101 Affirmations for Love to Attract Love in Your Life!

101 Affirmations for Love

Love doesn’t always mean a loving partner or a boyfriend or a girlfriend. It could also mean a friendship, a meaningful relationship, or some healing required for your existing relationship. To manifest such desires and attract more love and care into your life, powerful affirmations are the best.

We have a few affirmations that are also powerful mantras to bring the most lovable energy and intense feelings out of your life. You can go through this list given below and find out the best ones for yourself.

101 Love Affirmations to Attract Love in Your Life!

  1. I am worthy of true love and care.
  2. I am grateful for a healthy and loving relationship.
  3. My partner and I share a harmonious relationship.
  4. I let someone special love me immensely.
  5. I am grateful for a caring and honest partner.
  6. My life partner values and respects me.
  7. My life partner loves me unconditionally, and I do the same.
  8. The Universe blesses me with love and cares each day.
  9. I am open to abundant love and care.
  10. I deserve unconditional love.
  11. I am worthy of a caring friendship.
  12. My friends care for me all the time and value me.
  13. I am open for my true love to enter my life.
  14. Everybody around me cares for me and loves me.
  15. I am open to abundance daily.
  16. I am loved in abundance and unconditionally.
  17. My soulmate is about to enter my life.
  18. My soulmate is about to walk into my life any moment.
  19. I am ready for true love.
  20. I am ready for a caring friendship.
  21. My love life is incredible and interesting.
  22. My love life is like a romantic novel story.
  23. I love my life partner and he loves me too.
  24. Whatever I attract these days is love.
  25. I attract love into my life effortlessly.
  26. Everyone has good intention while meeting me.
  27. Everyone cares for me and respects my priorities.
  28. My friends value my time and energy.
  29. My friends are always there for me.
  30. My frequency has been raised to attract lots of love.
  31. I align with the Universal energies for love and affection.
  32. My friends are affectionate towards me.
  33. My life partner shows affection towards me all the time.
  34. My friends support me emotionally and financially whenever I need them.
  35. My friends are in need, and they respect my values.
  36. My life partner is there by my side for emotional support.
  37. I feel safe and valued in my partner’s arms.
  38. My friends provide me with endless support.
  39. People talk about me positively.
  40. My friends always talk good about me behind my back.
  41. My friends show a lot of concern towards me.
  42. My relatives are concerned about my health.
  43. My life partner takes care of my emotional and physical well-being.
  44. My partner believes in my abilities.
  45. My friends are confident in my talents and skills.
  46. My life partner encourages me in all my career goals.
  47. I am always encouraged by my friends to pursue my ambitions.
  48. Whatever I do, my partner believes and supports me.
  49. People respect me all the time.
  50. I love myself unconditionally.
  51. I share a nice bonding with my mind and body.
  52. I like to take care of my physique and mental health.
  53. I love myself first.
  54. I care and value my values.
  55. People practice a lot of kindness towards me.
  56. It is effortless for me to manifest love and friendships.
  57. I find visualizing love easy.
  58. I have an amazing relationship.
  59. I practice self-love.
  60. I believe self-care is the best thing to do for oneself.
  61. I attract those who care for me genuinely.
  62. My marriage is becoming stronger each day.
  63. My partner views our relationship in the long run.
  64. I accept the blessings of care and love.
  65. There is a continuous flow of love into my life.
  66. My friendships and relationship are positive and healthy.
  67. I am worthy of attracting love each day.
  68. My life witnesses romance easily.
  69. I receive and give love.
  70. My partner accepts me for who and the way I am.
  71. My heart is open for love and respect.
  72. I receive whatever I put into my relationships.
  73. Wherever I go, love and affection follow me.
  74. I feel safe in my relationships.
  75. My soulmate and I grow spiritually together.
  76. Our relationship is based on trust and honesty.
  77. My partner and I are a power couple.
  78. My partner and I are couple goals.
  79. I am grateful to the Universe for the best life partner.
  80. I feel comfortable with my partner.
  81. I am confident and sure that I will always be loved.
  82. My marriage is healthy and positive.
  83. I am happy in my marriage.
  84. I am happy with my friends whenever we hang out.
  85. My partner is my best friend forever.
  86. I surround myself with happy people who uplift me emotionally.
  87. I am a love magnet.
  88. My partner finds me attractive and loving.
  89. My partner feels comfortable and happy in our relationship.
  90. My friends have a great time with me.
  91. I have a fulfilling relationship.
  92. When I am with friends, we have a blast.
  93. My friends help me in need, and I help them too.
  94. I enjoy a lot of time with my friends.
  95. My relatives share a healthy bonding with me.
  96. My relatives care for my health and career.
  97. We spend a lot of time with my relatives.
  98. My relatives respect my priorities and choices.
  99. My life partner respects my choices and supports them.
  100. I extend long-term support to my soulmate.
  101. My soulmate and I have a satisfying relationship.

You can utilize these affirmations to attract love in several ways, such as noting them down, repeating whenever you are free, and during visualization. You can place a few in the manifestation box or use them in subliminal audio tracks. The more you use these affirmations strongly, the more aligned you are with the Universe.

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