What’s Going Right in Your Life? A Rampage of Appreciation

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The Law of Attraction works based on your thoughts and feelings. The more positive your thoughts and feelings, the faster the Law of Attraction produces the results you want. (Learn more about how this works with this article on vibrational energy.)

You can easily improve your thoughts and feelings with a rampage of appreciation.

If you’ve heard of Abraham-Hicks, you might already be familiar with a rampage of appreciation. They’ve been teaching it for years.

But don’t worry if this is all new to you…

A Rampage of Appreciation Guide

A rampage of appreciation is about focusing on what is going right in your life.

Look around you and see something you like. Appreciate it. Keep finding things to appreciate and watch as your positive feelings improve.

Each time you find something to appreciate, you tell the Universe to bring you more of it. So if you appreciate hearing your child’s laughter, you’re telling the Universe to bring you more instances of your child laughing.

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The more often you do a rampage of appreciation, the more wonderful things you will find to appreciate. This simple exercise allows your life to keep getting better and better.

My Rampage of Appreciation

Here’s my list of 10 things I appreciate:

1. I love that I’m in Ottawa, having a wonderful time with my husband. It’s so nice to be home!

2. I love that I missed the heat wave! The weather is so nice and cool, with a gentle breeze rustling the tree leaves outside my window.

3. I love that I just received a surprise package in the mail. I can’t wait to open it once I’m done writing this!

4. I love how free my days are, allowing me to come and go as I please.

5. I love how my husband and I always whip up fantastic meals on the spur of the moment. We truly enjoy cooking together and always amaze ourselves, and our friends and family, at how utterly delicious the meals are. I love that when we want to eat out, we’re able to find restaurants where the food tastes as good as what we make at home.

6. I love that the weather cleared just in time for my flight to reach Ottawa Friday. I am so glad I knew how to use the Law of Attraction to turn a situation that everyone else thought was impossible into exactly what I wanted to happen.

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7. I love my chocolate mousse. I made some last night and it tastes just as good today, maybe even better. I am so glad I came up with such a good recipe!

8. I love the new farmer’s market I found yesterday. So much fresh and tasty produce at my fingertips.

9. I love how great my relationship is with my mother. I love that we have a true and lasting, supportive friendship.

10. I love all the wonderful people checking out my site and reading my articles. I appreciate all the kind words and emails of appreciation they send me.

It’s good to make a habit of finding 10 things you can appreciate. Something so simple really can produce wonderful results in your life.

I know you all have at least 10 things going right in your lives. I’d love to hear your rampage of appreciation. You can email it to me or paste it in the comments here.

I really do like it when you leave comments. It’s just as inspiring for me as the emails you send…and the comments are also a great way to inspire everyone else who reads this site.

Share the appreciation!

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