a middle of our palms. These will be main energy centers we will be using for this exercise.

Another thing I want to mention, is that whenever you create your energy ball or do any healing with your hands make sure you’re not depleting yourself of energy. You’re not putting your personal energy out rather you’re using your body as a tool to transmit or channel the Universal infinite energy of creation, the energy of pure and unconditional love.

Release all of that tension from your body and mind, release all of that expectations from the practice, all obligations that you might be placing on yourself and focus completely on your practice, on a process of channeling the Universal energy, on a process of creating the energy ball, on your sensations and intentions. Enjoy the process and have fun with it.

For the exercise you need to find a comfortable place and position for yourself, relax your body and mind. To do so the breathing technique where you breath out slower then you breath in (inhale on count of 4 – exhale on count of 6, for example) your body will naturally start releasing all that unnecessary tension and go into more calm and relaxed state.


  1. Take a few deep breaths. Visualize that you have a white light (beam of light, it’s like a string that comes out from your crown chakra and connects you to the Universe) comes to the top of your head and fills you up with energy.
  2. Center yourself in your heart and push your energy into the Mother Earth and from the center of the Earth imagine a golden energy is spiraling up through your feet, through your spine, through your whole body. And while it’s moving up it’s opening and activates all of your energy centers. And then it finally finds its exit from the top of your head and connects and unites with that beautiful white light.
  3. Now imagine…

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