How to Make ‘Him’ Want You Through Text Messages?

Texts To Make Him Want You Badly

Are you in a relationship, but feeling that your guy is avoiding you and has lost interest in you? You can still ignite that charm in your relation with text messages. Here is a wonderful list of texts to make him want you!

Do you think that when you message a guy, they flinch and turn away? Or you simply don’t know why guys stop communicating with you when you are a little done with the chats and conversations. There is a reason to be heartbroken, but you don’t have to do it for long. You might be feeling that your friend has got everything, and her boyfriend listens to her all the time. If you want to learn and apply the secrets of making men want you badly, then continue reading this post.

There are certain reasons why boys and men go aloof when they start talking to you. Of course, you are not the primary reason, but you commit certain mistakes that you need to identify and avoid. If you are unable to recognize the mistakes you make, the following are the same.

1. You make everything for him easy and are always available

You make things hard for yourself and easy for him. He doesn’t even have to make a little effort to meet you or get in touch with you. You are always available on the other side, waiting and replying to his messages. You plan out what you want to say and initiate each conversation with him. You are willing to adjust your schedules and postpone your me-time or family-time to make yourself available for him. You are like a punching bag, and that’s why the guys take you for granted and never care for you.

2. You try to manipulate them

If you make an effort or search for online tips to influence and manipulate your man, you are not doing it the right way. Men do not like when you run after them, chase them, and try to manipulate their opinions. If you play some games to make him jealous, you will never attract a single man. Please note that men can smell the manipulative feelings in your mind, and they know when you are trying to play a planned mind game with them.

Men like to feel special and not offer themselves as an option to you. So, don’t let them be your agenda as an item to be ticked off.

3. You text them initially each time

Let us get back to this post, and there is the third mistake you make. Men like their space and do not like when they are always nudged to reply to your messages. You should not sound needy and desperate to send them messages at the first instance each time. Let them take the initiative, let them miss you, and feel like talking to you. If you are always going to be the one texting them, they will take you for granted.

You can keep your specific guy interested in you with the following concrete ways:

  1. Do not sound needy and clingy in the relationship you have right now.
  2. Do not be desperate to message him or meet him.
  3. Uplift your spirits.
  4. Make him feel that he is unique and special.
  5. Don’t be serious all the time, ask something funny.
  6. Do not prove your worth, he will figure it out by your actions.
  7. Spend time with your friends and family.
  8. Know his interests and remind him that you know about the same.
  9. Give him sufficient space and enjoy yours too.

51 Irresistible Texts To Make Him Want You Badly!

Following are the flirty, sweet, and witty messages that will make him feel special and want you badly.

  1. Missing you dear…
  2. So anyway, when are you buying me a drink?
  3. Just went shopping today…bought sexy lingerie…
  4. This simply reminded me of you and your experience.
  5. You would love me wearing your jacket right now.
  6. When can I meet you next?
  7. You are sweet.
  8. I am so happy for you.
  9. I am so proud of you.
  10. Since you are good at archery, can you teach me someday?
  11. I badly need to get out of the house. I am so bored. Are you in?
  12. Are you wearing the cute jacket right now? Can you lend me once?
  13. I had a tiring day. Need an innocent cuddle right now.
  14. Care to be my shopping buddy?
  15. I need a personal meeting with your lips. Let’s meet ASAP.
  16. FYI, I love your body.
  17. You are cute.
  18. You look yummy in that Insta pic.
  19. I adore you.
  20. Hey handsome.
  21. Hey cute boy.
  22. You are so helpful.
  23. Thanks for always having my back.
  24. You make me happy every single day.
  25. Hey Prince.
  26. You said I look cute in that Insta pic. Let us go for a drink.
  27. I feel safe with you, and I want to feel more of it.
  28. You are special. I have never met someone like you.
  29. You are my favourite guy.
  30. You look like a real man in that attire.
  31. You are funny, I can’t stop laughing when you narrate a story about your college days.
  32. I keep you in my mind all the time.
  33. Hey, I noticed something fishy in your area. Are you alright?
  34. Every aspect of you is incredible.
  35. You are amazing, and you make me feel amazing.
  36. I want to feel safe in your arms someday.
  37. I felt feminine that day when you sat close to me.
  38. How’s work going?
  39. What are your thoughts on……?
  40. You have broad shoulders, and I feel safe in them.
  41. I woke up this morning thinking all about you.
  42. I liked sharing an ice cream with you that day. Maybe, we should share a bed one day.
  43. Do you believe in supernatural powers?
  44. How was your parents’ anniversary?
  45. I am in urgent need of a drinking buddy. Want to be one tonight?
  46. Our lips need a meet-up. Let them not be disappointed.
  47. Sooo, I was missing you last night.
  48. What are you wearing to work today?
  49. I had a funny dream last night. Want to get amused?
  50. I feel butterflies as I think about you.
  51. Hope you are having fun this weekend.

With the above messages, you can easily make him feel desired for you, and you will appear as an attractive and sweet person to him. So, get your mobile and type any of the messages that suit your current situation with him.

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