How to Connect With Your Higher Self Spiritually?

How to Connect with Your Higher Self Spiritually?

Connecting with a higher self is the ultimate and one of the effective ways to expand your personality on this planet. As you connect with the higher self, there is an automatic and robust connection between you and the Universe; the latter guides you along the way and helps you achieve your only true purpose in this world. There is a transformation in your understanding level, and your grasping of certain things in the world changes suddenly. You might sense something that you had not felt earlier in your life.

When you connect with the higher self, several things become more evident, and you can find answers to the questions hidden inside your mind. For instance, what is your life purpose, how to unwrap your ego and find your inner self, how can you seek life lessons from past experiences, and how to move forward after distilling the past traumas. In addition, you will feel an improvement in your intuition as you lean back and forth in life due to the several incidents happening around you.

We will discuss the best spiritual practices to connect with your higher self, but before that, let us explore this concept deeper and seek a better understanding of it.

What is the Meaning of Higher Self?

If you have played a video game, you know what an Avatar is. Or you can simply imagine a character in a video game. Now, it is you in this world, and there is an entity that plays a particular video game as a character. The video game character is your higher self. Simple!

You experience the real you in the world and can witness the past and the future as well. It also knows the path you are walking on currently and does not lose your focus from it. You might perceive yourself in a certain way now, but your higher self does not have the same kind of perception. It perceives you as a multidimensional aspect and always digs into the massive opportunities inside you. The higher self is a know-it-all, and yes, it also understands you better. It does not demand from you but knows that you can do well.

Now, let us carry out a simple yet powerful exercise. Consider yourself as a multidimensional human being. Don’t worry; it is not a supernatural being but a soul who has substantial consciousness about the Universe and beyond. As a higher self, you know that you have undergone several lives earlier, and now, your focus is on expansion and not just survival. You are infinite, you are incredible, you have immense abilities to learn, grow, develop, create, innovate, and build as a person. You have gone through experiences and have learnt the concepts of love and joy to a deeper extent.

Your intention is to expand and contribute something to this world right now. This intention has been set by your higher version long back when you were born. The higher self decides that it will set a few conditions and let you experience as a third-dimensional being. Yes, as a video game has its rules and conditions, your current life is based on such rules. For instance, the rules are set regarding the parents, your place of birth, your childhood conditions, the experiences you will face, and the perspectives you will learn in the course of life. So, the higher self sent you a clean slate even if the things were pre-determined when you were born. And that’s why you cannot remember a single thing when you were born.

Your earthly experiences had to be authentic and natural. There will be a single point of awareness in your experiences, and your body will be the medium through with you view the real world. As a result of all these processes, you came into existence due to the decisions made by your higher self. But life’s destiny is not determined earlier. There is no single way to walk on. And hence, you need to make these experiences authentic and adopt free will.

The higher self lets you live this life with full joy and excitement. It wants to know how you live every adventure and cope with negative experiences. It is like a parent and not as a mere viewer. It loves you unconditionally as you and the higher self are no different. There is a continuous connection between you, and the higher self and there is no scope for detachment. It might happen that you will lose the connection with your higher self, feel low or don’t have a purpose, or are completely overwhelmed with life incidents. And to overcome all these, you need to establish a connection with your higher self.

Connecting With Your Higher Self : Reasons

Your higher self is divine, and it knows the purpose for which you are born. It is also acquainted with your goals and desires, where you want to be, and how you derive joy and excitement in life. Connection with your higher self helps you elevate vibrations and attract the favourable things and people in life that match your ultimate purpose. You seek a guide in the form of your higher self and are clear and joyful about the path you want to walk on.

You will be loved, supported, encouraged, and more confident than you were earlier. You won’t feel alone and lonely in the world anymore. You will receive the signs and signals from the Universe, and it will safeguard you from all unforeseen possibilities and make you aware of your surroundings and experiences. We can find several such reasons to connect with the higher self, but let us discuss the effective ways to do the same.

How to Connect with Your Higher Self?

1. You need to find an opportunity in the adversities

This is exactly what the famous saying goes but don’t think of it as a cliché. We go through several tricky challenges in life, and only positive people thrive without any wounds and mental blockages. When you turn down all the negative thoughts coming out of a challenge, you truly connect with the higher self. Easy as it sounds, you identify the blessings in a challenging situation, learn the life lessons, and don’t consider the rest and the unnecessary.

It might take some time to go through this process. You need to ask yourself a few insightful questions, “What can I learn from this situation?” Or “How can I recollect and utilize only the positive in this?” Even if the higher self is your admirer and guide, it will not be present in all challenges. You have to do it anyways; you have to get out of the dire situation and connect with the Universe. When you believe that the higher self is with you and walks with you, you can find that life is pretty easy, and you can come out of a challenging situation easily. Yes, it is inter-related, and you will soon be on the way.

2. Meditate (form a routine)

Connection, listening to the self, unifying with the Universe – all these are possible when you learn to meditate and do it as a regular ritual. It calms the ego and lets you listen to the higher self and connect with it spiritually on a completely different plane. Of course, it could be only 10-15 minutes a day, but it must be carried out in utter silence and with zero distractions.

You cannot meditate anytime as it is a skill and not an errand to run. And also, do not expect that you will connect with the higher self within one meditation session. It comes with the passage of time, and it might take a few months to do so.

We suggest incorporating a meditation ritual to do this effectively. You can choose a calm place and allocate some time where you won’t be distracted by phone calls and notifications. Set a timer, or you can do it without the help of any clock. No worries. Close your eyes, sit in a comfortable position, relax your mind, de-stress your body and listen to the surrounding sounds passively. Observe your breathing and slowly bring your attention to a mantra or a symbol or any visualization. You can find several meditation programs, courses, and apps that help you meditate properly.

3. Love yourself (and give yourself some time)

We are so engrossed in the household, personal, and professional responsibilities that making time for yourself is a massive challenge. However, to connect with your higher self, it is essential to be far from the noise and be with yourself for a while. You need to be present with yourself, hold your back, and be proud of the way you are living your life. Self-love doesn’t mean pampering yourself with expensive bath salts and spas but being there with your authentic self, no matter what.

You can talk to yourself like an optimistic person, accept the way you are, acknowledge the gifts of perfection in life, forgive for the mistakes you did, overcome the past traumas, indulge in meaningful and creative hobbies, take care of your body, maintain boundaries with people, be open-minded, and shower love on everyone you know and like.

This is what self-love means. It might not mean lighting a hundred scented candles or going on a shopping spree, or booking the most luxurious vacation in the country. Instead, it is about respecting and valuing yourself and being compassionate with others.

4. Journal

If you want to develop and fortify the bond between you and the higher self, then journaling or automatic writing is a good way to do it. While writing, you do not let your ego supervise but do it straight away from the mind. Psychologists, researchers, counsellors, and spiritual guides use this technique to know more about personal self and connect with it. It helps you to know what your inner and higher self are trying to tell you.

You can meditate first, calm your mind and then write to avoid surface-level writing. You might feel judged for a while, but don’t worry, it will be ready only by you. So, free your mind to write whatever you want without any inhibitions. You can even choose an intention or a bothering question to probe into the same. As you channelize your mind and pen down the words, you will feel connected to the higher self and experience that the thoughts are coming naturally, and you don’t have to think anymore.

5. Do not let the ego invade your higher self

As you separate the ego from your higher self, the connection with the latter is much more manageable. We have tried to distinguish both as follows:

Higher Self


·         It is a know-it-all element of you that is directly connected with the oversoul. It accepts you, loves you unconditionally, and knows that life is perfect.

·         Even if the world seems chaotic and problematic for you, your higher self never suffers from any negative emotions. It knows that things will be in your favour and all the problems will be resolved.

·         It is your true self, and the limiting beliefs and negativities do not stand in the way.


·         The current physical incarnation has given rise to ego to support the feeling of self.

·         Ego constitutes the fears, goals and desires, interests, hobbies, passions, opinions and beliefs, and views about politics and other aspects.

·         Ego is influenced by others’ opinions, the society in which you live, and has to be in a certain way.

·         It is not the true self and is not essential for your growth and personality development.

Higher Self Reactions:

Listening to your heart, convincing yourself that everything is perfect despite the chaos, confident about your decisions, believing in yourself, having an overview of others’ perceptions and not letting them influence yours, feeling peaceful, etc.

 Ego Reactions:

Indulging in instant gratifications, being over-concerned about others’ opinions, giving a sense of self the highest priority, being more inquisitive about your future than focusing on the current, being scared of the outcome or the consequences.


If you study your reactions and assess them in the light of the ego and higher self, it will be better for you. It is okay to be influenced by ego, and you don’t have to criminalize yourself for that. But if you assess ego and higher self reactions and take some time to take the necessary precautions, your reactions will be much better. You will notice that by tweaking your reactions towards the higher self, you are receiving more opportunities and guidance from the Universe.

In a nutshell, connecting with the higher self is essential and possible in the above five effective ways.

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