How to Rewire Your Brain for Success Using the Law of Attraction?

It becomes hard to believe whenever someone says about manifestation and emphasizes how the Universe can help you achieve your success. We don’t know why some people simply negate this fact and do not agree that the Universe has something to do with their success. But deep inside, we want to succeed, achieve our goals and reach the peak of success.

We repeat affirmations strongly, but a tiny voice in our head doubts them, ‘Is it really going to help me succeed?’ ‘Is it magical to make your desires come true with the daydreaming thing I do daily?’ and much more. We laugh at ourselves at some point of reciting the affirmations. It is easy to be cynical than to completely believe in the Universe. But the truth is, positive affirmations are truly a miracle in our lives.

You cannot mimic a positive person; you need to incorporate it into your routine and become a lifelong, healthy habit. When you embed positivity in your life and convert it into a lifestyle habit, you live the best part of your life. It doesn’t infer that you will become an altogether positive person with no negative thoughts at all. Of course, you cannot turn into a robot in a day.

Meaning of Positive Affirmations

Affirmation itself means favourable or positive. But positive affirmations are strong, influencing messages you send to the Universe by simply reciting your mind and transforming the thought process in your subconscious mind. These positive statements are to be repeated again and again till you actually feel the meaning and vibration inside them. As they are recited in the present tense, you become the person you want to be in the affirmation. The goal or desire you want to manifest through the affirmations becomes true and is already accomplished in your mind.

Two things will happen in the beginning when you repeat positive affirmations for your desires. First, you will feel that you are lying to yourself because you think that this is not real and we are always advised not to lie to anyone (including ourselves). The second thing you will think is that you will doubt these statements as they are meant to reprogram your mind and brain. You will not believe in your words initially, and this hampers the programming aspect a lot.

Example of Positive Affirmations

“Success attracts me and comes to me easily.”

It is hard to believe in this affirmation if you are amidst the path of roadblocks and are entangled in your problems. When you repeat positive affirmations (no matter how much faith you put in), you might feel that you are lying to yourself. This is because half of the statement is untrue, and you know that you are in the middle of problems, and success seems to be far from you.

But if you strengthen your belief system, you can wire your brain towards success. Since childhood, our mind is conditioned into believing certain things. For example, your parents must have said that they have been unsuccessful despite the efforts they put in. Or they have always been into a puddle of problems whenever they have tried to get out of their comfort zone. Unfortunately, the beliefs become your mind’s foundation, and you feel that you are exactly like your parents or the people around us.

But what happened with your parents or even your childhood does not dictate your identity and present and future. Your experiences will be different from those of your parents. And if you alter your belief system and have faith in the Universe for being the torch-bearer, you can attract the things you want in your life. It is unfortunate that we believe in negative beliefs easily as compared to positive thoughts. But you have to go through this rough phase and instill faith in positivity.

You should take care that you do not repeat affirmations of the negative experiences in your life. Instead, you should reshape your thoughts and repeat positive affirmations that can do a lot in your life.

It is natural for negative feelings such as fears, anxious thoughts and self-doubt to enter our subconscious mind and stay rooted there. But you start attracting all the related things; it means more fear, more self-doubts, and more anxiety about everything around you. There is no single person who never goes through negativity. The thoughts turn into beliefs without your knowledge, and the Law of Attraction even works at such times.

Working of Positive Affirmations

Your subconscious mind cannot differentiate between negative and positive affirmations. It automatically believes in what you are reciting to your mind, whether it is true or not. Hence, why feed your subconscious with negativity if you can have positive thoughts? Your mind works through repetition and consistency, and that’s how you can harness and make it work for your own.

When you repeat positive affirmations on a consistent basis, you reprogram your subconscious mind, and the vibration you emit towards the Universe changes. When you build faith in yourself, the opportunities you create align with the vibration you emit to the Universe.

You should know that the power of belief is mighty. When you believe in something that will work for you, 90 percent of the work is done by your mind. You will have to fake it till you make it for the things to happen initially. Hence, even if it seems to be challenging, we suggest you accept the challenge and start feeding your subconscious mind with positive affirmations.

Understand that your mind is like a 7-year-old child that learns only through consistent repetitions, and you will get what we are saying. You can overwrite what your parents and other people have wired in your minds, learn and believe in new positive things and make it a lifestyle.

According to Bruce Lipton, a placebo is responsible for up to 66 percent of the medical healing processes in a human being. Just imagine how a simple alteration in thoughts can do to your dreams. If you are sick and you are told that you will be better with a labelled glass of water or milk, you will actually feel better. Yes, it has happened to many people unknowingly, and they have thanked the Law of Attraction experts for that.

Tips to rewire your brain for success with the power of positive affirmations

1. Get rid of negative thoughts

You cannot just stop thinking negatively; those lousy thoughts pop out of nowhere. But you can tackle them effectively with positive affirmations. You don’t have to feel bad or blame yourself if a negative thought crops up. It is a natural process, and you have to accept it. Also, you don’t have to be scared that you are sending wrong signals to the Universe.

Being aware is the key to dealing with negative thoughts. When you know that a feeling or emotion is negative, take time to acknowledge it and replace it with a positive affirmation. In this way, you are counter-acting negativity with affirmation.

For example, you might have a negative thought, “I am not sure I will succeed.”

You can replace it with a powerful affirmation, “I will try, and I will succeed for sure.”

Your job is to check for negative thoughts and stop converting them into self-limiting beliefs. You should not let them hinder the manifestation process or build a house in your subconscious mind. You need to check them and replace them in a brilliant way.

Compare your mind with a cute puppy. When born, he doesn’t know how to behave and impress his owner. He might trouble his owner with all his tantrums and mischiefs, but later, he learns what makes his owner happy and obeys him gradually. Your subconscious is exactly like that. It needs a little bit of training, and it will learn to face good and bad days without the negativity. You do not have to numb your feelings but reinforce positive thoughts when a negative one pops up.

2. Practice like it is real using a mirror

If you tell yourself that you will emit emotions and vibrations the next time you repeat affirmations and do it anyway now, it will not create any impact. You need to practice it like it is real; this is all we will say now.

You can repeat the affirmations out loud when you wake up or before you go to sleep or in front of a mirror when you dress up. There is a chance of feeling uncomfortable, but you will notice the confidence that you build in yourself as you do it. When you say it loudly to the mirror, you feel it is true and feel good for yourself at that moment. This is vital in the manifestation process – feeling good, joyful, and happy now at this moment. You will notice the immediate spark and the excitement when you say it to yourself in front of the mirror.

3. Repeat affirmations when you exercise

Another way is to repeat affirmations when you exercise or perform any kind of aerobic activity. When you exercise, you release endorphins. Your hormones are already telling your mind that you are in your best state. This is the perfect time to reassure yourself that you are an amazing person and remind you of your desires and that you will achieve them. As you block all the destructive thoughts out of your mind and welcome positivity, the manifestation process becomes simpler.

As you oxygenate your muscles and tone up your body, you shape your mind, particularly the subconscious, and embed positivity in every body cell. You can even practice fitness or health-related affirmations while doing so. Several sportspersons utilize this technique and benefit from it.

4. Repeat affirmations while you meditate

When you meditate, you are focused, and the negative thoughts seem to be out of your sight and mind. We know that it takes time to reach the meditative state, but you can do it. When you add positive affirmations to the meditation routine, it becomes intense, and you can connect with the Universe easily and at a higher level.

The blend of spirituality with the manifestation process is indeed unique. You can practice meditation first and then add affirmations to it. Seek the help of guided meditation and soundtracks to get into the process. It could be daunting for many of us as we are not used to sitting still with our thoughts. But with practice, you will be successful.

5. Be regular with your affirmations

As we said, repetition needs to be accompanied by consistency. You cannot repeat one affirmation once a day and expect the Universe to work for you. It is not magic; the law of attraction is not a magic trick you play at a show. They are proven tools to reprogram your subconscious mind and need to be done consistently and diligently.

You need to assign a fixed time slot for practicing affirmations. It depends on whether you want to combine them with meditation or exercise routines, but they should be done. You can even do it at any point of the day, but keep a fixed time schedule for it. Moreover, skipping two days in a row is not a good habit.

In short, you need to draft positive affirmations for yourself and need to add them to your routine to see the impact on your manifestation results. We are sure if you are consistent and adhere to the following tips, you can manifest your dreams.

For your easy reference, you can find positive affirmations for different segments in your life as below:

Positive affirmations for financial abundance

  • Money attracts me effortlessly, and I love the revenue-generation process.
  • I attract abundance, and my actions are directed towards financial stability and abundance.
  • I am drawn to prosperity and abundance, and the Universe helps me always.

Positive affirmations for all types of success

  • Success is my exclusive right, and I attract it all the time.
  • I face challenges effortlessly as the Universe sends me signals all the time.
  • I am drawn to innumerable opportunities, and destiny favours me.

Positive affirmations for health and well-being

  • I thank the Universe for keeping my family members and me healthy and strong.
  • Good health is in my favour, and every body cell and muscle is nourished.
  • I heal quickly, and the Universe strengthens and vitalizes me every day.

Positive affirmations for love and relationships

  • My relationship with my partner/soulmate is strong, powerful, and healthy.
  • I attract loving and caring people in life.
  • I am grateful to the Universe for the unconditional love and care of my beloved ones.

Positive affirmations for happiness and peace

  • I am happy, peaceful, content, and blessed by the Universe.
  • I become more assertive with every problem that I face.
  • I am grateful for every blessing and all the things in this world.

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