How to use the Law of Attraction to Manifest for Others?

How to Manifest for Others

It is a noble task to manifest for others and help them achieve goals and desires. But is it really possible? For example, you might know someone who is financially struggling in life, wants a long-term relationship, or is craving some positivity in life. And you are a caring person and want the Universe to help them manifest their desires. Mostly, they will be your family member, friend, or your partner, and you love and care for them deeply.

If this is the case, then the Law of Attraction works as a powerful tool. Of course, it works incredibly to help others manifest their desires. But like the regular Law of Attraction rules, you need to follow the guidelines and put tremendous effort and believe in the Universe. You are aware of the entire theory of attracting the Universe, but you need to do it for others. Hence, be extra careful while manifesting for others.

If you ask us whether it is possible to manifest for others, our immediate answer will be yes. It is because each person operates on their own vibrational frequencies, and they have a different pattern of thoughts, emotions, feelings, and actions. The Universe will mirror their thoughts and feelings and emit a similar type of frequency. It means if that person is thinking negatively about their goals, they will experience the same kind of negativity as emitted by the Universe.

So, when you try to manifest for that person, you will have to control the vibrations they are emitting, which is certainly not possible. If you do that, you will be seriously violating the free will of that person.

According to Abraham Hicks, you cannot vibrate as per other person’s frequencies, and hence, you cannot create the desired impact or the experience. A lifestyle or the goal accomplishment of a person depends entirely on their own vibrational frequency that you emit towards the Universe.

Have you lost hope after reading this or are you entirely confused with our little write-up? You do not need to lose hope even if the Law of Attraction experts state that you cannot manifest for others. You can still do something for your friend or family member to manifest their desires and show your love and care towards them. Direct manifestation is not possible, but you can still make it possible through influence by altering their vibrations and aligning them with that of the Universe.

Hence, we answered the question as affirmative because we believe in you and understand your intention deeply.

Can You Manifest For Others Using the Law Of Attraction?

Following are the three ways that can help you to attract the life you want.

1. Radiate your positivity towards them

Have you ever noticed how someone’s positive vibes made your day and made you feel radiant and optimistic? Yes, vibes play an important role in interpersonal relationships. We judge other people instantly by positive or negative vibes, and you can allow the same principle while manifesting for others.

If someone wants to manifest and is going through a tough phase of life or is grabbed by negative thoughts and limiting beliefs, you can improve their energy levels with your aura. You can uplift them with your aura and positive energy and take them towards a higher and better state of consciousness. You must have heard of how a smile or positive energy is contagious. Let you be the person to spread such energy amongst the people around you.

When that person is in contact with you, they will gain positive energy levels and vibe on a better wavelength. As a result, they will believe in what they do and others and the Universe and will open themselves to opportunities and better possibilities.

Below are the tips that can help you elevate and convey your good vibes to the person you love and care for:

  1. Always speak nice things about life and the people around you. Let them understand that life is not unfair, it has ups and downs, but that is okay.
  2. Appreciate their skills and talents and remind them that they are worthy of success.
  3. Visualize your desires and share with them so that they will feel open to sharing theirs. This will help them to visualize without any major challenges.
  4. Whenever they share any concerns, listen to them without judging or giving immediate advice. Sometimes, people need to have listened to and not preached.
  5. Go for a walk in nature. Let them experience the beauty of nature and move around.
  6. Believe in them; trust them, they will feel valued.
  7. Express gratitude towards the things you both have and encourage them to do so.

In these ways, you can raise their vibrations indirectly and your own as well. Just motivate them passively, and you will find that their energies align with the Universe.

2. Encourage them without preaching them

Yes, if you preach to them about the Law of Attraction and why they fail to manifest or achieve goals, you could be stressing them out more or annoying them. If you constantly remind them that they need to be positive to achieve goals, it will frustrate them. Hence, you need to encourage them without making them realize that they are on the path to manifestation.

A person who is low on energy and doesn’t know about the Law of Attraction will not care about their energy levels or chakras, or any kind of ritual. Hence, you need to simply encourage them to believe in themselves and wait for the right kind of opportunity. Just have their back, and they will be happy that you believe in them. While encouraging others, ensure that you uplift them a little by reminding them about their achievements in the past and let them know that the opportunity is only a step away. Just hang on there, and they will soon get what they want.

If you try to explain the technical concepts of the Law of Attraction, they will get confused and not understand anything out of it. So, take a step towards encouragement through motivation and uplifting.

3. Implement the Ho’oponopono technique

This is a Hawaiian mantra and has helped several people cleanse and heal the negative energies around them and those around them. It is a simple prayer that Dr. Hew Len used to treat mentally ill patients, and his experiment was successful. So, why not utilize the same technique to manifest for others?

It is a simple prayer:

“I am sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you.”

Yeah, it is that simple, but these words are powerful when said with emotions and feelings. The person for whom you are manifesting has created the environment by their thoughts, and it is essential to cleanse their negative energies. With this technique, you cleanse their energies, reshape and heal their life. This technique is truly interesting, and if you do it with intense feelings, you can help the other person live a fulfilling life.

Remember, you need to use this technique for cleansing and reshaping their energies first and not for the direct manifestation of their goals. Once their aura is cleansed, they will feel better, and their energy levels and vibrations will go up.

Lastly, we would like to say that it is not possible to take a backseat and manifest for people you love, but you can do something passively and truly with emotions and help them elevate their vibrational frequencies.

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