How to Manifest a Desire in 7 Days : Law of Attraction Guide

7 Days Law of Attraction Guide for Better Manifestation

Can you manifest your desired in 7 days with Law of Attraction Guide?

It sounds like a trick in which you get what you want in only seven days. Some bloggers and Law of Attraction experts might even promise you results in three or five days, but we have given you a proper 7-day schedule to manifest your goals. If you think you need to have a perfect, healthy mindset and be free from all the limiting beliefs stopping you from goal achievement, then it is wrong. You need to have faith in the Universe and do what the Law of Attraction principles tell you. The result is all yours!

There is no excuse to say that the manifestation will take ages to work. It can happen in less than seven days, too if you are doing it all right. In this article, we will elaborate you with an ultimate guideline of 7 days to manifest what you want. Yes, it won’t take your patience away, as it takes only seven to manifest now. You can set a small intention for anything you want – a life partner, abundance, success, job promotion, health, and money. If you are reading this article, let us get ready to walk through the path with 7 days guaranteed Law of Attraction guide.

7 Days Law of Attraction Guide to Manifestation of your Desires

Day 1: Set an intention for manifestation

Manifestation is crucial, but how does the Universe know what you want to manifest? This is possible when you have a clear intention set in your mind. It is not enough to have an intent in mind all the time. It is also essential to write it down somewhere where the Universe can take note of it. It could be your journal or a piece of paper that you can tag along in your wallet or keep under your pillow.

Start with a small goal; it doesn’t need to be huge at the start. Maybe you want to manifest talking to your crush and being their friend or a certain amount of money. When you start small, your manifestation abilities will elevate as you start experiencing the positive things from the Universe. It will ultimately increase faith in the Universe, which is a basic requirement for the Law of Attraction to work. You need to make space for the new thing in your life. A life partner won’t just pop out of the ground; you need to make time and space for them.

So, for starters, choose something that is small and simple and entices you to go for it.

Day 2: Visualize the ideal case scenarios

When you listen or smell, you are not sure. But when you see it, you believe in it. This is how the Law of Attraction works. One of the effective tools of the Law of Attraction is visualization. You can relax for a while and visualize, or you can even meditate. As you meditate daily, you can focus on your breathing and imagine a situation where you have manifested your desires. You don’t have to think about the process of how the Universe will manifest your goal, but just think about the outcome and your associated feelings.

Apart from meditation, you can visualize in different ways but ensure that you have happy feelings and you think about the outcome only. Some can do it easily, while others face challenges. Yes, we know closing your eyes and watching the hardest things to happen could be daunting. The negative thoughts and silliness of the moment will haunt you, but you have to overcome the same.

Day 3: Repeat affirmations

As you visualize, you also need to affirm your mind and make it stronger and firmer. This is possible with the help of powerful positive affirmations. You can find a thousand affirmations on the internet, but only a few will work for you and your desires. So, craft a mantra that works only for you and your goals. Use it in the present tense, add a lot of emotion in it (happiness, of course) and make it a ritual to repeat it daily. You can write down affirmations in a journal and write them repeatedly. Some techniques, such as 3*33 and 5*55 work, but we won’t be discussing them here.

You can paste sticky notes of these affirmations on your fridge door or your vision board. Then, every time you pass by it, you will affirm yourself strongly with the positive statements. You can say them aloud or repeat them in your mind; it is all up to you. You can make generic affirmations, too, such as, “I am powerful and healthy,” “I manifest easily.”

You can even take the help of subliminal affirmations if you want to put extra effort and emotion into it. However, ensure that you have the trusted ones and not any random person posting on the internet. Subliminal is powerful and effective, and several people around the world have experienced the amazing effects of the same.

Day 4: Action

You imagine it, you believe it has already happened, and you have affirmations ready. Now, what next? Take action. Action is the essence of the Law of Attraction, as you cannot expect the Universe to move things for you. Action doesn’t mean you have to do all the hard work or fight against the law of gravity. Action is being aligned with the Law of Attraction.

When you take action, you move towards the goal, feel good about yourself, and elevate your vibrations towards the goal accomplishment. So, just get on the track and let the Universe know that you are all set!

This is the day when you take actual action. It could be sending a job application or calling your crush, or applying for a project.

Day 5: Help people

If the Universe is helping you out with your desires, you also need to do something for the Universe. No, you don’t have to travel to another planet but help people around you. It could be your neighbour or an old lady living across the street. Maybe you have the opportunity to visit an orphanage and spend a whole day with the kids.

Volunteer at a local NGO and spend a day there. You will feel better when others feel good, and your vibrations increase naturally. It doesn’t mean you should keep a count of your good karma on this day, but you should do something without expecting the outcomes. Just do something nice for someone.

Day 6: Develop a positive mindset

It is likely that when you visualize and repeat affirmations, you feel that you should be manifesting or witnessing the signs of manifestation. But you are not lucky enough on the sixth day. Hence, make a special effort to stop yourself from falling into the ‘it does not happen with me’ zone and be positive about your goals and efforts. Don’t let negative self-talk affect your previous efforts and the smarter work you will be putting in. If you don’t know about the future and are worried about it, get excited about the manifestation process.

As you make an effort to energize your day, keep yourself positive, you emit higher-level vibrations and let the Universe know you are still hanging on to it happily.

Day 7: Let the Universe communicate with you

This is the time when you will start some interaction with the Universe. Since the Universe does not have a direct channel of communication to send you messages, it does it by sending you signs and signals. You feel more intuitive and can easily notice the signs and interpret them in your manifestation process. You might feel that blessing the Universe has sent you along the way.

For example, if you are manifesting your crush, and they send you a message about the next meeting, you can surely feel it is a sign from the Universe. Or you can notice butterflies or certain numbers repeating. Since signs and synchronicities appear in different ways, you need to be alert and intuitive to notice them.

Just be simple and follow the process given above in the Law of Attraction Guide. As you will follow this process from step 1 diligently, you can experience the signs of manifestation. It is true that it will take only 7 days, but if you miss out on any of the steps, the process will take a longer time.

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