Manifesting With The Moon : Manifest Your Goals and Desires with the Moon!

Manifesting with the Moon

Is it possible to practice manifesting with the Moon?

How do you utilize the moon’s powers? Well, you will immediately say that you are not a witch or a wizard or an astrologer, and the moon is just a big star-cum-satellite for you and nothing else. It is an immediate reaction, but we would like to tell you the good news that manifestation with the moon is possible for everyone who can see and observe the moon in the sky.

Since the moon is closer to Earth than any other planet, it has special importance compared to the others. The Moon has an impact on the sea tides, animals, plant growth, and other happenings, and yes, it can also have an impact on our desires.

Moon : The Energy

Let us view the moon as a form of energy. Moon energy is feminine, and that’s why it is soft and gentle on us. It also heals, and that’s why it has a favorable impact on our physical and mental health. It also deals with creative powers, and gives birth to new ideas and concepts. Hence, due to the creative abilities of the moon, it has manifestation capabilities and helps you achieve your desires.

However, moon energy is not the same on all days. The eight phases of the moon signify the energy, and it has a huge impact on the manifestation abilities of a person. You can use a moon tracker if you find it difficult to study each phase. According to the moon tracker, you can adhere to the energy level and practice your manifestation routine.

Phases of Moon

1. The New Moon Phase

This is the first phase when the moon is not visible. Since it is positioned directly between the Planet Earth and the sun, one cannot notice any light and moon’s visibility. It is the planting phase where you can express your intention to the Universe.

So, grab a place that is comfortable and calming to you. Relax, light a scented candle or an incense stick and script your desires or convey your intention to the Universe directly. Meditate, breathe deeply and get together your mind towards the desires you want to accomplish. You can even use a manifestation planner and be a little sophisticated. But you can also stay simple and focus on the intention in this stage.

2. Waxing Crescent Moon

Now, the moon starts illuminating and becoming a little brighter and visible to us. Similarly, your manifestation process should intensify during this phase. So, create your vision board, get your affirmations on track (the really specific ones), and visualize your desires.

You do not need to extremely push yourself hard; just amplify your effort a little bit to be aligned with the moon.

3. First Quarter Moon

In this phase, you can see the half-moon, and it is a good time to make some concrete decisions about the desires you intended. If you are more into planning, then draft yourself a proper plan. You might have a few blocks on the road, so think of creative ways to get rid of it. The Universe will have your back, don’t worry about it. But it doesn’t mean you should not take the initiative to refine your actions.

If you need some changes in your manifestation or even want to alter your desire a bit, then this is the time. You can work on these in the planner or the scripting journal.

4. Waxing Gibbous Moon

In this phase, the illumination is increasing steadily; it is a call to intensify your manifestation routine. You have already set your intention, and in the earlier phase, you tweaked it a bit due to the necessary factors. In this phase, you need to buck up your new manifestation routine as per the revised desires. Moreover, you can take inspired action during this phase. If you want to pitch your business idea, go on a date, or call a certain person, this is the phase.

5. Full Moon

We have reached the full moon from the new moon phase. There is complete illumination of the Moon and full visibility. Hence, it is a vital phase to bring light to your thoughts and desires and get rid of all the negative patterns that have been blocking you for a long. You should not give up on your desires instead, you should give up the controlling feelings you have over your desires and intentions. You cannot control all; it is in the hands of the Universe, so don’t be the controller.

You do not have to get busy visualizing now. Just build trust and faith in the Universe and observe the magic happening around you. Do you know about the burning ritual of all the negative thoughts? Well, this is the time when you can do it. Place a bowl and put all the desires written on your paper in it. Burn it and as you see the smoke, visualize the desires flying into the Universe and imagine them getting materialized or manifested.

You can even clear the spaces where you live and work and let the fresh air enter inside. You should notice that this is the actual manifestation stage; your desire is already taking its shape.

6. Waning Gibbous Moon

Now, it is the waning stages when the moon starts decreasing its illumination and is becoming less intense and bright. As you have let go of the control over the desires, it is important to continue with the manifestation rituals and your faith in the Universe. You can surround yourself with positive energy and be happy and energetic in your field.

Enjoy the moment and say thank you to the Universe more often. You don’t have to be grave about your desires and worry or stress out about the same. Just observe the moment and be happy in it, and don’t think much about what you want to do or how it will be done by the Universe. Your desires are getting manifested; that’s all you can believe in and enjoy the feeling.

7. Third Quarter Moon

In this phase, you can see the half portion of the moon, and it is slowly going down. This is the time to notice, understand and interpret the signs from the Universe and go along with them. You can see numbers and butterflies and other things that call for opportunities. When you take this acknowledging step, you can be ensured that the communication line between you and the Universe has been strengthened. Take action when you notice such signs. Ignoring these won’t be called an excuse.

8. Waning Crescent Moon

The moon will gradually go back to the new moon after the illuminating, and the last few rays fade away. It is the phase to reflect on your desires and action steps are taken. Maybe, you can work on your manifestation rituals, go through the journal and meditate on your desires. Even if you can notice a few negative thoughts in your mind, don’t hold back. You have done enough. You will notice that there are some positive things that happened and you need to make a mental note of them. Maybe, you got a call from a leading company, or you have become friends with one of your dates.

You must have learned a few life lessons, understood a concept, or gained an insight. As you reflect on your rituals, you will notice that a few things worked and some didn’t. So, next time you manifest a new desire, you can make a note of this and implement the same. Self-reflection is the best thing for your whole manifestation process, and waning crescent moon is the phase you need to do.

To sum it up, the above eight phases are crucial, and there is something vital to do in each phase. You can immerse yourself in each phase, absorb the moon’s energy and perform a ritual that is aligned with your desires. In each phase, you can evaluate your energy levels and reflect in a materialistic way, leading to manifestation. Once you understand this formula, you can surely manifest as per the moon phases.

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