How Do You Figure Out You Are in Alignment With Your Desires?

Are You in Alignment with Your Desires and Dreams

The Universe sends you the signs. It is a sign to do _____. Let us wait for the sign. Only then can we move forward.

How often have you heard this or even spoken to your friend? Yes, it is a sign, but how do you know it is a sign from the Universe? It happens when you are in alignment with your dreams and desires. When your ability to create and make thoughts happen becomes intense and real, you can start to feel the shifts. You will notice that the Universe has initiated action for your dreams based on your intentions and the manifestation process.

In the initial days, you might feel a little disturbed by the overall cosmic arrangement. When the Universe realizes your dreams and plans for its execution, you can feel the alignment, and you can redraw your way and enter into the awakening stage.

How Do You Figure Out You Are in Alignment With Your Desires?

When your energies rise above, your sixth sense activates (nothing to do with the movie), and you start noticing the signs from the Universe (which are actually the messages). The receipt of these signs can be done in two different ways.

  1. Thought of the higher self – This thought is original and represents your gut feeling. It is all about faith and is the highest vibration from your side. You exclaim to yourself and recognize it is a sign.
  2. Thought of the ego – It is highly influenced by fears and is mostly protective. Your ego counteracts and affirms to you that it is not a sign but just a coincidence.

The key is to understand both these types of thoughts, acknowledge their presence, and accept the way they are. The higher self is like the torchbearer and guides you along the way to your dream fulfilment. However, your ego plays in defense and prevents you from stepping into the risky, non-comfortable zone.

In such situations, you are supposed to ask yourself, “What do I exactly want?” You need to be crystal clear about that.

When you are in alignment with the higher self, your gut feeling becomes stronger, and your vibrations elevate.

When you are in alignment with the ego, you fear and stay within the orbit of the limiting beliefs.

What are signs? Are they really?

Before we move towards the actual signs from the Universe, let us first understand what these signs are. There are two types of signs that you receive from the Universe. The first kind of sign confirms that you are in alignment with your dreams and desires. The second set of signs are those that guide you and lead you to alignment. You need to utilize your intuitive powers to recognize these signs.

For example, when you are scrolling on social media, you remember that you are supposed to send a job application. And then you notice an advertisement from the same company posting jobs related to your qualifications and experience. This is nothing but a sign.

This synchronicity helps you to seek universal approval that you are aligned towards your dreams. You might think that it is merely a coincidence due to the algorithm of social media. But if you have noticed the same job advertisement, it is because you had applied for it and forgotten later. Now, the Universe is sending you a sign to apply for the said job because it is aligned with your desires. Your gut feeling or intuition plays a vital role in interpreting signs from the Universe. You cannot wait for the sign; the sign will search and come to you.

1. You dream about manifestation

Dreams are the perfect places where you can receive signs from the Universe. The Universe finds it comfortable to communicate with you through your dreams. Not all dreams are signs, but you can find something really specific about a certain dream (only if you recollect it in the morning). You might receive certain details or a piece of information in your dream. This shows that your higher self is guiding you through the path of dream manifestation. If you dream of your dreams being accomplished, it means it is a solid confirmation from the Universe that you are actually in alignment with your dreams.

You can find several creative works, discoveries, and inventions through this method. Even the famous author J K Rowling admits this. Scientists like Albert Einstein have been confirmed in their dreams.

The trick is to maintain a dream journal. You can have a better dream recall, and you will notice that you can interpret your dreams more effectively.

2. You experience a surge of creative ideas all of a sudden

No, you are not an impulsive person, but you come up with creative ideas anytime without any intimation. One of the effective ways the Universe communicates with you and sends you signals is by planting ideas in your head. Yes, it sounds weird, but it is true. How do you get ideas in your mind? The Universe sends them both the good and the bad ones.

You might be running errands or going through your normal life, but Boom, an idea comes to your mind that is helpful for accomplishing your dreams. You can note them down. It doesn’t mean these ideas can be put to use immediately; you can use them anytime.

3. You notice that your acquaintance manifested some of your desires

The immediate feeling that comes to your mind when wee someone has what you don’t have is jealousy. That’s a completely wrong emotion or reaction. When you see someone achieving your dreams, you should be happy for them. It means the Universe is indirectly engaged in fulfilling your desires too. If you see your neighbors buying the car you loved or your friend seeking a job offer you applied for, don’t be jealous or feel bad about yourself. Your manifestation is on its way!

When you emit negative emotions, you vanish all the positive emotions associated with them. So be happy and congratulate them when you see someone manifesting your desire. This is because you will be soon yours seeking!

4.You predict tiny events

You do not become a predictor or a fortune teller, but you can predict small events. For example, you have a song right in your mind, and when you turn on the television or the radio, the same song is playing. You miss an old friend, and the next time you check the mobile, you see an unexpected message from their side.

These are nothing but mini-manifestations that will eventually turn into bigger ones. You need to trust and keep faith in the Universe and know that it is powerful and works for you.

5. You notice quotes or images that answer your queries

You might be confused about a certain thing, don’t know whether you are doing the right thing or not. In such cases, you can notice a quote or a statement, or an image that answers these queries and resolves all the confusion.

Certain images or statements appear in front of us without any knowledge. They are not common, and hence, you can take them seriously as a sign. For example, you are confused about whether you should quit your job or not. You like it, but certain reasons compel you to quit. If you see a billboard or any sign with a related message like “Hang on” or “Don’t give up” then it is a sign from the Universe. In such cases, trust your higher self and leave your ego behind. This will assist you to make better and sound decisions.

6. You attract great people in life

You notice like-minded people appearing in your life, talking to you, and building a connection out of nowhere. These people are not just someone who helps you achieve goals but are great persons in life, and you love to interact with them. You bring them happiness and moments of joy, and they bring the same to you.

7. Your energy levels increase

If all of a sudden, you feel excited about overall life and are happy with what you have, it is a sign. You radiate positivity, and your smile is infectious. You might be kind towards others, often laugh, be playful, and notice beauty and positivity everywhere and in each person.

8. You meet people, and they tell you, “You look happy”

When you manifest, and you are positive and feel happy about life, you emit a kind of glow that people can easily notice. Glow does not come from any magic or Universe blessings. It comes when you choose healthy options over unhealthy ones.

For instance, instead of Diet Coke, you prefer plain water and fresh juices. You choose good sleep at night instead of scrolling on social media. All these factors contribute to facial glow. People might ask you secrets of your glow, and you tell them, no worries. But as you align with the Universe, you can notice you get involved in more self-care, and people can notice the difference in you.

9. Seeing numbers (11:11 and so on)

You notice numbers such as 11:11, 333, 444, 555, and so on. Each number has its significance. If you notice them on a car plate, or when you check the time on your watch, or when the bill amounts up to that number, you can feel that the Universe is with you.

How to welcome more signs from the Universe?

This section is about how to encourage and welcome more signs from the Universe.

1. Do not look out for signs

If you actively waste your time waiting for the signs, you will never see them. You need to believe in the incredible power of synchronicity and not wait for the Universe to show up.

2. Make time for spiritual routines

You can meditate, do deep breathing or engage in a spiritual ritual to improve your gut feeling. As your inner well-being is sharpened, you notice the signs more quickly.

3. Love everyone

Love all around you, the humans, the plants, and the animals. You can notice that love strengthens the connection between you and the Universe. You can feel the rise in your energies when you love or support someone.

4. Thank everyone

Express gratitude towards others and the Universe. You have enough, and you need to be happy and thankful for it. As you express gratitude, you seek more opportunities to thank.

So, this is all about signs. Hope you sought valuable information about the same.

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