Why do I Keep Dreaming About My Ex? 8 Spiritual Meanings

Why do I keep dreaming about my ex? It’s a spiritual message? Let’s find out!

Love is a beautiful thing. 

Although it can get sour at times, it is still worth every emotional energy that is invested. Most times, it hurt badly that a breakup happens – most especially if you have a deep feeling of love for such a person.

There will be times when your mind will fantasize about your ex in different ways possible. It is normal for you to dream of your ex once in a while. However, while there is a psychological explanation for this, there can also be a deep mystery behind the things you see about your ex.

I have realized that the universe can speak to us through different means and mediums. If they can use inanimate objects to speak to us, then our dreams are a valid instrument of communication. Dreaming about your ex is a good medium of communication because it has a lot to do with your feelings. This type of dream is personal and will make a lot of sense to you.

In this article, I am going to reveal the reason behind the dreams you have of your ex. There is a message from the universe to you concerning your ex. At other times, it might have a lot to do with your past life. However, whatever it is, this article will reveal everything to you in much detail.

Why do I keep dreaming about my ex: The spiritual meaning

Why do I keep dreaming about my ex

There are 8 different types of dreams you can have about your ex. Each of these dreams has different spiritual meanings, which relate to your life – most especially your love life.

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From my experience with having such dreams, the universe can communicate with you concerning your love life, or concerning other aspects of your life

Let us delve into this in more detail.

1) Dream about your ex calling you

Your ex calling you

This is one of the rarest dreams you will have about your ex-boyfriend/girlfriend. This dream might not have anything to do with your ex. It has a lot to do with the past you are holding on to.

There is something in your past that keeps haunting you. There is a mistake in your past that keeps showing up in your life every time you want to take a major leap that will give you progress. This has been occurring constantly, and it has been bothering you. 

The universe has shown you that dream to send a message concerning letting go of your past. Your past needs to be kept in the past.

No matter how terrible your past mistakes are, it is time to let go of everything and move on with your life.

Your ex is your past and if you realize that you are having dreams of your ex calling you, then it is a sign that you have put yourself in a position whereby your past can easily haunt you and stop you from making progress.

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This needs to stop.

The progress you will achieve is going to come as a result of letting go of everything in your past. Look forward to a new life and approach whatever comes at you with confidence. 

Therefore, before you begin to think of reconciling with your ex, you must realize that the dream you had was not for your relationship.

It is concerning the mistakes of your past and how you have allowed them to hold you down from moving on with your life.

If you want to truly make progress, then you need to stop your past from haunting you. Open up your mind to new possibilities and begin a new life from now. Once you open up your mind to begin afresh, the universe will supply you with strength and support.

2) Dream about your ex-boyfriend wanting you back


This is for females. Whenever you have a dream concerning your ex-boyfriend wanting you back, then this is the universe trying to help your healing process.

Most times, you will have such dreams when you just broke up with your spouse. You will have such dreams within 2-3 months after the breakup.

Whenever this happens, it is because you are not healing up as expected.

You are feeling down and pained because of what happened in your relationship. This pain has led to condemnation and you are feeling bad.

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Furthermore, you might have been verbally abused by your ex-boyfriend before the breakup and this has stuck with you ever since. Well, the universe has come to help you by showing you this dream. 

The universe has come to show you that you were the better person in the relationship and that is why you saw your ex-boyfriend want you back. This is to heal you. This is to take away every form of guilt you have been facing and this is to take away the fear of entering a new relationship.

The universe has shown you that dream to show you that the breakup was not your fault and you have nothing to lose. 

After seeing this dream, you will be full of strength and a positive mindset to open up your heart to love knowing fully well that you are valuable and full of a good heart. This dream is to help you heal up from your past breakup. 

3) Dream about a past love kissing you

Past love

When you have this kind of dream, it is a…

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