How is Spiritual Alignment Linked with Manifestation?

Spiritual Alignment and Manifestation

We all know that we attract what we emit and that our thoughts create our reality. But are you interested in learning how the internal mechanism works? This article will provide you insights into the Law of Attraction and how it works for you. Spiritual Alignment! Yes, that is the key to the functioning of the Law of Attraction.

We will learn more about spiritual alignment and its relation with the Law of Attraction. How do you determine you are on the path of manifestation? Or is the Universe sending you signs? This is all the charisma of Spiritual Alignment.

What do you mean by Spiritual Alignment?

Alignment is being parallel with something. For instance, when we say two lines are parallel to each other, it means they are in line with each other.

And when it comes to spiritual alignment, it refers to the spiritual energies in line with our dreams and goals that are on the path to manifestation. Since all the things in the Universe are made from energies, everything is subject to vibration. Each vibration has a frequency of its own. When we tune in to our frequency, the spiritual alignment and manifestation work with each other to match with our goals, and that’s how you achieve what you had desired.

For example, when you tune into the radio station you want to listen to, you need to do it in a certain way so that the radio waves match with the channel. And that’s how you listen to your favourite radio station.

How does Spiritual Alignment aligns with a person’s life purpose?

You will find spiritual gurus telling you that your spiritual alignment matches your life purpose. But there have been a lot of misconceptions about life’s purpose that it is decided by fate and not by your own vibrations. Hence, if you are questioned by yourself about your life purpose or the reason for your birth, you might feel that it is all decided by fate. But you need to remember that destiny and free will can co-exist, and there is no reason why you should leave everything in the hands of fate. Do you know about the yin and yang energies? Similarly, you can notice that fate and free will are like yin and yang energies. They are like opposite poles, and they work harmoniously.

Destiny is like the path you don’t know, but free will is your choice. Both of these terms go hand in hand and help you in manifesting your desires. Simple!

Let us explain an example to explain this harmonious connection between fate and free will. If you are passionate about music, perhaps you have the free will to use it in your desires. But this doesn’t mean you have to be a singer or a musician to manifest; you can utilize your singing abilities or music as a channel to connect well with your goals and utilize it as source energy.

Do you understand the rhythm of music and life?

Can you utilize singing or music abilities in the current profession you pursue?

Can you help someone climb the ladder of a musical career with your capabilities?

It means when you use your free will for manifestation, it aligns with the spiritual forces. When you receive a gift or a sign from the Universe, it is a message that it is a way to connect. Hence, so many creative people use meditation as a tool to harness their abilities. Even sportspersons do that.

Balance and Alignment

The three main pillars of spiritual alignment and manifestation are – Thought, emotion, and action.

Thoughts are not devoid of feelings. There is always an emotion attached to a thought. And this can result in action.

When misalignment happens, there is a discrepancy in your spiritual forces and manifestation techniques. That’s why we can see several people having concrete goals, but that cannot manifest how hard they try.

Example –

Holley wanted to manifest her dream job for which she had the capabilities, passion, and desired qualifications. Even if she was smart and intelligent, her work style was completely different. She was not a good team player, she preferred to work alone, set her own deadlines, and was responsible for them. When she worked at a typical office, she was questioned a hundred times by her boss, and she had to depend on her juniors to get the work done. So, Holley decided to use a manifestation technique to seek the dream job of her life.

Thought – She imagined a beautiful and lavish office in the bustling city from where she could see the city and the busy street.

Emotion – She felt a bit happy, but there was a lot of pain and desperation that she was still not in her dream cabin.

Action – She was more disappointed and sadder with her current job, and she thought that Law of Attraction does no miracles, can’t even send her a job offer out of the blue.

Holley knew that her work style was unique, and she was comfortable working alone, yet she chose the busiest office and the most hectic job for herself. The emotions attached to her visualization were extreme and had no linkage with happiness and joy. And that’s why it resulted in more disappointment, and manifestation seemed to be out of the question.

Many people follow this technique in the wrong way and end up blaming the Law of Attraction. Now, you know how there can be spiritual misalignment with manifestation. Here, the Law of Attraction is working as it brings back the emotions of disappointment and pain as you are emitting the same to the Universe. But you have been doing it for the wrong emotions and feelings.

Now, if you ought to make the Law of Attraction work for yourself favorably, then the following could be the ideal scenario.

Thought – Holley imagines herself working in a private office where she is her own Boss.

Emotion – She felt relaxed, happy, and peaceful as she worked on her own, without the need to follow others’ orders.

Action – She went to the office an hour early so she could get some time to apply for new jobs.

This is the way you can be in spiritual alignment with the manifestation process. When the thoughts, emotions, and actions are on the same track and work together, you can expect the desired level of energetic frequency. This is how alignment happens and is the secret behind the effective application of the Law of Attraction.

Tips and techniques to reach the desired state of spiritual alignment

1. Seek clarity of your requirements

Have you ever written down the goal that you want to achieve? Get things on paper if you want to be specific. Clarity is the key to the accomplishment of your desires and that’s why we believe that you should clearly ask the Universe what you want. The Universe is not a mind-reader; you cannot expect it to read your mind and figure out your goals. You should ask, and that too without any vagueness but with immense clarity.

2. Think about aligning thoughts and emotions

The alignment does not happen naturally. You will have to take the initiative to make it happen. You need to determine a technique that suits your mental gifts and helps you align effectively. For instance, you can use a positive affirmation that works for you. Or you can choose a visualization scenario. Whichever method of manifestation you choose, it is essential to incorporate it as a part of your routine. Remember, repetition is the key and emits the emotions aligned with the thoughts.

3. Say ‘Thanks’

Expressing gratitude is powerful as it shows that it belongs to you and you are happy with it. So, when you thank the Universe more, you release the highest vibrations and seek several chances to thank more often. The more you express and convey gratitude, the more you receive it.

4. Take Action

The third important pillar of the Law of Attraction is Action. But it has to be a relevant and inspired action and not merely an action that comes out of your subconscious. If you want something really in life, you need to take action towards it and not expect the thing to walk to you. This won’t be manifestation then. Action is a necessary element for manifestation, and it helps in spiritual alignment. So, when you have a thought packed with emotion, you need to take action.

5. Aim for your higher purpose

It is okay to think mediocre sometimes, but you have to think about your higher self and purpose. Remember that your skills are not merely abilities, it is a creative expression, and you should channelize it in the right direction. You should not always take up a job relevant to that skill or natural gift. You can use that creative expression for different purposes.

6. Meditate

Ask any creative person, and he will tell you how blissful stillness is? Meditation is the ultimate way of connecting with the higher self and spiritual alignment. Meditation leads to Inspired Action and wise thinking and helps you manifest quicker and easier.

7. Do something good that elevates your vibration

If you want to seek spiritual alignment, you can do things that increase your vibration easily. The activities and things that make you feel good about yourself and connect with the higher self. It could be as simple as exercising., yoga, cooking, listening to music, or even running errands. You can spend more happy time with your dear ones, and in nature or relish a delicious meal.

As your satisfaction levels increase, you feel that your vibrations are lifted up, and you feel you are more spiritually aligned with the manifestation process.

To summarize, spiritual alignment and manifestation work together, and you can surely take the initiative to work for your goals and desires.

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