Meaning Of Soul Urge Number 6

Numerology has taken a great part in understanding human life, the same can be said about the soul urge number 6.

Numbers have been used to define human characteristics and behavior and soul urge number 6 is one of them.

The various numbers in Numerology are used in studying one’s purpose in life, determining one’s personality, motivation in life, self-drive, personality, and reasons behind various decisions and choices made by one in life.

Who are those considered to be soul urge number 6?

Various calculation methods have been used in determining one’s soul urge number but commonly, the six’s are believed to be those born on the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd month of the year.

Additionally, the number can be obtained by numerical representation calculation i.e representing the letters in one’s name by respective numbers and adding them to get a single number that has different attributes.

Understanding Soul Urge Number 6

They are commonly called the six’s are mainly attributed to love, harmony, compassion, understanding, creativity, family responsibility, and social responsibility.

Those with soul urge number 6 are loving people who are very easy going and click with different people in society.

They spend most of their lives and energy in traveling and exploring the world to meet new people, They are out there to share and spread love and affection.

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a) Loving

The six’s are the most compassionate of all and their greatest attribute is affection.

They often give undivided and unconditional love towards those around them and their desire is to bring a positive impact to all and help them in achieving their greatest potentials in life.

With the loving nature, they selflessly take care of others and are seen to venture in careers such as teaching, psychology, and counseling so as to help others and as said, help them reach their greatest potentials.

They are also known to be the best and greatest friends.

b) Intelligent

Having a deep love for others, they are quite tactful in studying and understanding others.

Considered natural psychology, the six’s are able to connect with one mentally and psychologically and understand one’s challenges and life problems without much effort hence in a position to assist and help others go through difficult life situations.

c) Peaceful

Those with soul urge number 6 are seen as quiet people who rather prefer peace and harmony over quarrels and fights.

In most scenarios, they are known to hide their anger by smiling, letting go, and moving on.

As leaders or as those in charge, they prefer working hand in hand with others instead of giving orders and demands and their greatest mission is to bring justice, truth, balance, and harmony to both the worlds and their environment.

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d) Appearance

The six’s have a deep concern on their looks, appearance, and dressing and are always seen to have impeccable fashion taste and stand out in their dress code.

Apart from being fashionable, they also appreciate a clean and tidy environment and they tend to decorate their offices, homes, apartments, and generally their surroundings.

e) The Men

The men having the soul urge number 6 are uniquely known to be very attractive and good looking and considered the best in lovemaking.

It’s quite easy for them to seduce and get ladies of their tastes and needs.

However, they are considered players as they tend to indulge in various love affairs at the same time and in turn, most acquire sexually transmitted diseases due to the reckless love life.

f) The Women

Just as the men, they are very attractive and have impeccable fashion taste and are lovers of jewelry and designer clothing.

Their most outstanding feature is their beauty; beauty that can attract any man sexually and it’s quite hard to resist them.

They are also very loving and charming and often have the mother’s love.

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