12 Phrases Narcissists Use to Manipulate Others

12 Phrases Narcissists Use to Manipulate Others

Narcissists are tricky because they seem charming at first and flip a switch when you least expect it. They cause you to question yourself, making you think you’re the issue in your relationship. A manipulator wants to control you and ensure they continue getting what they want out of you.

Narcissists use love bombing, gaslighting, and manipulation to get what they want and keep you around. Sometimes it’s easy to identify the narcissism, but other times it’s more covert, meaning they are quieter about it. There are many common phrases manipulators use to undermine your well-being without having you pick up on it.

There’s no complete list of phrases narcissists will use to manipulate others, but this list is a place to start. Any variation of these phrases is a red flag, so don’t dismiss anything that doesn’t feel right to you. However, before learning these statements, you must understand what a narcissist is.

What is a Narcissist?

Anyone who thinks they are better and more deserving than others might have a narcissistic personality disorder (NPD). This disorder means they engage in grandiose thinking, lack empathy, want to be admired, and have an inflated ego.

These negative behaviors are how they cover personal insecurities and fears, although they’d never admit it. They enjoy manipulating others and love when a plan works out for them.

Narcissists use language differently than other people. Rather than using it to communicate, they use words to manipulate and get what they want or need. They’ll say what they can to keep you around, despite the detriment to your well-being.

These people have a high sense of entitlement and do whatever they can to bring others down. They terrorize you psychologically, and it worsens the longer it goes on. A narcissist often sounds normal and uses words to send mixed messages with a negative subtext.

These people are often arrogant and thoughtless. They only think of themselves, so their actions are generally selfish. A manipulator will only do kind things for others when they can get something out of it or use it against them later.

12 Phrases Narcissists Use to Manipulate Others

You might not realize these phrases are manipulative at first but question them later. This situation happens to you because a narcissist is good at saying something without coming right out and insulting you.

Other times they’ll be more direct, but they often try to make their harmful comment seem helpful. Anytime someone says something that undermines your success or makes you question yourself, it’s manipulative.

1. I’m the only person who likes you, and everyone else is just pretending.

A narcissist says this for a few reasons. First, they want you to feel bad about yourself. It will make you feel worthless and like they are better than you are.

They also want you to feel like they’re doing you a favor by spending time with you. If they’re the only one that likes you, they’ll expect gratitude.

That’s not all, though, because they also want to isolate you from others. If you think people don’t like you and say bad things about you, you won’t want to be around them. This method is one of the many ways a manipulator will get you to themselves.

2. No one will believe you if you tell them.

A manipulator will say this phrase for a few reasons, too. They might have isolated you …

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