Law of attraction Tips to Overcome Anxiety and Overthinking Problems

Overcome Anxiety and Overthinking Problems with Law of Attraction

Imagine yourself preparing for an interview. Do you prepare confidently without any second and third thoughts to your decision, or do you keep thinking over a single thing mindlessly?

For example, you want to select an outfit. How many options do cross your mind? Should I wear the white top or the black shirt or the white one with black polka spots? Do you keep five pairs of shoes ready and keep asking your roommate or parent which one should you wear for the interview?

Do you daydream about the interview a few days earlier in a negative manner? What if I fidget, if the interviewer does not like what I am wearing or asks me tough technical questions?

Finally, the ‘selection’ and ‘rejection’ worries crop up in your mind. Will I get selected? What if they reject me? How do I face my parents and friend if I get rejected by this wonderful company?

In short, you are an overthinker, and your approach to problems is reactive and not proactive. You think so much, and later, these thoughts result in enormous worries and tensions and result in the endless issue of anxiety. You get panicked easily, you shiver, and you feel short of breath and cannot focus on any given task.

If you are someone suffering from anxiety and overthinking problems, you need to reflect on it and work on this matter. This article is all about how you can reduce anxiety and overthinking and manifest your dreams and desires.

Do anxiety and overthinking have a huge impact on the manifestation process?

Of course, if you are anxious, you ask the Universe for more anxious thoughts and things to happen. If you are an over-thinker, the Universe will bless you with thousands of reasons to think upon. Hence, anxiety and overthinking have no place in the manifestation of your dreams. They should be kept far away from your mind.

But if you are a chronic thinker, then we will explain how and why you need to get rid of this. If you are anxious, you will have more fearful experiences that will keep you anxious all the time.

When people have anxious thoughts and excessive feelings, they think that they are a victim. Sometimes, they even blame themselves for being a chronic thinker. But you don’t have to do that. You can take advantage of these anxious and excessive thoughts. Understand that you are a sensitive person as compared to the majority of the world population. You connect intimately with the world, have several capabilities to harness the world’s truth, and you are an incredible thinker.

The only problem is you do not channelize these spiritual and intellectual capabilities in the right direction. Here is a brief explanation. When you overthink, remember that you have an immense ability to visualize (yeah, much needed for Law of Attraction). Why can’t you divert those anxious thoughts into beautiful experiences for your bright future? When you are sensitive, it means you have an immense ability to feel things and moments. You are not an emotional fool, but a person who can connect with varied emotions of the human mind.

When you are tense or nervous, you have the energy to take the mental load. You need to keep that energy at the same level but replace nervousness with excitement and joyfulness. In this way, you will have more to take the requisite action and not spend the day in anxiety-based symptoms.

Tips to Overcome Anxiety and Overthinking

It is not fair to call the following as tips but action steps are needed to get rid of anxiety and excess thoughts. These are like concrete actions you need to take on a consistent basis to keep your mind healthy and channelize your bad thoughts in the appropriate direction.

1. Stop calling yourself names

What do you call yourself in front of others or your self-talk? I am an anxious person. I am an over-thinker. I always overthink. I have terrible thoughts about the future. What if….? If such labels or names appear in your mind for yourself, you are not doing it right. The Universe will bless you with an identity when you label yourself with such things.

When you label yourself an anxious person or an over-thinker, you accept yourself the way you are. Even if you are not proud of your labels, they become your identity, and it does nothing to you. Your subconscious, too, accepts this new identity and results in subsequent actions. No matter how many affirmations you repeat in a day, if you have anxiety, they will result in fears and not negative self-talk.
Stop calling yourself such names and make an effort to speak good about yourself in front of yourself too. Be proud of your new action steps. Do not take false pride in these labels that do nothing but tamper with your subconscious mind and the resulting Law of Attraction process.

2. Meditate

We are sure you must have tried at least once in your lifetime to meditate and given up instantly. This is because almost a hundred thoughts visited your mind, and you were not able to meditate. You feel anxious no matter how hard you shut your eyes and wait for your mind to enter the trance state.

But accept that it will take time to meditate and have your mind completely focused on the ritual. Do not expect yourself to meditate for 15 minutes on the first day itself. Meditation has amazing benefits for people who have a habit of overthinking and anxiety. It helps you seek control of your mind, let go of all negative thoughts and maintain a state of stillness and relief.

This is why breathing techniques are popular to reduce stress and anxiety. However, do not set unrealistic goals for yourself. It might take five minutes for your friend to enter a trance state while fifteen minutes for you. This doesn’t mean you are lesser than your friend. It is just that you are sensitive and need more time to unblock your mind.

3. Convert your overthinking time into visualizing time

When you have multiple thoughts while working on a project or waiting in the queue, stop yourself and tell your mind, “I will think about it later.” Then, assign a time slot of 15 minutes to think about all such things that bothered you during the day. Then, instead of overthinking about them, visualize a nice scenario and utilize your imagination potential.

For instance, instead of worrying about how the interviewer will react to your presence, visualize yourself getting that dream job. When you transform your overthinking abilities into visualization superpowers, you can manifest a lot and not think about it negatively.

Initially, it might be difficult for you to visualize. But you will find that visualization is more interesting than thinking excessively on a worrisome topic.

4. Get into aerobic activity

If you sit the whole day at the desk and keep getting tensed about a certain thing, you are tampering with your physical and mental health. You can get out of the desk and take a long walk. Or you can move around, exercise, or run and engage in aerobic activity.

When you become physically active, your nervous energy is released. Your vibrations increase, and the Universe can be more aligned with your desires and not your worrisome thoughts.

5. Take care of your healthy habits

Sipping on coffee or tea throughout the day, being glued to screens all the time, or smoking or alcohol consumption – all these are lousy habits that can make you feel better but tamper with your vibrations.

These are nothing but stimulants that have an unfavourable effect on your anxiety levels. They will make you comfortable for a while, but later, it can result in panic and will keep you off the wagon. Stick to a healthy, nutritious diet, stay far from additives and stimulants. Even that additional cup of coffee can damage your emotions.

Do not scroll social media all the time. Instead, get inspired by the right people. There are loads of healthy habits to form. You can read ‘Atomic Habits’ by James Clear for more understanding.

6. Take rest

Seeking sufficient breaks and sound sleep at night should be included in healthy habits, but we have added it in a separate heading for emphasis. When you sleep properly at night, your brain cells work smoothly. You can visualize better, manifest even at night, and have improved control over your mindset.

Sleep is often misinterpreted as an unproductive thing to do. But if you sleep better, you can feel the radiance and positivity gradually.

7. Take action fearlessly

Anxiety and excess thoughts are also in the form of fears. You can beat your fear only when you take action and not end up in a fearful comfort zone. If you want to prepare for a job, select an outfit confidently. Don’t think about the interviewer, instead, imagine yourself heading for the interview with confidence and joy.

You need to replace fear with excitement. With practice and conscious thinking, you can do it successfully.

In short, the Law of Attraction works incredibly well when there is no excess or anxious thought in your mind. You can adapt the above techniques to be on track. Hope you liked this article on how to overcome anxiety and overthinking with law of attraction. Please share your feedback in the comments section. Also do share your experiences with us to help others.

Thank you!

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