How to Set Powerful Intentions?

Setting Intentions - How to Set Powerful Intentions

Is intention setting a vital part of your life? Do you always set intentions for the day when you wake up or the previous night? Do you set intentions for the different areas of your life such as relationships, personal finance, career, and others? Do you set intentions for your entire life?

If you don’t do any of these but are planning to live an intentional life henceforth, this article is for you. Get your life on an auto-pilot, and don’t fall into the cycle of mediocrity. It is important to set regular intentions and bring purpose to your life. You need to embrace the moment and be conscious of what you are doing in your wakeful life. If you want the results over a number of years, you want to set intentions straightforwardly. We have a detailed 3-step intention-setting guide before that, let us give you solid reasons for setting intentions.

Importance of Intention Setting in your life

When you combine thought with a purpose, it becomes an intention. It helps you bring the desire or goal in the non-physical form in your mind to manifest it in physical form. The goal or desire could be anything – earning a chunk of money, buying a dream house or car, or a loving soulmate.

You became a conscious creator as you experienced things and came into existence. You create your own reality; always remember that. This reality is created by your thoughts and emotions and action deeds as well. What all is going on in your life is reflected in your life eventually. However, it is easy to fall into a rut. You will be on autopilot mode, and you will notice that you do not live your life consciously. Things happen around you; you don’t intend, and can’t even control or do something for it.

You will find yourself in loops and circles of monotonous things such as brushing your teeth, taking a bath, going to work, having lunch, returning home, and having dinner. You will find that no single day in your life is different; long is the question of amazing. You repeat behaviour and manifest your daily routine and nothing else. People in toxic relationships or having boring jobs accept reality and prefer to be stuck in those zones. This brings more toxic experiences in their life, and their perception about overall life remains the same.

When you become conscious about your life and want to change it and make decisions for yourself and the areas in your life, it leads to the setting of an intention. Now, you know why intention setting is important.

We all have the capability to manifest, but very few of us utilize the capability to create. So, now let us get ready to prepare and sow the seed to reap the results in the future.

Following are the three simple steps to set powerful intentions for further manifestation.

1. Seek clarity about yourself and your requirements

Intentions without clarity is like driving a car on the road without a destination to go. Human behaviour is subject to change a lot. When we make a decision, we change it often.

For instance, one night, you might dream of having a wonderful life partner. But the next day, you see your friend getting divorced and feel lucky not to have a relationship. You might want to spend a whole month at a beach house, but you are scared about such places and don’t want to go.

It is true that we have contradictory thoughts to the desires we have in our minds. When you sow a seed, you need to give it some time to sprout leaves. Sprouting doesn’t happen the next moment, or the fruit does not appear within a night. It takes time. And so, when you change your intentions so frequently, you break the cycle of planting your intention in the garden of your mind. You need to replant another seed then.

Hence, when you set an intention, resolve the question, ‘Why?’

When you want to manifest a thousand dollars, ask yourself why you want that.

From where has this desire cropped up, and what does the desire mean to you, or what kind of purpose does it serve?

Once you figure out your why, you emotionally connect with your desire and make it more personalized and not mechanical. Your intention becomes a part of your life, and you can stick to it in the long run.

2. Make your intentions solid and concrete

As you have sought clarity about yourself, why you want a particular desire, and what your desire is, it is time to make it concrete. This is the stage when you convert your desire into an intention. You can have your intentions solidified in three ways; oral, written, and thought.

It happens that you are not comfortable writing intentions, then you can do it orally. If you are not okay with the oral intentions as you forget them easily, document them. If you have less time or privacy issues, you can even create thoughtful patterns of your intentions.

Intentions in oral form

Speaking up about your intentions is great for short-term desires and goals. However, you need to express these desires often during the day and not just once. Only then will the intention be impactful for the Universe to understand it. You can draft affirmations and repeat them. Note that the affirmations relate to your desires and are not personalized.

You need to use the right words that are related to the outcome. For instance, when your desire is to achieve perfect mental and physical health, you can wake up and look at the sun saying, I am grateful for the sunrise and have these rays bless my body.

When you take a shower, you can say, “I feel this water blessed on my body and hair.”

You don’t have to write these affirmations separately on paper as you will be repeating the intentions during the whole day. Since the speaking thing might seem to be a bit hectic, we suggest implementing this technique for small goals only.

When you set intentions, make them for one or two desires and eventually take it to life’s bigger desires in life.

Intentions in written form

If you want to convey your desires to the Universe and rewire your subconscious mind, you can write intentions in a notebook. It needs to be clear and specific, and it serves more impact on your mind as your intentions are perfect. This technique is good for bigger desires and goals and those who prefer writing over thinking and speaking. You can write the intentions daily or monthly, or even annually; it depends on you.

It is better if you draft affirmation statements and not random lines. You can journal or script your perfect lives. If you enter into a contract with the Universe, it will be much better.

Intentions as thoughts

If you can’t speak your desires loudly due to privacy concerns or if you don’t find comfortable writing your desires, you can think about your desires and convert them into intentions mentally. However, these intentions can be easily forgotten or ignored and hence, are not recommended by the experts. Use affirmations. You can use this technique in addition to speaking or writing intentions.

3. Let go of the intentions

This doesn’t mean you have to forget them completely. We have something beneficial for you. When you are clear about your intention and feel the emotion strongly, it is time to let go and communicate the same with the Universe. You should know how and when you can let it go.

After setting the intention and solidifying it, trust in the process and have complete faith in it. But you should not hold on to the desires and be obsessed with them. Just develop faith in it and let go. Take off all the attachment and obsessions and the controlling abilities over the desires. Carry out your manifestation routines, and apply the techniques of the Law of Attraction. Just know and convince yourself that the Universe is aligned with your energies and routines.

As you set the intentions strongly, you can surely find signs from the Universe. It will guide you along the journey of life till your desires get manifested. So trust the Universe and observe the happenings.

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