10 Tips for Clearing Resistance to Manifest Your Desires

Manifest Your Desires by Clearing Resistance

You are desperate to Manifest Your Desires, aren’t you? But it appears that you are facing challenges to achieve it.

If you cannot manifest even a small goal, it means there is some kind of resistance built up. You might put all your effort into the manifestation process and are completely focused on your goals, but nothing seems to be achievable. Hey, this is not only you in the world suffering from all these blocks. Several people undergo this challenging process and find the overall manifestation process tedious.

In this post, we discuss the best 10 tips that can help you overcome this resistance and manifest goals effectively. However, before we move to the tips, you need to know something important about the resistance.

Resistance : Meaning

Resistance is the internal friction or distress created between you and your concrete goals. It is not a physical wire that resists, but mental blocks and barriers in your subconscious mind that stop you from reaching your goals.

First, do not blame yourself as you are not the creator of this resistance. Some beliefs and opinions in our mind are developed at a young age or when you are a child. We had no control over the input of all such details. Even if some didn’t serve our minds and were manipulated intensely, we accepted it and even believed them to be true.

Let us take an example of mental resistance. When you manifest a relationship, you might look good to the outsiders and be happy and excited on dates with a potential partner. But deep down, you are sceptical about each aspect. Maybe, you fear that you will lose all your freedom after getting married. Or you don’t trust the person you are dating and always fear that they are cheating on you.

In short, two debates go on in your mind. The first one is, “I deserve love and care in a relationship.” The second one is, “I don’t deserve anyone’s love, or I like to live a free and independent life.”

So, there is an intense conflict between your desires and the subconscious thoughts that go in your mind. This creates a blockage, and it is the resistance that slows down or stops the manifestation process. Resistance is different for each person. You need to identify these blockages, and only then can you overcome this resistance. However, there are certain ways to break this resistance and are common for everyone. We can discuss those with you.

Tips for Clearing Resistance to Manifest Your Desires

1. Accept yourself without any unfavourable emotions

The best way to overcome any kind of mental blockage or resistance is to accept yourself and love the way you are. We do not say you need to continue having those thoughts lingering in my mind. It means you need to accept those blockages to work on them positively and get rid of them out of your life. Remember that you are not perfect but are a result from all the experiences you go through in life.

We have a small exercise for you to do this better. Write down your desires in a manifestation journal or your personal diary. Now, consider each desire separately and reflect on your thoughts. How do you feel about it right now? What kind of experience have you had in the past? If there is resistance, accept it and replace it with a positive thought or memory. For instance, remember a loving and happy relationship you have noticed in your life and regain your faith in love. You can even practice the popular Ho’oponopono technique and do some internal cleansing.

2. Understand and enjoy the different phases of life

Sometimes, resistance builds up because we expect everything and everyone in our life to be perfect. Life is never a straight line; it has its ups and downs, and we need to accept and understand the opposite side of the coin. For example, there is the night after day, light after darkness, and happiness after a little bit of sadness. If you want daytime and happiness all the time, it is not going to happen.

When we experience a lack of something, only then do we understand and recognize the importance of having something. For instance, if we know what it is to live in the dark, we love and accept light in our life. Similarly, when we go through the lonely and boring phases of our life, we welcome and receive love. You need to understand life is full of contradictory situations, and you need to appreciate something after experiencing the exact opposite situation.

So, wherever you are right now, accept yourself and thank the Universe for what you have. Understand the roller-coaster journey of life and enjoy it rather than sulking on the current situation. Even if the journey seems challenging and bumpy, we are sure you can enjoy the sweeter and tastier fruits ahead.

3. Engage your mind in meditation

Instead of losing your mind in thinking and worrying about things beyond your control, you can meditate. Meditation is a cure and a preventive measure for any kind of negative mindset, including overcoming resistance. It develops a state of flow in your mind, releases all the mental blocks gradually, helps you listen to the inner self, and lets your mind free and accept.

As you open up your subconscious and release all the negative beliefs and self-limitations, you trust the manifestation process more and make it happen. You don’t waste time controlling things; rather you seek control over your mindset and be calm despite the challenging situations. Your job is to set intentions and goals and engage in the process; meditation makes this easier.

When you meditate regularly and enjoy the calm mindset, you will stop worrying about how and when the Universe is going to manifest your desires but you will live in the moment and enjoy the process. We understand that meditation is not a simple task and requires practice. But with the right tools and a lot of effort, you can achieve this skill.

4. Stop being desperate

Most of us set intentions because we want that thing or person badly and are often desperate for it. We focus on the lack of that thing or person and pray to the Universe to let you have it. Even if it is a goal, obsessions are surely a terrible thing to do. Sometimes, you constantly think about the desire and visualize when and how it will be yours. Though visualization is recommended, constantly thinking about it is not at all suggested by the experts.

It will lead to obsession, and no inspired action will be taken on your part. Obsession is one step to resistance, and it blocks the manifestation process. When you are desperate for goals, you attract the same desperation from the Universe. Spend some time implementing manifestation techniques but do not waste your entire day thinking about it. You need to be happy, busy and productive, and not obsessed over something. Just enjoy the flow and experience how the Universe is blessing you with gifts and more opportunities. Shift your focus from the desires to the process, and you will have more in your life.

5. Do what makes you happy

It is easy to fall into a rut and be unhappy because of a toxic relationship or an unsatisfied job. We build resistance naturally by preferring to be stuck in the same old routine instead of stepping outside our comfort zone. If you are unhappy in the things you choose, you can never be able to manifest easily and will also suffer setbacks.

You should live a life that lights you up, raises your spirits, and lets you enjoy every moment. Being in pain or always sacrificing the happy things in life will not make you closer to your desires but will attract more pain and sacrifices. You need to identify the parts in your life that do not make you happy and replace them with good ones. You need to ask yourself seriously, “What can I do to today to be a little happier than yesterday?” and work towards it.

If you are under the impression that hard work and sacrifices lead to success, you might be wrong. You need to overcome this resistance and do things that make you happy and let you go closer to your goals. Just feel every moment with gratitude and bliss, and the same will return to you.

6. Apply the Emotional Freedom Technique

Our body has to suffer all kinds of stress, such as physical stress, mental instability, and a swing of varied emotions. To overcome all this stress in your mind and body, EFT is a highly recommended technique. When you undergo any emotional distress, your subconscious mind creates a defensive mechanism to stop you from experiencing the same again. It is a kind of shield, but it turns into resistance when you don’t take any step ahead because of fear and other feelings.

EFT is similar to acupuncture that is done by tapping the meridian points in your body to send de-stressing messages to your brain. You do not need an expert; you simply need to know the right hotspots on your body and tap them to release positive energy by minimizing all kinds of stress. You release all the emotional, mental, and physical resistance with this simple method and seek freedom in all ways. As a result, the manifestation process becomes more manageable, and you can achieve a lot. Seek proper guidance on how to do EFT and do it as direct.

7. Move around or exercise

If you find it hard to calm your mind or meditate, you can exercise and keep yourself active. It is a myth that exercise is only for losing weight or becoming physically fit. Exercise is also for your mind; it releases endorphins and lets you focus and feel better. When you are in the middle of the manifestation process, we suggest spending some time exercising or doing some aerobic activity. It could be as simple and easy as going for a walk in the garden or playing tennis. Do whatever makes you comfortable and feel good about yourself.

You will notice a sudden surge of positive emotions when you do it every day. You will stop obsessing over things that don’t matter much and can focus on the inspired action instead. You will find yourself at the moment and thankful for the body you have, the mind you have, and the life you have been blessed with.

8. Do not resist the signs and guidance from the Universe

The Universe is your guardian; it helps you in all kinds of situations. But if you fail to recognize or dismiss the signs and other guidance from the Universe, your manifestation will be delayed. When you meditate, exercise, and calm your mind, you will notice that your intuition or the gut feeling has improved considerably.

When there is a sign from the Universe, you need to take action towards your goals. These signs are physically set by the Universe to align you with the goals and make them happen. You need to trust the Universe and follow the said path. So, open your heart and let your mind accept the signs, and work accordingly. Your intuition will be improved, and it will never take a wrong step.

9. Sleep adequately

You need to unwind the day and rest at night, and there is nothing like a deep sleep without any interventions. Sleep relieves you from the stress, recharges your brain cells, and enables you to enter a flow state. When your sleep is done, and you wake up the next day, you will be recharged with a unique sense of energy and radiance and will be happy to work towards your goals.

So, set a bedtime ritual, reduce screen usage and take time to meditate and relax before you go to sleep. Remember, it should be a sound sleep, and not just twisting and turning sides.

10. Read good books

Another way to overcome resistance is to feed your mind wisdom and knowledge. So, read good books that make your mind healthy. Instead of scrolling the social media feeds mindlessly and feeding your mind with endless chatter, take time to read books. You can find a long list of incredible books on the internet, but ensure that you read at least five pages in a day. You will be surprised that you can find solutions to overcome resistance through these books.

We hope the above ten tips help you reduce resistance and make the path of goal-accomplishment easier.

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