List of 50 Best Affirmations You Need to Refer to Beat Stress and Anxiety

50 Positive Affirmations to Beat Stress and Anxiety

Here are 50 best positive affirmations to beat stress and anxiety. You will surely find it useful. So please read on –

Have you ever experienced that a stressful or anxious thought spoiled your entire day and ruined your important meeting or work? Yes, we all go through stressful times, and a simple thought can lead to thousands of more unnecessary thoughts, leading to mental issues like anxiety and mood swings. No matter how hard you control your mind, it doesn’t seem to be under control, and you lose it and spoil others’ day too. Stress management is a skill that can be achieved through several effective techniques.

So, when you suffer from an anxiety attack or feel stressed at times, just keep a self-care kit ready. It could be a motivational book, watching a positive-vibe movie or calling a friend, or talking to a family member. You will notice that you will suddenly feel a sense of calmness and peace in your mind, and the negative thoughts are not bothering you anymore. One of the techniques to relieve yourself from stress and anxiety is – ‘Affirmations’.

Yes, it is related to the Law of Attraction. You can find several powerful affirmations to boost your mental strength and bounce back to a world of optimism.

You can repeat affirmations when you are stressed, or you can repeat them as a daily ritual to keep the stress away from you.

Importance of Affirmations in relieving stress and anxiety

1. Affirmations are confidence boosters

Affirmations are powerful statements that back up our self-talk and make it stronger and more effective and keep us away from negative feelings such as low self-esteem and low confidence levels. They are generally used to accompany your courage and mind to attract something from the Universe. It could be a job, a dream house, a relationship, or something that is meaningful to you. In short, it is a confidence booster that convinces your mind and rewires your subconscious mind to understand that you have gained the desire you wanted.

2. Affirmations help in expressing gratitude

When you are stressed out or anxious, you are agitated and frustrated with the entire world or a specific person. You do not feel grateful; gratitude seems to be out of the question. But you have negative feelings towards others and yourself as well. You don’t trust the future; you don’t trust yourself. But when you repeat affirmations, you express gratitude, and that’s where the core magic happens. You feel grateful towards the Universe despite the stress you have or the anxiety you have about your future. These feelings of gratitude are damn essential to manifest as per the Law of Attraction.

3. Affirmations make things happen

Yes, affirmations rewire your subconscious mind, and you believe that the desire is manifesting and the ‘impossible’ thing has happened. The stress and the worries attached to the desire, the doubtful feelings whether a desire will be manifested or not – all these erase away as you tell your mind that the manifestation is on the way. Moreover, your self-talk improves, and let us tell you that self-talk is more powerful than any other motivational talk found on YouTube.

Following is a list of 50 powerful affirmations that you need to repeat to relieve stress and anxiety.

positive affirmations to beat stress and anxiety

  1. I am peaceful, calm, and composed, and I like being that.
  2. I am a confident person, and I deal with life with full self-esteem.
  3. There is complete harmony in all areas of my life.
  4. I feel my every breath which is easy and comfortable.
  5. I fill my soul with ease, relaxed feelings, and a lot of comfort.
  6. Courage is the greatest quality of my personality.
  7. I am a fierce person, and I don’t get down easily.
  8. My mind is free from all kinds of thoughts, and I can concentrate much better.
  9. I choose to be calm and peaceful in any situation.
  10. I can deal with any life situation with confidence.
  11. I make decisions in a conscious and informed manner, and I am confident about them.
  12. This is just a phase, and yes, it will pass. I rise and shine every day.
  13. I am grateful to the Universe for blessing me with confidence and comfort while making decisions.
  14. I am a strong and confident person.
  15. All things work in my favour, and the Universe has my back all the time.
  16. I let peace become my reality, and it happens.
  17. My mind is the decision-maker of all thoughts and emotions, and I have full control over it.
  18. I allow only peaceful thoughts in my mind.
  19. I practice kindness and compassion with myself and others.
  20. I am open to optimistic thoughts, and so, good things happen to me.
  21. I deal with a situation easily with a strong mindset.
  22. I make the best choices and decisions that will help me in the future.
  23. I am proud of the wise choices I make.
  24. My body, mind, and my soul work together peacefully.
  25. I love me, and yes, I take care of myself.
  26. I am blessed with courage and wisdom by the Universe.
  27. I overcome any situation bravely and confidently.
  28. I like to be serene, and I am blessed with it.
  29. I welcome every day with confidence and strength.
  30. I have a free and calm mind.
  31. I have a relaxed and peaceful heart.
  32. I give my best in every situation.
  33. I am concerned with the present moment, and I live it happily.
  34. I grow and become stronger with every passing moment and situation.
  35. My body cells and muscles feel strength and courage.
  36. I give maximum value to myself over other things in life.
  37. I respect my body and give it enough time to relax.
  38. I see good in every situation and derive the best out of it.
  39. I feel positive vibes in the place where I meditate.
  40. I take charge of my breathing patterns.
  41. I trust my intuition, and it guides me correctly every time.
  42. I am calm and move on with life.
  43. I can pass through this situation.
  44. I go on and move on, and the Universe is with me.
  45. I have strong thoughts that make me a better person.
  46. I have complete trust in myself.
  47. I control my thoughts and bring positive ones into my mind.
  48. The Universe blesses me with its shield.
  49. The Universe provides me with its divine light.
  50. I can breathe peacefully, and I live every breath.

You can create more affirmations like the above. Make it a ritual to relieve stress and avoid it in your mind.

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