How to Use the Law of Attraction for Damage Control

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We’ve all taken actions that weren’t inspired action. You’ve done it. I’ve done it.

Maybe you were angry…or scared…or impatient…

And you did something you later regretted.

Something that caused problems.

How do you use the Law of Attraction for damage control?

“Less than inspired action” asks:

What is the best way to do LOA “damage control” when you’ve taken an action that wasn’t “inspired action.” For example: actions inspired through anger and are not inspired actions to get what you want. They can really set us back and push us down vibrationally. I’ve found that when this happens to me it takes more energy to get back and I start to have doubts about the entire process. So how does one “come back” from taking such actions and get “back on track”? I understand that fear and anger are “resistance” but everyone deals with these emotions on a weekly, if not daily, basis. To me, it can sometimes seem difficult to recover from these “uninspired actions,” especially if they involve others. Is there a “good way” to deal with fear, anger, etc. on a daily basis and learn to bounce back and forgive yourself for acting through these “negative” emotions? Thanks for all of your time and energy!

My Answer

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I know it’s never fun to take an action that you later regret.

It’s important to remember that life is a learning process. Just like a sculptor creates art from stone by removing some areas and emphasizing others, we do the same as we progress through life. It’s the things that we focus on that create our reality.

So the first thing to do is to stop focusing on the uninspired action. Acknowledge it happened and move on. If you continue to give it energy, you will continue to create more damage from the action. The damage may come in the form of guilt and beating yourself up, constant worry that may make things worse, or even trying to fix a situation that doesn’t need to be fixed.

Forgive yourself. You made a mistake. It happens. You are still a magnificent person.

Sure, you did something. You wish you could undo it, but you can’t. You thought it was the right thing to do at the moment. There’s no point in beating yourself up for it. It’s done. Instead, love and approve of yourself. Approve of everything about you – everything you say, everything you do. You’ll feel better and begin to move past it if you do.

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You can handle anything that arises from the un-inspired action you took. Whatever help you need, it will be given. You just have to ask. The solution already exists.

But before you tackle any problems that may have been caused by your less than inspired action, raise your vibration. Get back to a point where you feel good again and then act. Listen to music you enjoy. Pet a cat. Walk a dog. Go for a walk. Skip. Blow bubbles. Watch a funny movie. Whatever makes you happy, do it!

Once you raise your vibration, choose to see that you can solve the issue easily. Don’t dwell on what happened. Instead, look ahead. See that something good can come from any situation. After all, many times hindsight reveals that what we thought was a bad situation actually was the best thing that could have happened to us.

What you see now as uninspired action or being off track are opportunities for something even greater to come into your life.

An argument with a loved one where hurtful things are said can bring things out into the open that have been held back. It can lead to future discussions that work through issues allowing a stronger, more fulfilling relationship to develop.

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Resigning from your job in the heat of the moment can lead you to starting the business you’ve dreamed of owning.

See the possibilities. Even good can come from uninspired actions.

But how do you minimize the uninspired actions and negative emotions in the first place?

Come from your heart.

Stay centered in your heart energy and act from there.

When you’re acting from your heart, you aren’t acting from fear or anger.

When you’re really tapped in and letting heart energy flow through you, you are more aligned with the true essence of who you are.

That essence knows the boundlessness of creation. If you surrender to it and trust it, your mind will silence…

…and your actions will be inspired.

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