Working with Archangel Gabriel

Article by Rinku Patel

Archangel Gabriel- God is my strength

The name itself shows how powerful Archangel Gabriel’s energies can be. Some resonate with Archangel Gabriel as male energies whereas some resonate as female energies; either way is ok, nothing is wrong or right. So don’t think about gender and continue with what you resonate with.

Archangel Gabriel helps with communication, pregnancy, children, creativity (actors, writers, teachers, artists etc), adoption, giving clear messages and more… Not many people are aware that Archangel Gabriel helps with resolving problems; you just need to pray and ask her help and guidance.


Archangel Gabriel helps to have clear communication which eliminates misunderstandings and confusions. Before talking about anything important, call upon Archangel Gabriel to help you with clear communication so there is no scope for any misunderstandings.

Whether you are giving a public speech, giving a presentation, teaching a class, giving workshops or proposing love, call upon Archangel Gabriel to keep your conversation crystal clear so there is no confusion between you and others.

Pray, “Divine Archangel Gabriel, please help me keep my communication crystal clear with everyone I interact with so that there is no scope of misunderstanding between me and them”.

If you are giving a workshop, presentation or public speech, pray; “Divine Archangel Gabriel, please help me keep with clear communication and confident speech so that people understand me clearly and appreciate my speech/workshop/presentation, this or better. Thank You.”

Working with Archangel Gabriel


Archangel Gabriel helps with any issues related to pregnancy – from fertility, conceiving to childbirth. If you are having problem in conceiving, call upon Archangel Gabriel to help you conceive and guide you to take appropriate steps. You may conceive magically or may get directed towards right doctor or fertility clinics, may be guided to use IVF or follow whatever guidance you get.

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Pray, “Divine Archangel Gabriel, it is my and my husband/wife’s will to conceive a biological healthy child of our own with each other. Please bring this wonderful miracle in our life. Please guide us towards right direction needed, this or better. Thank you.”


It may so happen that it is not in your life path to have a biological child of your own. Archangel Gabriel will guide you to adopt a child. She will help with finding the child that is meant for you and also with all the legal formalities.

Creative Work-

Archangel Gabriel helps anyone who asks helps with any kind of creativity. Actors, teachers, artists, writers, photographers or any creative professional should work with Archangel Gabriel closely. Ask Archangel Gabriel to clear all creative blocks that create obstacles in your career or passion. Archangel Gabriel also helps encourage your creative passion so pray to Archangel Gabriel to help pursuing your passion effortlessly.

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