Are You Experiencing Migraines Due To Spiritual Energy?

We all know that spiritual energies affect us all the time, but did you know that there could be a spiritual root to symptoms such as migraines?

While there are often other, physical reasons why you might experience a migraine, persistent migraines are often rooted in the spiritual rather than the physical.

So if you’re experiencing persistent migraines without any medical explanation, read on and find out what you can do to eliminate any spiritual reasons for your migraines.

Spiritual Root of Migraines

At the centre of every physical symptom brought on by spiritual causes is an imbalance in the kundalini energy that flows through us.

This may be a blockage, or it may be an overactivation, and it may occur in one or more of your chakra energy centres.

Migraines are no different.

Usually, migraines indicate an overactive third eye chakra, which is the centre of perception and the senses.

If your migraines leave you very sensitive to light and sound and often cause pressure behind the eyes, then the third eye chakra is where you must concentrate your spiritual healing.

Third Eye Chakra Migraines

To heal the third eye chakra when it is overactive, we must take a multi-faceted approach.

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For immediate relief, meditation is the best suggestion. This can prove arduous because achieving a meditative state when suffering from a severe migraine is no simple task.

Persevere, however, and you will find that the relief from pain is forthcoming.

But the real work still needs to be done – with meditation in this instance, and we are merely treating the symptoms.

For long-term relief, you should embark on a journey of spiritual healing for your third eye chakra.

Third Eye Spiritual Healing

There are many tools you can use to aid in third eye chakra healing, healing meditation being just one facet.

Utilising scents, aromas and oils such as frankincense, sandalwood and rosemary can help to bring your third eye chakra into balance.

Healing crystals may also be used, the best ones being amethyst and lapis lazuli.

But the most important thing is to consider your lifestyle. Overactivation of the third eye chakra indicates sensory overload – often a side effect of a life that is too hectic and too stressful.

You may be juggling too many things at once. Have a frank look at the things in your life that could be gotten rid of.

At the end of the day, treating the symptoms of a spiritual migraine may provide immediate relief, but making changes to your lifestyle is often the only way to prevent these symptoms from emerging again.

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The key is to keep your life – like your energies – clean and clear. As you remove negative energies from your aura, you must remove the source of those negative energies from your life.

For long-term relief, that is the best thing you can do.

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