How to make a guy fall in love with you through text messages?

How to Attract a Guy With Text and Law of Attraction

Does your guy take more time to reply to your messages? Or he completely ignores your messages, and this makes you mad for him? Do you want him to think about you all the time, fall in love and fantasize about you? Well, yeah, there is a solution, and you don’t need a mantra or rocket science or any black magic tricks to seduce him. You can simply use your phone’s text messages to attract a guy and make him fall in love with you.

There are several YouTube channels and videos out there telling you how to manifest a guy or attract him using text. We have sought inspiration from them and added our own insights to help you seek a complete guide for the said process. So, let us not spend more time and check the tips given below.

Law of Attraction tips

1. Embrace the power of visualization

Visualization is impactful, and you can have the guy like a dessert in your life. Even Hollywood stars and celebrities such as Will Smith and Oprah Winfrey have implemented this technique and achieved higher levels of success. In short, you can use visualization techniques to make him fall in love with you.

Visualization is like daydreaming, but you depict a lot of powerful emotions in the same. If you want him to DM you and check on your day, visualize in the following manner:

  1. Do some deep breathing as you close your eyes and relax your body and mind.
  2. Visualize your man/guy picking up his mobile phone and searching for your number. Then, he is typing a message to you.
  3. Imagine clearly what his typing in the message. What does he want to say? How does his mobile cover look? What are his facial expressions as he types?
  4. Your next task is to mirror his emotions that he has on his face. For instance, if he is smiling, then you should also smile. If he is feeling a bit nervous (maybe you want him to feel like that), you can feel the same nervousness.
  5. Now is the simple yet enjoyable task of visualizing that you have received the message and are reading it. How do you feel? Are you excited? Feel the emotions, and the Universe will do the needful.

No one can judge you upon how you feel and visualize, but if you are clear with your thoughts and emotions, it can turn out to be effective.

It will take time and practice; you cannot do it all on the first attempt. Hence, take time, and you will cover all the above aspects soon.

2. Use affirmations

Another tool of the Law of Attraction is the affirmation. Indeed, they are powerful and help you affirm what you desire in life. It is somewhat similar to the above visualization process, but in the case of affirmations, you do not visualize or imagine but speak them in your mind or aloud and feel the emotion. Draft your affirmations based on your preferences. For instance, what do you want your man to do? However, ensure that you use present tense to get your affirmations on track.

Following are a few examples to help you out, but these are not the only guidelines. You can draft your affirmations as per your existing desires.

  1. I love to receive messages from (person name).
  2. (Person name) is crazy about me and wants to talk to me all the time.
  3. (Person name) and I are falling in love, and I am loving it.
  4. (Person name) is loving me truly and messages me to check how I am.

Affirmations need to be positive and should carry the relevant emotion. You should not be feeling nervous or tense when you repeat these affirmations. As you repeat these mantras all the time, you will achieve what you want.

3. Take care of yourself

When you love yourself and take care of your body and mind, you can expect the same to happen to you. It means another person (the guy you like) will care for you and love you the way you do for yourself. If you want him to fall or love you, you need to be for you first. And this can happen with genuine self-love practice and not through spa appointments or scented candles.

You should feel loved, desired, and be happy and not depend on others for happiness. You can find several self-care practices, but the following are a few of the important ones:

  1. Make time for your hobbies and passion, the things you love and not others want you to do.
  2. Exercise, play indoor sports, or join a dance class.
  3. Spend time with your family and understand them.
  4. Listen to your friends and uplift them.
  5. Learn something new that you always wanted to but procrastinated for some reason.
  6. Eat delicious yet healthy foods.

When you feel amazing about yourself, then you can expect the same kind of feelings. Your emotional well-being is important first, and then comes the text message from your crush. Hence, respect yourself, and then you will experience the same level of respect from your loved one.

4. Let go of the desires and negativities

When you let go, you don’t stop thinking about the person or let go of the desire completely, but you are confident that it will happen and are not holding on to him. Letting go is the art of releasing the obsession attached to your crush. You are no longer craving their attention but are sure you will have him in life. You don’t worry, don’t dwell on whether you will have him or not, and won’t be desperate chasing him.

If letting go is challenging for you, here are the tips you can follow:

  1. Meditate and imagine that you have let go of the desires and attachment.
  2. Do not use your phone for long. Go on a phone detox so that you don’t send clingy messages to him.
  3. Spend time with friends and family and be there for them.

It is not easy to let go; you need to practice a lot. But it is certainly achievable. In short, you don’t have to be needy and worried about your crush.

5. Try journaling

Journaling works, and if you are more into writing, then it will be easy for you. Journaling or scripting is writing about your ideal life or the love life you want with your guy. You can even write how you want him to text you and your reciprocated feelings about the same. It works even if it might sound like herculean work to you. Following is the journaling or scripting process you can follow:

  1. Use a notepad and a pen. You can use a fancy one, no worries.
  2. Now, write a story. You can write it like dialogues or as a short story, or as a novel. It all depends on you.
  3. Experience the emotions attached to the story. How do you feel? With practice, you will sharpen your abilities and emit the right kind of vibrations towards the Universe.

You will feel special about the guy and the relationship you want to have with him. If you have writing abilities, you will not find this process hard but easier as compared to the above techniques.

Other practical tips on Law of Attraction

We have studied the Law of Attraction tips to get his message. Now, these are some of the practical and effective tips you can implement.

1. Obsessions will ruin everything

When you are clingy, needy, pushy, you are ruining everything. It is because the Universe and the guy do not want you to do that. The guy wants to desire you and not have an obsessive partner in their life. Hence, if you are sending any pushy texts, stop it right now, as it will worsen the situation. Some of the examples are: Where are you and whom are you with? Do you really like me? I am in love with you.

Instead, text him something as it is a natural thing for you, and you are not obsessed with his presence. It could be something like – I enjoyed dinner and talking with you. Let us do it again.

Be slow and steady, and you need to be calm and composed and not just pretend to be.

2. Keep yourself a secret

You don’t have to be mysterious, but giving away every minute detail about your life will not create any excitement in his mind. You need not be an open book when you text or meet him for the first time. Let him guess about you, wonder about your interests, and find something to attract you. If you want yourself to be desirable, you should not be messaging and replying to his every message instantly.

You should not express your interest in him immediately. Let there be some guessing and surprises. Moreover, you should not be posting every little update about your life on social media to let him know. He should wonder – what is she like? Is she interested in other guys? Does she like me or not?

At the same time, you should not be disrespectful to his messages. Reply to them but take your own time and not be like an instant customer support team. Being a little unpredictable will let him ask for more of you, and he will make that effort.

3. Take time to reply

As we mentioned in the above point, you need not be on the alert mode to reply to his messages immediately. You don’t have to pretend to be occupied but take your own time. If you always reply to everyone’s messages, we suggest acting like you are busy. It helps, believe us.

However, when you reply, ensure that you are sorry for keeping him waiting. You should not show disrespect or indifference. Hence, choose messages properly such as – Sorry for the delay, I was a bit occupied and couldn’t reply to your messages. I was in an important meeting the whole day, how are you?

This will make him feel special, and you have done your job of not being desperate or readily available to reply to his messages. You have a life, and this is the right way to show it.

4. Always be confident

Men like women who are confident, strong-willed, and comfortable with themselves. Well, we are not going to bring the feminist thing over here, but there is nothing wrong with being confident. You need to have solid opinions and thoughts and be completely sure about yourself.

When you discuss something with the guy, you should be overbearing or manipulative. At the same time, you need not be submissive to his talk. You should state your opinion strongly and let him know that you have thinking abilities. Never people-please; it will not be good for your future relationship. Hence, be strong and be proud of the way you are.

5. Do not be the victim

We know very well that all women are more emotional than men and love to express what they feel. But you should not unload all the past and emotional baggage on your guy. You should not be the one constantly talking about the guys you broke up with or cheated on you. Maybe he is going through some problem himself, and he wants to feel comfortable with you.

Hence, create that comfort area and make the relationship fun and exciting, and meaningful as well. Do not treat him like a punching bag or consider yourself as a victim often. It is better to get over your exes and let go of your past and negative emotions.

To sum it up, you can work on your attitude and overall personality and be less obsessive and clingy. The above law of attraction techniques will surely help, but you also need to follow the other tips to make your guy want you like crazy.

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