3 Questions You Should Ask Before Agreeing to Do a Reiki Session

Article by Maria Mison

Reiki goes where it is needed, and no matter the situation, us Reiki healers have a tendency to lean towards recommending more Reiki than not. So when do you not do Reiki? When do you refuse to do a Reiki session for someone? Here are some guide questions I can recommend to any practitioner to reflect on to simultaneously improve your business alongside your practice.

1. Are you perpetrating their weakness for your own gain?

Your goal as a healer is to awaken the client to their own healing. You are holding a vibration to help them remember the fundamental truth that their natural state is that of health. If you are encouraging your client to revisit their hurts with the intention of you getting more business – then maybe you can rethink the real end goal of your work.

Your ultimate goal is for them to not need you. Ironically. This might not be the most economically feasible goal, but it is the one that respects the ultimate capacity of each soul. Never disrespect, or twist that for your own benefit.

If a client is using Reiki or you as a crutch, correct them. If they don’t want to own up to intuitive guidance that surfaced during the session, call them out on it! Remind them, that you’re in this for the long haul. You’re in this for the paradigm shift of them awakening into their own power and you will not settle for anything less. Don’t perpetrate a victim mentality for the sake of keeping more clients.

3 Questions you Should Ask Before Agreeing to Do a Reiki Session

Image by Surian Soosay

2. Are you personally strained (tired?)

On a practical level, you might confuse some of your own sicknesses with theirs. Though I very much agree with the sentiment that you could still channel powerful reiki; this perpetrates the horrible healer trope of healers not knowing how to take care of themselves and that they giving from an empty cup.

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This is like burning a house for warmth. It’s simply more practical to deal with your own health first before concerning yourself with healing others. As they say, in-flight safety procedure, put on your own mask before assisting others. (for a further reading that puts a good metaphysical spin on this see: The Only Person We Can Heal is Ourselves)

3. Do you respect their journey and the process? Are you the right fit?

We’ve all had them. You are requested healing from someone you for legitimately don’t like, or have baggage with or have so many muddled and vested intentions for. You can envy them, misjudge them, you can feel emotionally clingy with said person and/or situations. Whatever it is – the energy feels bad.

This has many probable explanations. You may be mirroring the issues they are going through, you may even be the perfect person to refer them to a different healer or even different modality. Whatever it is, respect the journey and the process – even if it means you’re not the right person to be part of it. Don’t be attached to the outcome or the credit and the energy will flow better for everyone, including you.

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