Review: How The Map by Boni Lonnsburry Will Make Your Dreams Come True

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First, a big thank you to Boni Lonnsburry for sending me a copy of her book, The Map.

Boni knows a thing or two about the Law of Attraction. She has, after all, used it to go from being broke, alone, unemployed and nearly homeless…to owning a multi-million dollar business, having the relationship of her dreams, and living a life many people would envy. The Map lets you in on Boni’s secret to having it all.

And she succeeds. Boni has created a clear and simple step-by-step method to get you where from you are at now to where you’re living your dream life.

The Map contains many of the concepts I’ve written about, and is filled with great examples and explanations to help you put what you learn into practice.

There are nuggets of wisdom spread throughout the book…from helping you to really get clear on what you want to manifest and why you want it…to tools to make it easier for your intentions to become a reality.

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Boni does a great job explaining how to recognize the signs that your intention is manifesting. She provides a lot of insight and concrete suggestions to help ensure that you not only don’t miss them, but also how you can use the signs to speed up the Law of Attraction. This might be the best part of the book!

The Map is filled with a lot of techniques you can use right away – from focusing on the present to releasing resistance. There are even techniques for dealing with those little fears and doubts that crop up.

With The Map, you don’t need to wonder when or how to take action on your dreams. Clear guidance is given for helping you know when to act.

When you read The Map, you will notice that it starts slowly, but the book certainly picks up steam and delivers a powerful message.

It’s clear that Boni put a lot of time and thought into writing, The Map. Just as the name implies, it gives you a map to follow so that you can create your dream life.

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Note: I received a complimentary copy of “The Map”. However, all opinions expressed here are my own and are 100% honest.


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