How Can Gratitude Help You Manifest Better?

Gratitude and Manifestation

Appreciating what you have, what Mother Nature bestows on you and people you have in your life. All this is important, but do you practice gratitude daily or the way it should be done? When we are occupied with the wonders and plights of our lives, we tend to forget what is crucial and what we have without putting in any effort. We take everything for granted and forget that we are grateful for several things we have or seek in our lives.

To help you get into the gratitude mindset and appreciate the beauty and gifts of the Universe, we have this article. In this post, we will describe the different effective techniques to practice gratitude so that you always remain blessed. But before that, we would like to brief you about gratitude and its importance in our lives.

What is gratitude? Insights into this beautiful concept

People often think when you express gratitude, you get more of what you want. You simply need to sing songs of praise to the Universe, which in turn will be pleased with you and shower you with all the material and non-materialistic gifts you want. This is not what gratitude is about. Of course, you appreciate the Universe for its gifts, but you don’t butter or boot-lick it. Sorry for the words we used, but we would like to make the concept much clearer for you!

You do not worship or flatter the Universe. Instead, you appreciate the gifts and blessings of the Universe so that you can do it more in the future. Exactly. This is what gratitude is about.

You express gratitude towards the Universe to express more gratitude in the future towards the same entity. This wonderful cycle helps you be on track and receive more from the Universe as you express gratitude. In short, it works on the simple principle of like attracts like. When you express gratitude for the gifts, the Universe blesses you with more, and you can thank it again for the repeated ones.

But your primary intention while expressing gratitude should not be the gifts you want. You should focus on the gifts you already have without any needy feelings for the gifts you want or expect from the Universe.

Remember that manifestation begins with gratitude. Hence, maximum manifestation techniques have gratitude in their list.

Why is gratitude crucial?

When you thank someone genuinely (and not just for the sake of formality), how do you feel? Yes, it is a sense of joy, satisfaction, and happiness. You feel delighted as your goal is achieved. You feel thankful to the Universe for cooperating with you towards the achievement of your desires and goals. The immediate feeling is not asking for more but being thankful for what you have and received.

This happiness, no intense needy feeling, is highly crucial in the Law of Attraction theory. And when you receive it, your joy doubles. The blissful feeling and the mesmerizing experience return to you as the Universe blesses you with what you want, and you are thankful again to the same. The self-limiting beliefs and the negative emotions and thoughts vanish from your mind when you are in the cycle of gratitude. You are simply thankful and happy to receive and do not doubt yourself and the Universe as you are engaged in this process. You do not take things for granted henceforth.

Why should gratitude be expressed for the present moment?

Usually, you should thank the Universe whenever you receive a blessing or a gift, material or non-material. But according to the Law of Attraction theory, it is important to express gratitude even before receiving what you want from the Universe. And that’s why most of the affirmations start with, “I thank the Universe to bless me with a good job or a life partner.” So, you can recite these affirmations before you seek your desired job or a soulmate.

Gratitude should always be expressed in the present tense. Even if the gift is received in the future, you need to thank it right now. Tomorrow or the future is uncertain. What you have is the present moment. It does not matter what is bestowed by the Universe in the future; you need to be thankful for it right now.

Remember the make-believe games you used to play in childhood. You used to play as a teacher even before becoming one or a doctor before you even sought the official degree. And that’s how the Law of Attraction functions. As you give gratitude to the Universe by thanking it profusely, you receive what you want and are more thankful for it.

How should gratitude be expressed in the right manner?

You must have read the affirmation that we just suggested in this article. Does it sound really simple? You need to fill in the blank and recite the statement every morning and evening. Well, let us tell you, this is just an example. You are yet to pour emotions and feelings into this statement to manifest it.

Following is the process of how you can express and evoke gratitude right before the manifestation takes place:

  1. It will help if you are in the moment to express gratitude. You cannot have a zillion thoughts in your mind as you thank the Universe. This is not done. Your body, mind, and soul should be present together as you evoke emotions to express your appreciation towards the Universe.
  2. You need to truly appreciate the moment as you express thanks. You cannot just say or repeat ‘Hey, thanks, Universe” a thousand times. It won’t work. You certainly have to be in the moment, express what is around and express gratitude to all the things that are currently giving you joy and satisfaction. It could be something silly like the couch you are sitting on; thanking it or for it will also give you an intense sense of satisfaction with what you have in life.
  3. Visualize and feel the attention inside your mind and body. As you feel the physical symptoms, you will also notice the feeling of bliss in your brain. You will feel happy for what you have manifested and also for what you are manifesting right now.

Strategies to express gratitude towards the Universe

Even if you have read this article carefully and more posts on the internet about this concept, it could still be challenging for you to express this feeling of bliss. Yes, we understand you very well, and hence, we have suggested a few strategies on how to get your gratitude right on the wagon without much effort. The techniques are simple, effective, and fun to do.

1. Maintain a gratitude journal

If you are into writing your personal life, you will love this method. It involves writing in a journal about what you are thankful for. Moreover, you can write about your ideal life and feel thankful for it. If you want, you can draw the things you want or are glad about to happen. This journal is an effective way as it is a proven technique for manifestation.

2. Always say ‘thanks’

It is not only good etiquette but thanking someone each time someone does for you a good thing is a great way to manifest using gratitude. Whenever you receive money, thank the Universe. Whenever you pay for a thing you like or a bill, thank the Universe. Often, we complain about the money we spend but remember that you could pay your dues or buy what you like or need just because you had the money and not for other reasons. Thanking people, things, and the Universe is easy and can be done anywhere and anytime.

3. Maintain a gratitude jar

This is a kind of gratitude activity that you can practice for both manifestation and fun. You can keep any glass or plastic jar and put notes of gratitude in it. For example, if you receive your salary, put a note thanking the Universe for the same. Likewise, if a pending payment or a task has been made, express gratitude with a chit in the jar. You will love this method as you look forward to inserting more notes and chits in the jar and express gratitude in the most charming way possible.

4. Be thankful for three things every day

When you wake up every morning, thank the Universe for a bright new day, the beautiful sunshine, and the ability to see these things. You can list out three different things every day for which you are grateful. You can even note down these things in your daily gratitude journal or Morning Pages. You could be thankful for the things in your career, relationships, health, mind, nature, and many more things. It is one of the easiest and proven ways to express gratitude. You can even find this technique in mindfulness.

5. Admire nature

Nature is present. It never entails what is in the future. It either rains or shines or showers with flowers and plants and leaves. But it never worries you about the future or reminds you of the past. Hence, be in nature, spend time in parks and gardens, take walks, and appreciate the beauty of Planet Earth. The more you thank, the more you can see nature. Your negative thoughts will automatically be released; you will feel refreshed and cheerful for the time you spend in Natural Beauty.

6. Be in the moment

This is how most relationships work these days. But being in the present engages you with the things you appreciate and are grateful for. Remember, it is a tough process and you need to put massive effort into engaging in the present moment and be grateful about it. You learn to be self-aware of your emotions, the thoughts that keep buzzing in your mind, and you slowly let go of the moment and think about the current moment you have. It is all about the current situation and even visualizing the future self and situation and being grateful for it right now.

7. Think all good about a difficult situation

It is difficult to appreciate what you have when you go through a challenging or dreadful situation. We understand this condition, but we would like to warn you that if you think more about the dire situation, you might end up attracting the like. Instead, you can visualize yourself getting out of the situation or overcoming it. Feel thankful to the Universe for providing you with the signs and messages to get you out of the situation. And you will notice that the Universe is already sending you the signs, and you are no more in that situation.

In a nutshell, gratitude is an essential element in the manifestation process, and one can practice it daily with the above simple methods.

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