What Is An SP In Manifestation? (3 Things To Know)

What is An SP In Manifestation

SP means “specific person” in manifestation. This could be your ex, someone you have a crush on, an estranged family member or friend, or even a celebrity. There are no rules to who they can be. Let’s chat a bit more about manifesting an SP, what it means, and a few things you need to know if you’re curious about trying it out!

Is it possible to manifest an SP?

Yes, it is possible – even easy- to manifest a specific person.

There are many ways to do this, in fact.

You can try manifestation rituals, like visualization or writing out your perfect scenario with this person.

You can also do something called an “energy pull.” This is where you imagine yourself pulling their energy towards you.

Another way to increase the chances of manifesting an SP is to try the scripting technique, where you write a letter to the universe as if you’ve already manifested your specific person!

One neat little trick that I found that is even more powerful with this type of manifestation is the “reverse scripting method.”

It’s where you write the letter as if you are them and you’re trying to get you back…

How do you know manifesting a specific person is working?

There are several ways you know manifesting your specific person is working.

Some of the most popular are:

-You start seeing them in your dreams

-They randomly pop into your head out of nowhere

-You see their name or image constantly (in books, on TV, signs, etc.)

-You feel a sudden urge to reach out to them or talk to them

Angel numbers, feathers, or other sacred symbols

If any of these things happen to you after you start manifesting your specific person, it’s a good sign that it’s working!

Can manifesting an SP or specific person backfire?

Yes, manifesting a specific person can backfire, especially if you go about it will ill intentions.

For the most part, if your intentions are pure and you genuinely want something innocent for  good reason, then you have nothing to worry about.

But if you’re manifesting your person out of jealousy, rage, or even ego, then this could backfire in some interesting ways.

I was working with one client who was trying to manifest her ex back.

She was doing it out of a place of anger and resentment and because she wanted to “show him what he was missing.”

And she wanted to remove a 3rd party.

I told her it would be best to focus on herself, but she went the darker route and wound up with a stalker on her hands!

Long story short- he came back, but not in the way she wanted.

So the moral of the story is – be careful what you wish for!

How long does it take to manifest an SP?

You can manifest a text from your specific person in a few hours, a phone call in a day or two, and an in-person meeting within a week.

Of course, this all varies based on your level of focus, energy, and intention.

The more you put into it, the faster you’ll see results!

Now, your mileage may vary because there’s a LOT that goes into your personal level of success with manifestation.

I can tell you from years of experience working with different people that the #1 thing that will determine your success is whether or not you have a strong connection to the universe

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