Predicting Future : How to Predict Your Future Spiritually?

Predicting Future by Developing Intuition

Is Predicting Future possible?

What if someone narrated your own future like a short story and informed you about every minute detail of the vacations you would be enjoying, the people you will be coming across, whom you will marry, the way they will look, and much more. Isn’t that fascinating?

These insights will help you make better and rational decisions and know the outcome beforehand. The future prediction could be related to something like your love life, relationships and marriage, career and promotions, finance, health, and so on. Success will be much more convenient if you know a few things well in advance and be prepared for the same.

However, we are blinded by the myth that future prediction capabilities are reserved only for a few blessed ones. We do not know that we even have those abilities and can utilize the same for our own benefit. Psychic intuition is possible for anyone in this world, provided they put consistent effort. It doesn’t take a billion years of meditation to achieve these skills or any crash course. It will take practice and no bluffing, please!

We have found out effective ways to predict your future properly.

5 Ways of Predicting Future by Developing Intuition

1. Meditate regularly

When we talk about spirituality and related practices, the first thing that comes to our mind is meditation. Yes, both of these concepts are interrelated and need the first position in this list. You need to make time for deep and proper breathing every day and be with yourself for a while, keeping all the worldly distractions at bay. We are more into outward projections; we express, we communicate, we speak, we message, we email, and we tweet and upload pictures. During all these outward activities, we do not take sufficient time to listen to what our mind has to say. Or listen to what the Universe has to communicate with us.

You need to be calm for a while to listen to what the Universe is saying and act according to the guidance. As rightly denoted by Abraham Hicks, the meditative mode is the receiving mode. When you meditate, you open your mind to listen to the Universal guidance. You do not express or blabber anymore; you want to be quiet and listen. However, you cannot expect to meditate once a month and listen to the signs and guidance from the Universe. It needs regular practice.

Hence, we suggest consistent meditation to be one of the powerful ways to learn future predictions for yourself. You need to tune in to the worldly frequencies to listen to what the Universe has to convey. Maybe it will give you a clear and better idea to pitch your great business idea to the investors or bless you with loads of confidence to speak up in front of your Boss for the next promotion.

For effective meditation, it takes only 15 to 20 minutes daily of focused attention with no gadgets involved. Sit in a comfortable position at a calm place in your home or the garden, breathe and listen passively to the sounds around you. Slowly and gradually, get rid of all the thoughts in your mind and focus on a powerful mantra or visualize your goal. As you tune in, the spirits will guide you the way to the guidance and provide you with sufficient clarity to make decisions about the different sectors of your life.

2. Connect with your body mindfully

How often do you connect with your body and understand what it is like? Probably, when you are sick, you are reminded that you need to nourish it well. Or you take a day off and visit a spa for a full body massage, and that’s when you feel relaxed. We need to consider our body into consideration when it comes to spirituality as opposed to our mind. Hence, we emphasize this point.

Intuition has its effects on our body unknowingly. Sometimes, it is the butterflies in the stomach, sweating on a windy day, or tingling in your hands and legs for a short while. Hence, it is vital to ask yourself a question, “What is my body feeling right now?”

You might ignore your body completely when you experience an ‘aha’ moment, but we recommend listening to your body. If you notice any signs, then something is right about what you are feeling or thinking at that moment. It is important to understand and interpret the symptoms of physical existence, i.e., our body. They communicate with you effectively.

The moral of this point is to trust your gut feeling, and you will know it through your body.

3. Interpret your dreams wisely

We often take dreams for granted, we make fun of them the next thing we wake up in the morning, or we simply ignore them and try not to recollect them. But we hardly utilize them as a tool to predict our future. Maybe, the dreams want us to understand and take inspired action and not merely pass it on. We are not talking about non-essential and random dreams here, but the precognitive dreams that are telling us something to do or reflect on it.

The dream state is not the physical state but a powerful one to connect spiritually with the Universal forces. You can reveal the truth in these dreams by proper reflection. You cannot allow them to pass through your mind like an invisible bullet and learn nothing from it.

You must work on these reflection skills and identify the patterns in which they are occurring to you. Spirit guides, angels, and the Universe do not have concrete ways of communication, and hence, they choose dreams and communicate with you through telepathy, images, symbols, and even words. You can interpret the code in which you are communicating and interpret the message they pass. Compare your existing life situation with the dream you witnessed at night and relate to it. You can even note down the dreams on a notepad as soon as you wake up and study the pattern.

You can study, analyse, reflect, and communicate back with the Universe through dreams. Your connection strengthens as you interpret the dreams correctly and let them flow more in your mind the next night. Yes, it is a circle as you act back and forth as per the dream messages. So, maintain a dream diary, and you will soon witness the dreams conveying more meaningful and strong messages to you and letting you direct your future.

4. Write down your inner thoughts

Another way to predict your future and seek insights for the same is to maintain and use a journal. You can do it easily if you are better at writing and penning down your innermost thoughts.

You can maintain a diary and write down the key moments in your life. People often think it boring as they have to write all the events that occurred in a day. Hey, it is not writing your life like the minutes of a meeting, but writing them as a pattern. You might notice funny things about yourself. Maybe, you find yourself low during the new moon and optimistic and energetic during the full moon. Or you are more depressed when it is twilight and love nighttime as you are a night owl and super-productive.

As you identify the patterns underlying your life and its intricate aspects, you can better predict your mindset and take suitable action accordingly.

You can go a bit advanced and try the automatic writing method. Though some people think it is unrealistic, people have experienced its positive side too. Meditate, reflect on your mindset and write inflow. Don’t stop and think; just write what comes to your mind without limitations, fears, or halts. In this process, you connect with the spirit guides and Universal powers and let them know about your desires and feelings. As you write and write, you will notice that you have found an answer at the end. It is because you are communicating with the Universe, and have discovered the response to your current situation.

5. Utilize external resources

Now, let us get back to the conventional and popular methods of future prediction. You can find several tools and resources these days, such as astrology, numerology, tarot cards, palmistry, tea leaves, face reading, and so on. However, you do not need to consult a person who charges you excessively and reduces your bank balance. You can learn the art or use free online tools for the same.

Tools are used to build a connection with the spirit guides. So, choose a tool that is comfortable for you and find it accurate. Do not fall into any marketing traps as they strip out your wallet balance and do nothing. Trust your gut feeling and go for something that actually works for you. It could be even a crystal ball but ensure the connection is happening out for you.

To summarise, future prediction is possible for anyone with strong dedication and a consistent schedule and is not limited to professionals. You can sharpen the gut feeling that has been an in-built mechanism for everyone. You can shape your thoughts and, ultimately, your destiny. So, believe in yourself and adopt the above ways in your life.

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