When You Use Heart Energy, You Find Your True Power

Heart energy is at the core of your ability to manifest. It is the foundation of your manifesting power.

There was a time when mind energy was all you needed to use the Law of Attraction.

You simply had to think about something and control your thoughts to make things manifest.

But we no longer live in a world where mind energy creates our reality. Any efforts to create solely with mind energy will produce temporary manifestations – where your desires pass through your fingers as quickly as you attract them.

Heart energy encompasses the concepts of unconditional love, surrender, and peace. It is the power to heal, to create your future, and to change the world.

It is a common mistake to think that heart energy is merely the emotion of love. It goes beyond thinking loving thoughts or imagining how much you love something or someone. It is connecting with the essence of who you are.

When you tap into heart energy, you connect with the very source of creation. All need to control disappears. Fear, worry and doubt vanish.

In their place, you will find a sense of peace and trust. It’s like having a direct connection to the very essence of your wisdom and intelligence where you know the truth of all things.

You don’t just look out on the world with your eyes. Heart energy sees beyond appearances to the flow of life, where you are at the very center of manifestation and the Law of Attraction.

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I know this might seem like a very abstract concept to many of you, and that’s okay!

The best way to understand heart energy is to dive right into and use it on a regular basis. The more you use it, the more your understanding of heart energy will increase, as will both your heart energy field and your connection to it.

When you use heart energy, you find your true power!

Using Heart Energy

The first step is to trust that it’s there. We’re so used to doing things with our mind – thinking, thinking, thinking – that it may take some time to shift from the mind to the heart. You may not feel your heart at first, so you need to trust and have faith that it’s there.

The second step is to connect to heart energy. This is as simple as feeling an energy source emanating from your chest (your heart chakra). Feel it expand to encompass your entire body. Allow it to keep expanding. You will feel it more over time, and it will come to you quite easily.

At first, you might only be able to expand it a few inches. After a week or two, you might be able to expand it to surround your body. In time, you’ll be able to expand it without limits.

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In time, you will find yourself living from your heart, going through life with a high level of awareness and intention.

Using Mind Energy to Connect with Heart Energy

When you first try connecting with heart energy, it’s normal to use your mind. You’ve been brought up in a world focused on mind energy. But the world is no longer the same. It’s changing and you must learn how to let go of mind energy and to tap into the heart energy field.

Your first instinct is going to be to think about what heart energy feels like, to visualize it growing like a hot air balloon expanding with heat. And that’s a perfectly fine way to begin. It’s how I began.

But as you work with heart energy, you’ll learn it is a completely distinct energy. It can expand and contract without any effort with your mind. I know this might be really hard to grasp right now, but in time it will make perfect sense to you!

The more you work with heart energy, the more you will see yourself transform and your life transform. You will experience a new understanding of life.

There’s no need to force heart energy…or to force your connection to your heart energy field. Your desire to experience heart energy and your willingness to surrender into it suffice.

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How You Can Use Heart Energy with the Law of Attraction

Heart energy knows that every moment is perfect. It has no need for attachment, fear, worry, doubt, or resistance.

Whatever area you focus on while tapping into heart energy has the ability to be created completely anew, whole and fresh.

The more you use heart energy and allow it to flow in your life, the easier things manifest.

Go back over the list you created in Step 1 of how to create your most incredible year.

Focus on those areas while tapped into heart energy. Feel the sensation of those items already existing within your heart, bathed in its energy. Surrender to the moment with a true feeling of peace, as if everything is already perfect. Allow your experience to deepen. Just be. Remain in this sensation as long as you like.

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